DICKENS, C.: Little Dorrit (Unabridged)

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Release date 10/1/2008
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 28
Disc: 1
1 BOOK I Poverty Chapter 1: Sun and Shadow 00:06:36 Lesser, Anton
2 The man who lay on the ledge of the grating was ev 00:06:57 Lesser, Anton
3 The child put all these things between the bars… 00:06:30 Lesser, Anton
4 There seemed to be some uncomfortable attraction… 00:06:34 Lesser, Anton
5 'Be it as it may, Madame Barronneau approved of me 00:03:37 Lesser, Anton
6 He stepped aside to the ledge where the vine leave 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 2: Fellow Travellers 00:07:08 Lesser, Anton
8 "What's the matter, Mother?" said I… 00:06:09 Lesser, Anton
9 'I thank you,' said the other… 00:04:41 Lesser, Anton
10 They were about thirty in company… 00:06:13 Lesser, Anton
11 'Are you' – she turned her eyes, and Pet faltered… 00:03:43 Lesser, Anton
12 Now, there were many stairs and passages… 00:04:38 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 3: Home 00:03:13 Lesser, Anton
14 Mr. Arthur Clennam sat in the window of the coffee 00:05:26 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 2
1 He crossed by St. Paul's and went down, at a long 00:06:18 Lesser, Anton
2 Arthur followed him up the staircase… 00:05:47 Lesser, Anton
3 The old man, who had been standing by the door… 00:06:53 Lesser, Anton
4 Arthur opened the long low window, and looked out… 00:06:42 Lesser, Anton
5 Chapter 4: Mrs. Flintwinch has a Dream 00:07:58 Lesser, Anton
6 Chapter 5: Family Affairs 00:06:55 Lesser, Anton
7 'You knew my father infinitely better than I ever 00:07:03 Lesser, Anton
8 Thus was she always balancing her bargains… 00:07:00 Lesser, Anton
9 Little Dorrit let herself out to do needlework. 00:04:07 Lesser, Anton
10 The room Arthur Clennam's deceased father had occu 00:04:19 Lesser, Anton
11 Chapter 6: The Father of the Marshalsea 00:06:55 Lesser, Anton
12 The affairs of this debtor were perplexed by a par 00:03:22 Lesser, Anton
13 The doctor and the debtor ran down-stairs… 00:04:39 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 3
1 By this time, the rings had begun to fall… 00:06:31 Lesser, Anton
2 The turnkey went off the lock of this world next d 00:05:49 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 7: The Child of the Marshalsea 00:06:21 Lesser, Anton
4 In those early days, the turnkey first began profo 00:07:06 Lesser, Anton
5 The success of this beginning, which led to the da 00:06:26 Lesser, Anton
6 'Well, my dear,' said the turnkey, 'something ough 00:05:32 Lesser, Anton
7 For the first time in all those years, she sunk un 00:02:19 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 8: The Lock 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
9 She had brought the meat home that she should have 00:07:15 Lesser, Anton
10 All this time, though he had finished his supper… 00:06:41 Lesser, Anton
11 She was so tremulous and agitated, and he was so m 00:05:14 Lesser, Anton
12 The two tables put together in a corner, were, at 00:03:31 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 9: Little Mother 00:04:47 Lesser, Anton
14 As these people passed him standing still in the c 00:04:07 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 4
1 There was no-one there. 00:06:36 Lesser, Anton
2 'I am sorry to hear you were so inconvenienced las 00:05:39 Lesser, Anton
3 She had relieved the faithful fullness of her hear 00:07:04 Lesser, Anton
4 She was about eight-and-twenty, with large bones… 00:07:21 Lesser, Anton
5 Chapter 10: Containing the whole Science of Govern 00:05:40 Lesser, Anton
6 Sometimes, angry spirits attacked the Circumlocuti 00:05:47 Lesser, Anton
7 The present Barnacle, holding Mr. Clennam's card i 00:07:23 Lesser, Anton
8 Mr. Barnacle dated from a better time… 00:06:58 Lesser, Anton
