Dickens, C.: Old Curiosity Shop (The) (Abridged)

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Item number NA689212
Barcode 9789626348925
Release date 11/1/2008
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 6
Classical Artist Lesser, Anton
Disc: 1
1 The Old Curiosity Shop 00:08:16 Lesser, Anton
2 We had scarcely begun our repast… 00:07:33 Lesser, Anton
3 After combating, for nearly a week… 00:06:09 Lesser, Anton
4 The child was closely followed… 00:08:27 Lesser, Anton
5 Mr. Quilp could scarcely be said… 00:06:48 Lesser, Anton
6 The next day, Daniel Quilp caused himself… 00:05:10 Lesser, Anton
7 So far from being sustained by this… 00:05:06 Lesser, Anton
8 Mrs. Quilp departed according to order… 00:06:56 Lesser, Anton
9 'Fred!' said Mr. Swiveller… 00:04:57 Lesser, Anton
10 The child, in her confidence… 00:05:08 Lesser, Anton
11 The child uttered a suppressed shriek… 00:05:13 Lesser, Anton
12 'I couldn't do it really,' said Quilp… 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 2
1 Quiet and solitude… 00:06:08 Lesser, Anton
2 Mr. Quilp took a friendly leave… 00:05:05 Lesser, Anton
3 Daniel Quilp of Tower Hill… 00:06:03 Lesser, Anton
4 Richard Swiveller was utterly aghast… 00:04:50 Lesser, Anton
5 Bless us, what a number of gentlemen… 00:05:25 Lesser, Anton
6 The two pilgrims… 00:07:38 Lesser, Anton
7 Another bright day… 00:07:19 Lesser, Anton
8 At length the weary child prevailed… 00:07:36 Lesser, Anton
9 There was but one lady… 00:05:48 Lesser, Anton
10 Kit turned away… 00:08:02 Lesser, Anton
11 This candid declaration… 00:07:07 Lesser, Anton
12 Having revolved these things in his mind… 00:07:12 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 3
1 It was not until they were quite exhausted… 00:06:19 Lesser, Anton
2 After a sound night's rest… 00:07:15 Lesser, Anton
3 Almost broken… 00:07:04 Lesser, Anton
4 At first the two travellers spoke little… 00:06:42 Lesser, Anton
5 Sleep hung upon the eyelids of the child… 00:05:33 Lesser, Anton
6 The night being warm… 00:05:49 Lesser, Anton
7 At length the play came to an end… 00:07:36 Lesser, Anton
8 With steps more faltering and unsteady… 00:07:15 Lesser, Anton
9 Miss Sally Brass was a lady of thirty-five… 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
10 In course of time… 00:06:58 Lesser, Anton
11 As the single gentleman… 00:04:35 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 4
1 The single gentleman… 00:05:45 Lesser, Anton
2 One morning Kit drove Mr. Abel… 00:07:31 Lesser, Anton
3 Kit had rubbed down the pony… 00:07:18 Lesser, Anton
4 Between the old man and Nell… 00:08:29 Lesser, Anton
5 The old man rose from his bed… 00:07:59 Lesser, Anton
6 They arranged to proceed upon their journey… 00:07:19 Lesser, Anton
7 Wearing the depressed and wearied look… 00:06:17 Lesser, Anton
8 Mr. Quilp reached Tower Hill… 00:06:20 Lesser, Anton
9 Mrs. Quilp sat in a tearful silence… 00:08:16 Lesser, Anton
10 After a long time… 00:05:25 Lesser, Anton
11 Nell was stirring early in the morning… 00:04:52 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 5
1 A day or two after… 00:05:18 Lesser, Anton
2 The friendship between the single gentleman… 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
3 Mr. Swiveller and his partner… 00:07:49 Lesser, Anton
4 When Kit, having discharged his errand… 00:08:07 Lesser, Anton
5 Kit stood as one entranced… 00:06:48 Lesser, Anton
6 'It's very distressing,' said Brass… 00:06:32 Lesser, Anton
7 A faint light, twinkling from the window… 00:07:37 Lesser, Anton
8 But to these remonstrances… 00:06:02 Lesser, Anton
9 Tossing to and fro… 00:05:03 Lesser, Anton
10 While she was thus engaged… 00:06:11 Lesser, Anton
11 Here, Mr. Swiveller made a violent… 00:05:50 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 6
1 On awaking in the morning… 00:06:56 Lesser, Anton
2 Miss Sally took another pinch… 00:05:00 Lesser, Anton
3 The three gentlemen looked at each other… 00:05:54 Lesser, Anton
4 Little dreaming of the mine… 00:06:49 Lesser, Anton
5 He hurried to the door… 00:06:14 Lesser, Anton
6 Lighted rooms, bright fires, cheerful faces… 00:07:35 Lesser, Anton
7 Kit was no sluggard next morning… 00:06:56 Lesser, Anton
8 'The elder brother…' 00:07:19 Lesser, Anton
9 The dull, red glow of a wood fire… 00:05:29 Lesser, Anton
10 The door was indeed opened… 00:06:31 Lesser, Anton
11 The old man looked from face to face… 00:04:38 Lesser, Anton
12 When morning came… 00:07:40 Lesser, Anton
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