DICKENS, C.: Barnaby Rudge (Abridged)

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Item number NA690812
Barcode 9789626349083
Release date 3/1/2009
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 6
Non-Classical Artist Barrett, Sean
Disc: 1
1 In the year 1775… 00:06:19 Barrett, Sean
2 At length Joe returned… 00:06:34 Barrett, Sean
3 'A strange story!' said the man… 00:05:00 Barrett, Sean
4 More than a full hour afterwards… 00:03:34 Barrett, Sean
5 Gabriel Varden went his way towards London… 00:04:11 Barrett, Sean
6 In the venerable suburb… 00:05:57 Barrett, Sean
7 As soon as the business of the day was over… 00:05:16 Barrett, Sean
8 They entered a homely bedchamber. 00:03:54 Barrett, Sean
9 Mrs. Varden was a lady of what is commonly called… 00:04:03 Barrett, Sean
10 Clear of the locksmith's house… 00:07:19 Barrett, Sean
11 Miss Miggs, having undone her mistress… 00:04:26 Barrett, Sean
12 It was on one of those mornings… 00:05:38 Barrett, Sean
13 There was great news that night… 00:07:07 Barrett, Sean
14 If Joseph Willet, the denounced… 00:08:26 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 2
1 Joe Willet rode leisurely along in his desponding 00:04:19 Barrett, Sean
2 At noon next day… 00:06:29 Barrett, Sean
3 Among all the dangerous characters… 00:08:28 Barrett, Sean
4 Gliding along the silent streets… 00:04:22 Barrett, Sean
5 Dolly Varden's pretty little head… 00:05:43 Barrett, Sean
6 In course of time they arrived… 00:04:47 Barrett, Sean
7 It was Hugh of the Maypole. 00:04:58 Barrett, Sean
8 Twilight had given place to night some hours… 00:07:33 Barrett, Sean
9 Mr. Chester sat up in bed next morning… 00:06:25 Barrett, Sean
10 Leaving the favoured… 00:06:14 Barrett, Sean
11 'And you're not surprised to hear this, Varden?' 00:05:45 Barrett, Sean
12 Alighting at a certain point… 00:08:28 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 3
1 Evening drew on at last… 00:04:44 Barrett, Sean
2 Misfortunes, saith the adage, never come singly. 00:03:47 Barrett, Sean
3 One wintry evening… 00:07:03 Barrett, Sean
4 The more he thought of it… 00:06:34 Barrett, Sean
5 Before the lapse of many minutes… 00:06:43 Barrett, Sean
6 To surround anything, however monstrous… 00:07:30 Barrett, Sean
7 The secretary put his hand before his eyes… 00:04:52 Barrett, Sean
8 Mr. Tappertit sat and contemplated him… 00:04:42 Barrett, Sean
9 Little thinking of the plan for his happy settleme 00:05:09 Barrett, Sean
10 As there was to be a grand parade… 00:06:06 Barrett, Sean
11 With that, he led the astounded locksmith back… 00:02:29 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 4
1 Next morning brought no satisfaction… 00:05:31 Barrett, Sean
2 When they were very near… 00:05:17 Barrett, Sean
3 When the concourse separated… 00:04:36 Barrett, Sean
4 In a small English country town… 00:07:14 Barrett, Sean
5 How often on their journey… 00:04:38 Barrett, Sean
6 Uncertain where to go next… 00:05:58 Barrett, Sean
7 The mob was not without its method… 00:05:18 Barrett, Sean
8 With that, they stepped back again… 00:04:01 Barrett, Sean
9 They were among the first to reach the tavern… 00:05:15 Barrett, Sean
10 By midnight the streets were clear and quiet… 00:05:43 Barrett, Sean
11 The next day was ushered in… 00:04:57 Barrett, Sean
12 'Good day, master!' 00:04:06 Barrett, Sean
13 Rumours of the prevailing disturbances… 00:06:00 Barrett, Sean
14 Nearly all the time… 00:03:35 Barrett, Sean
15 The Maypole cronies… 00:06:33 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 5
1 Barnaby leaned upon his staff… 00:04:02 Barrett, Sean
2 Left to himself again… 00:04:42 Barrett, Sean
3 It is necessary at this juncture… 00:04:00 Barrett, Sean
4 As the night wore on… 00:05:47 Barrett, Sean
5 The three worthies turned their faces towards the 00:02:54 Barrett, Sean
6 On that same night, Mr. Haredale… 00:05:08 Barrett, Sean
7 The prisoner, left to himself… 00:04:08 Barrett, Sean
8 All yesterday, and on this day likewise… 00:08:00 Barrett, Sean
9 Breaking the silence they had hitherto preserved… 00:08:03 Barrett, Sean
10 Although he had had no rest… 00:06:45 Barrett, Sean
11 When darkness broke away… 00:07:18 Barrett, Sean
12 While Newgate was burning on the previous night… 00:05:15 Barrett, Sean
13 Early in the morning his father came… 00:07:56 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 6
1 Mr. Dennis, having dispatched this piece of busine 00:05:22 Barrett, Sean
2 All next day… 00:03:33 Barrett, Sean
3 The Black Lion was so far off… 00:06:33 Barrett, Sean
4 By this Friday night… 00:05:28 Barrett, Sean
5 Mr. Dennis, having been made prisoner… 00:04:10 Barrett, Sean
6 A month has elapsed… 00:07:58 Barrett, Sean
7 As the locksmith walked slowly away… 00:05:18 Barrett, Sean
8 The time wore on. 00:08:01 Barrett, Sean
9 On this same day and about this very hour… 00:03:05 Barrett, Sean
10 The Golden Key itself… 00:08:06 Barrett, Sean
11 That afternoon, when he had slept… 00:05:27 Barrett, Sean
12 Another month had passed… 00:06:44 Barrett, Sean
13 A parting glance at such of the actors… 00:04:28 Barrett, Sean
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