9 Its effect upon young Barnacle was to make him… 00:07:18 Lesser, Anton
10 This airy young Barnacle was quite entertained by 00:05:12 Lesser, Anton
11 Clennam wondered within himself, as they took the 00:05:06 Lesser, Anton
12 With this prelude, Mr. Meagles went through the na 00:07:42 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 5
1 Arthur could not but glance at Daniel Doyce in the 00:01:43 Lesser, Anton
2 Chapter 11: Let Loose 00:06:28 Lesser, Anton
3 The landlady, having given her directions… 00:06:33 Lesser, Anton
4 The guest sat looking at her as he smoked out his 00:07:12 Lesser, Anton
5 'Cavalletto. This is in confidence.' 00:06:15 Lesser, Anton
6 Chapter 12: Bleeding Heart Yard 00:05:52 Lesser, Anton
7 He was at a loss to understand what she meant… 00:06:54 Lesser, Anton
8 The remark appeared to suggest to Plornish… 00:06:38 Lesser, Anton
9 'Mr. Plornish,' said Arthur, 'I trust to you, if y 00:04:55 Lesser, Anton
10 Chapter 13: Patriarchal 00:06:55 Lesser, Anton
11 Philanthropists of both sexes had asked who he was 00:06:56 Lesser, Anton
12 'Halloa!' he said. 00:07:15 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 6
1 'I am sure,' giggled Flora, tossing her head… 00:07:09 Lesser, Anton
2 In the midst of her rapidity, she had found that o 00:06:38 Lesser, Anton
3 Mr. Casby shook his head… 00:05:43 Lesser, Anton
4 Mr. F.'s Aunt sat silently defying him… 00:06:47 Lesser, Anton
5 They had crossed Smithfield together… 00:06:09 Lesser, Anton
6 'It's a serious injury, I suppose?' said Clennam… 00:06:03 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 14: Little Dorrit's Party 00:04:00 Lesser, Anton
8 Little Dorrit was not ashamed of her poor shoes. 00:06:07 Lesser, Anton
9 As she made the confession, timidly hesitating… 00:04:38 Lesser, Anton
10 'Little Dorrit,' said Clennam… 00:06:51 Lesser, Anton
11 Once, Little Dorrit knocked with a careful hand… 00:07:06 Lesser, Anton
12 They went back again to the gate… 00:03:53 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 15: Mrs. Flintwinch Has Another Dream 00:04:27 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 7
1 On a wintry afternoon at twilight… 00:07:30 Lesser, Anton
2 'Never mind that,' returned Jeremiah calmly… 00:06:36 Lesser, Anton
3 Here the sound of the wheeled chair was heard upon 00:06:24 Lesser, Anton
4 Chapter 16: Nobody's Weakness 00:07:05 Lesser, Anton
5 'It is much to be regretted,' said Clennam… 00:06:08 Lesser, Anton
6 The bell at the gate had scarcely sounded, when Mr 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
7 'But come!' said Mr Meagles. 'You have had a long 00:07:33 Lesser, Anton
8 Besides his dumb-waiter, Mr. Meagles had two other 00:08:11 Lesser, Anton
9 Chapter 17: Nobody's Rival 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
10 'Well, Gowan,' said Mr. Meagles, even suppressing 00:06:13 Lesser, Anton
11 The latter part of the day turning out wet… 00:08:31 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 8
1 When he had gone to his own room… 00:03:51 Lesser, Anton
2 Chapter 18: Little Dorrit's Lover 00:04:41 Lesser, Anton
3 The Chivery parents were not ignorant of their son 00:06:44 Lesser, Anton
4 The collegians were entertaining a considerable nu 00:06:25 Lesser, Anton
5 The poor fellow stood gazing at her… 00:04:36 Lesser, Anton
6 Young John dolefully protested that he would try t 00:03:33 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 19: The Father of the Marshalsea in Two or 00:04:16 Lesser, Anton
8 'I think, William,' said the object of his affecti 00:05:53 Lesser, Anton
9 With these words, and with a face expressive of ma 00:07:28 Lesser, Anton
10 His supper was cooking in a saucepan on the fire… 00:06:35 Lesser, Anton
11 To keep his attention engaged, she talked with him 00:06:53 Lesser, Anton
12 Chapter 20: Moving in Society 00:05:19 Lesser, Anton
13 At last they came into a maze of dust… 00:06:35 Lesser, Anton
14 'And so, Amy,' said her sister… 00:05:18 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 9
1 'Mrs. Merdle,' said Fanny. 'My sister, ma'am.' 00:06:31 Lesser, Anton
2 'Miss Dorrit,' said Mrs Merdle… 00:06:39 Lesser, Anton
3 They spoke no more all the way back to the lodging 00:04:40 Lesser, Anton
4 Chapter 21: Mr. Merdle's Complaint 00:06:49 Lesser, Anton
5 Mr. Sparkler having been in the Guards… 00:04:50 Lesser, Anton
6 When they rose, so many of the magnates had someth 00:06:30 Lesser, Anton
7 Bishop then betook himself up-stairs… 00:04:45 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 22: A Puzzle 00:06:25 Lesser, Anton
9 Mrs. Chivery, who was a comfortable-looking woman… 00:06:24 Lesser, Anton
10 The crowd in the street jostling the crowd in his 00:06:24 Lesser, Anton
11 These letters Clennam answered, with the aid of hi 00:03:49 Lesser, Anton
12 Chapter 23: Machinery in Motion 00:06:23 Lesser, Anton
13 The purchase was completed within a month. 00:05:37 Lesser, Anton
14 A diversion was occasioned here by Mr. F.'s Aunt… 00:02:47 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 10
1 'Though indeed,' she hurried on… 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
2 The Patriarch turning his head in a lumbering way… 00:06:10 Lesser, Anton
3 'Mr. Clennam,' he then began… 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
4 'In conclusion, Mr. Pancks,' said Arthur… 00:05:39 Lesser, Anton
5 Chapter 24: Fortune-Telling 00:05:02 Lesser, Anton
6 'Really so sorry that I should happen to be late…' 00:06:50 Lesser, Anton
7 Flora, uttering these words in a deep voice, enjoy 00:07:07 Lesser, Anton
8 'Find it a little dull, Miss Dorrit?' inquired Pan 00:05:01 Lesser, Anton
9 If Little Dorrit were beyond measure perplexed by 00:07:53 Lesser, Anton
10 'Maggy, there was once upon a time a fine King…' 00:07:32 Lesser, Anton
11 Chapter 25: Conspirators and Others 00:05:35 Lesser, Anton
12 What Mr. Chivery thought of these things… 00:06:35 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 11
1 The ensuing business proceedings were brief, but c 00:07:14 Lesser, Anton
2 Against these obstacles, the lame foreigner with t 00:06:38 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 26: Nobody's State of Mind 00:07:02 Lesser, Anton
4 By this time they had visited the family on severa 00:06:46 Lesser, Anton
5 The venerable inhabitants of that venerable pile… 00:07:41 Lesser, Anton
6 Mr. Henry Gowan seemed to have a malicious pleasur 00:06:28 Lesser, Anton
7 As she shrugged her shoulders, Clennam stiffly bow 00:05:50 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 27: Five-and-Twenty 00:06:44 Lesser, Anton
9 Mr. Meagles, with a despondent countenance… 00:05:09 Lesser, Anton
10 'To tell you the truth,' returned Mr. Meagles… 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
11 'This is odd, Clennam,' said Mr. Meagles, softly. 00:06:55 Lesser, Anton
12 She looked at him for an instant, and then said fr 00:04:43 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 12
1 Chapter 28: Nobody's Disappearance 00:05:39 Lesser, Anton
2 Minnie was there alone. She had some roses in her 00:06:37 Lesser, Anton
3 Pet's affectionate heart was overcharged… 00:07:46 Lesser, Anton
4 Chapter 29: Mrs. Flintwinch goes on Dreaming 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
5 Slowly and thoughtfully Mrs. Clennam's eyes turned 00:06:16 Lesser, Anton
6 Mistress Affery, whose fear of thunder and lightni 00:07:45 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 30: The Word of a Gentleman 00:06:06 Lesser, Anton
8 Mr. Blandois, not at all put out by this omission… 00:05:05 Lesser, Anton
9 Thus expressing himself, he threw the draggled ski 00:06:02 Lesser, Anton
10 Mr. Blandois was Mr. Flintwinch's most obedient hu 00:06:53 Lesser, Anton
11 Mr. Flintwinch, finishing his tea, not only took a 00:05:55 Lesser, Anton
12 Mr. Blandois thanked her, and kissed his hand seve 00:07:04 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 13
1 As he returned him the candle, he looked at him on 00:05:18 Lesser, Anton
2 Chapter 31: Spirit 00:07:07 Lesser, Anton
3 Mr. Dorrit was in the habit of receiving this old 00:07:02 Lesser, Anton
4 Now, it happened that the Father of the Marshalsea 00:04:23 Lesser, Anton
5 The Father of the Marshalsea in the meantime… 00:06:57 Lesser, Anton
6 His patronage did not stop here… 00:06:39 Lesser, Anton
7 When Little Dorrit had her work on the table… 00:07:43 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 32: More Fortune-Telling 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
9 If he had known the sharpness of the pain he cause 00:06:38 Lesser, Anton
10 She said this, looking at him with… 00:06:40 Lesser, Anton
11 'Mr. Clennam, Mr. Rugg,' said Pancks. 00:02:14 Lesser, Anton
12 Chapter 33: Mrs. Merdle's Complaint 00:07:01 Lesser, Anton
13 'But it is true,' said Mrs. Gowan, with a highly m 00:04:03 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 14
1 Now, Mrs. Merdle, who really knew her friend Socie 00:06:09 Lesser, Anton
2 Mr. Merdle, so twisting his hands into what hair h 00:06:51 Lesser, Anton
3 Mr. Merdle, left alone to meditate on a better con 00:01:27 Lesser, Anton
4 Chapter 34: A Shoal of Barnacles 00:05:06 Lesser, Anton
5 Clennam thought (and as he thought it, again felt 00:06:47 Lesser, Anton
6 There was Barnacle junior, also from the Circumloc 00:07:08 Lesser, Anton
7 It was necessarily but a sprinkling of any class o 00:05:45 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 35: What was behind Mr. Pancks on Little D 00:06:56 Lesser, Anton
9 This conversation took place in Clennam's bed-room 00:06:18 Lesser, Anton
10 As he kissed her, she turned her head towards his 00:06:50 Lesser, Anton
11 'Compose yourself, sir,' said Clennam… 00:06:53 Lesser, Anton
12 This was the first intimation he had ever given… 00:06:29 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 36: The Marshalsea becomes an Orphan 00:06:27 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 15
1 He did not in person dine at this public repast… 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
2 In the yard, was the man with the shadowy grievanc 00:05:20 Lesser, Anton
3 BOOK II Riches Chapter 1: Fellow Travellers 00:06:29 Lesser, Anton
4 While all this noise and hurry were rife among the 00:06:18 Lesser, Anton
5 The elderly lady, who was a model of accurate dres 00:06:57 Lesser, Anton
6 The head of the large retinue, who was gracious bu 00:06:10 Lesser, Anton
7 He weightily communicated his opinion to their hos 00:07:15 Lesser, Anton
8 There was a sorrowfully affectionate and regretful 00:07:15 Lesser, Anton
9 Chapter 2: Mrs. General 00:06:18 Lesser, Anton
10 Mrs. General gravely inclined her head. 00:05:25 Lesser, Anton
11 Chapter 3: On the Road 00:05:00 Lesser, Anton
12 'Amy, my child,' said Mr. Dorrit… 00:06:38 Lesser, Anton
13 The entrance of the lady whom he announced… 00:02:30 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 16
1 Her uncle was so far rescued from that shadow of o 00:07:18 Lesser, Anton
2 No one had interfered in the dispute… 00:06:47 Lesser, Anton
3 Sitting opposite her father in the travelling-carr 00:07:09 Lesser, Anton
4 From these cities they would go on again… 00:04:33 Lesser, Anton
5 Chapter 4: A Letter from Little Dorrit 00:05:43 Lesser, Anton
6 When I go about here in a gondola… 00:03:09 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 5: Something Wrong Somewhere 00:06:44 Lesser, Anton
8 'There is no accounting,' said Mrs. General, 'for 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
9 Mr. Dorrit frowned, and looked anything but please 00:06:38 Lesser, Anton
10 There was a reproach in the touch so addressed to 00:06:17 Lesser, Anton
11 Notwithstanding some objections from Miss Fanny… 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
12 Here Edward Dorrit, Esquire, eyed Miss Fanny… 00:04:54 Lesser, Anton
13 As his hand went up above his head and came down o 00:03:24 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 17
1 Chapter 6: Something Right Somewhere 00:07:00 Lesser, Anton
2 The features of the surrounding picture were, a ch 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
3 Blandois' hand was unsteady; but he laughed… 00:06:14 Lesser, Anton
4 She lowered the window on her side… 00:07:11 Lesser, Anton
5 However, as Miss Fanny called out with much concer 00:06:26 Lesser, Anton
6 The exquisitely bold and original thought presente 00:03:45 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 7: Mostly Prunes and Prism 00:06:51 Lesser, Anton
8 Mrs. General having long ago formed her own surfac 00:05:48 Lesser, Anton
9 'You are very good,' said Gowan. 00:07:01 Lesser, Anton
10 Little Dorrit had sometimes thought… 00:05:49 Lesser, Anton
11 The bosom received this tribute in its most engagi 00:02:05 Lesser, Anton
12 Chapter 8: The Dowager Mrs. Gowan is Reminded that 00:07:39 Lesser, Anton
13 Daniel Doyce was still reluctant to consent… 00:04:07 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 18
1 He sadly and sorely missed Little Dorrit. 00:06:41 Lesser, Anton
2 'And may I ask, ma'am,' retorted Mr. Meagles… 00:06:17 Lesser, Anton
3 Poor Mr. Meagles looked aghast with astonishment. 00:05:32 Lesser, Anton
4 Chapter 9: Appearance and Disappearance 00:06:37 Lesser, Anton
5 On one of his visits Mrs. Tickit received him with 00:06:41 Lesser, Anton
6 At that time the contrast was far greater… 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
7 After looking at the surrounding objects for assur 00:06:12 Lesser, Anton
8 With those words and a parting glance, Flora bustl 00:07:09 Lesser, Anton
9 His turning of his smooth thumbs over one another 00:04:39 Lesser, Anton
10 Chapter 10: The Dreams of Mrs. Flintwinch Thicken 00:06:57 Lesser, Anton
11 He's not at home,' cried Affery. 00:06:32 Lesser, Anton
12 While heaping these compliments on Mr. Flintwinch… 00:05:50 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 19
1 Chapter 11: A Letter from Little Dorrit 00:07:02 Lesser, Anton
2 It was but yesterday, when I was there, that I saw 00:06:53 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 12: In which a Great Patriotic Conference 00:06:30 Lesser, Anton
4 Mr. Merdle stood in one of his drawing-rooms… 00:06:23 Lesser, Anton
5 With some of the Chorus, he laughed about the slee 00:06:08 Lesser, Anton
6 It was a dinner to provoke an appetite, though he 00:07:01 Lesser, Anton
7 Mr. Tite Barnacle's view of the business was of a 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
8 Bar was a sight wondrous to behold, and full of ma 00:05:14 Lesser, Anton
9 Chapter 13: The Progress of an Epidemic 00:06:43 Lesser, Anton
10 Mrs. Plornish's shop-parlour had been decorated un 00:06:20 Lesser, Anton
11 After very anxious scrutiny, he came out of his re 00:07:03 Lesser, Anton
12 Arthur, with less formality, expressed himself gra 00:03:58 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 20
1 A dinner of soup and a pigeon-pie, served on a lit 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
2 The positive refusal expressed in Mr. Pancks's con 00:05:41 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 14: Taking Advice 00:06:11 Lesser, Anton
4 At first, Fanny took this ill, too; protesting to 00:06:07 Lesser, Anton
5 'Dear Fanny, let me say first, that I would far ra 00:07:02 Lesser, Anton
6 There was yet another circumstance which went a lo 00:06:07 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 15: No Just Cause or Impediment Why These 00:06:39 Lesser, Anton
8 Mr. Dorrit threw in another compliment here… 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
9 In his execution of this mission Mr. Tinkler perha 00:07:01 Lesser, Anton
10 The winter passing on towards the spring… 00:06:05 Lesser, Anton
11 After yielding herself up, in this pattern manner… 00:06:47 Lesser, Anton
12 If Little Dorrit found herself left a little lonel 00:07:16 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 21
1 Chapter 16: Getting On 00:04:30 Lesser, Anton
2 Mr. Dorrit, dressing-gowned and newspapered, was a 00:06:29 Lesser, Anton
3 Mr. Dorrit laughed in the buoyancy of his spirit. 00:07:20 Lesser, Anton
4 Chapter 17: Missing 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
5 'Allow me to ask, madam,' said Mr. Dorrit… 00:07:02 Lesser, Anton
6 A watch was evidently kept upon the place. 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
7 Disconcerted by the cold and hard inquiry… 00:03:37 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 18: A Castle in the Air 00:07:09 Lesser, Anton
9 Mr. Dorrit was ashamed. He went back to the window 00:06:22 Lesser, Anton
10 His preoccupied face so clearly denoted the pursui 00:04:04 Lesser, Anton
11 Chapter 19: The Storming of the Castle in the Air 00:06:08 Lesser, Anton
12 She paused for an instant in her work to look at h 00:06:28 Lesser, Anton
13 All this happened now, for the first time since th 00:04:25 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 22
1 Mrs. General sent up her compliments in good time 00:07:01 Lesser, Anton
2 On the return of that lady to tea… 00:06:48 Lesser, Anton
3 'Ladies and gentlemen, God bless you all!' 00:07:04 Lesser, Anton
4 They remained in a dim room near, until it was alm 00:02:27 Lesser, Anton
5 Chapter 20: Introduces the Next 00:06:03 Lesser, Anton
6 After some pause, a door of communication with… 00:06:43 Lesser, Anton
7 She took her revenge for her old grudge in thus tu 00:06:21 Lesser, Anton
8 He was not going in the same breath… 00:04:36 Lesser, Anton
9 Chapter 21: The History of a Self-Tormentor 00:06:57 Lesser, Anton
10 I liked the children. They were timid… 00:06:01 Lesser, Anton
11 He told me I did not do myself justice. 00:05:36 Lesser, Anton
12 Other conversation followed… 00:03:15 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 22: Who Passes by this Road so Late? 00:05:10 Lesser, Anton
14 'And now,' said Daniel, looking at his watch… 00:03:28 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 23
1 In the lull consequent on the departure… 00:04:48 Lesser, Anton
2 Clennam fell back as if the word had struck him a 00:03:13 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 23: Mistress Affery Makes a Conditional Pr 00:05:55 Lesser, Anton
4 'You'll be able to take my likeness, the next time 00:06:26 Lesser, Anton
5 Arthur had no choice but to say that his informant 00:06:48 Lesser, Anton
6 Having paid the tribute of a sigh to the instabili 00:06:35 Lesser, Anton
7 'Affery, I want to know what is amiss here…' 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 24: The Evening of a Long Day 00:06:34 Lesser, Anton
9 'My dear,' answered Mr. Sparkler… 00:05:58 Lesser, Anton
10 Mr. Sparkler's sentiments as to the plan were, in 00:06:35 Lesser, Anton
11 When the candles were brought in, Mr. Merdle was d 00:07:21 Lesser, Anton
12 Chapter 25: The Chief Butler Resigns the Seals of 00:06:28 Lesser, Anton
13 'May I ask,' he said, 'is this true about Merdle?' 00:05:46 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 24
1 Physician's knock astonished Bar… 00:06:26 Lesser, Anton
2 By about eleven o'clock in the forenoon… 00:05:13 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 26: Reaping the Whirlwind 00:07:01 Lesser, Anton
4 Mr. Pancks brought his friend and professional adv 00:07:09 Lesser, Anton
5 To all this Clennam merely replied… 00:06:36 Lesser, Anton
6 Arthur was sitting with his eyes fixed on the floo 00:01:36 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 27: The Pupil of the Marshalsea 00:06:51 Lesser, Anton
8 Arthur looked at him for a moment in some wonder… 00:06:03 Lesser, Anton
9 Young John was some time absent… 00:05:55 Lesser, Anton
10 'It seems to me just possible,' said Arthur… 00:06:31 Lesser, Anton
11 He did what he could to muster a smile… 00:06:28 Lesser, Anton
12 It has been already stated that Mrs. Plornish… 00:06:20 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 25
1 Chapter 28: An Appearance in the Marshalsea 00:07:18 Lesser, Anton
2 'If I could believe that,' said Clennam, 'it would 00:06:30 Lesser, Anton
3 Arthur's thoughts had once more wandered away to L 00:05:40 Lesser, Anton
4 Monsieur Rigaud, after frowning at him for a momen 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
5 'To business,' he then continued. 00:07:41 Lesser, Anton
6 When he had finished this epistle, Rigaud folded i 00:06:56 Lesser, Anton
7 Stretching his body out on the only three chairs i 00:06:25 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 29: A Plea in the Marshalsea 00:05:31 Lesser, Anton
9 It was not until he had delighted in them for some 00:07:05 Lesser, Anton
10 As they sat side by side in the shadow of the wall 00:07:12 Lesser, Anton
11 The bell began to ring, warning visitors to depart 00:05:23 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 26
1 Chapter 30: Closing In 00:05:53 Lesser, Anton
2 Mr. Pancks put his hair erect with a general aspec 00:05:43 Lesser, Anton
3 After gazing at her in silence, Mrs. Clennam turne 00:07:02 Lesser, Anton
4 'Bah! Stop an instant! Let us advance by steps.' 00:06:37 Lesser, Anton
5 Mistress Affery, fixedly attentive in the window-s 00:06:28 Lesser, Anton
6 With the set expression of her face all torn away… 00:06:43 Lesser, Anton
7 Many years had come and gone since she had had the 00:07:36 Lesser, Anton
8 Rigaud snapped his fingers tauntingly in her face. 00:07:04 Lesser, Anton
9 Retiring before him with vicious counter-jerks of 00:07:35 Lesser, Anton
10 'This box can never bring, elsewhere, the price it 00:06:01 Lesser, Anton
11 Chapter 31: Closed 00:05:01 Lesser, Anton
12 She stood at the window, bewildered… 00:04:16 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 27
1 She stood in the shadow so that she was only a vei 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
2 In the softened light of the window, looking from 00:06:35 Lesser, Anton
3 Still, they had not come upon Flintwinch yet… 00:02:45 Lesser, Anton
4 Chapter 32: Going 00:06:07 Lesser, Anton
5 'Oh,' said Pancks. 'Anything more?' 00:05:41 Lesser, Anton
6 Having taken this little liberty with the Patriarc 00:06:39 Lesser, Anton
7 The Last of the Patriarchs had been so seized by a 00:02:01 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 33: Going! 00:06:33 Lesser, Anton
9 By this time Mr. Henry Gowan had made up his mind… 00:05:28 Lesser, Anton
10 Without hoping that he or anybody else had been pr 00:06:10 Lesser, Anton
11 The faithful John was on duty when… 00:05:11 Lesser, Anton
12 The secret was safe now! 00:06:17 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 28
1 Chapter 34: Gone 00:07:14 Lesser, Anton
2 'I have nothing in the world.' 00:06:33 Lesser, Anton
3 Flora really had tears in her eyes now… 00:05:19 Lesser, Anton
4 One morning, as Arthur listened for the light feet 00:06:39 Lesser, Anton
5 There was silence, which was not broken… 00:05:25 Lesser, Anton
6 Little Dorrit's old friend held the inkstand as sh 00:02:25 Lesser, Anton
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Swift: Gulliver's Travels NA0011 8/2/2010 $53.98 ($59.98)
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