DICKENS, C.: Oliver Twist (Abridged)

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Release date 9/1/2002
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Disc: 1
1 Treats of the place where Oliver Twist was born an 00:03:18 Lesser, Anton
2 Treats of Oliver Twist's growth, education, and bo 00:10:45 Lesser, Anton
3 Relates how Oliver Twist was very near getting a p 00:06:18 Lesser, Anton
4 Oliver, being offered another place, makes his fir 00:04:52 Lesser, Anton
5 Oliver mingles with a new associate - Noah Claypol 00:02:07 Lesser, Anton
6 Oliver, being goaded by the taunts of Noah, rouses 00:05:13 Lesser, Anton
7 Oliver continues refractory 00:04:21 Lesser, Anton
8 Oliver walks to London. He encounters on the road 00:08:04 Lesser, Anton
9 Containing further particulars concerning the plea 00:04:46 Lesser, Anton
10 Oliver becomes better acquainted with the characte 00:03:48 Lesser, Anton
11 Treats of Mr. Fang the police magistrate 00:06:10 Lesser, Anton
12 In which Oliver is taken better care of than he ev 00:03:38 Lesser, Anton
13 Some new acquaintances are introduced 00:07:00 Lesser, Anton
14 Comprising further particulars of Oliver's stay at 00:06:22 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 2
1 Showing how very fond of Oliver Twist, the merry o 00:02:18 Lesser, Anton
2 Relates what became of Oliver Twist, after he had 00:04:01 Lesser, Anton
3 Oliver's destiny continuing unpropitious, brings a 00:06:00 Lesser, Anton
4 In which a notable plan is discussed and determine 00:05:15 Lesser, Anton
5 Wherein Oliver is delivered over to Mr. William Si 00:05:41 Lesser, Anton
6 The Expedition 00:04:39 Lesser, Anton
7 The Burglary 00:07:44 Lesser, Anton
8 Which contains the substance of a pleasant convers 00:05:59 Lesser, Anton
9 Treats on a very poor subject. But is a short one, 00:03:59 Lesser, Anton
10 Wherein this history reverts to Mr. Fagin and comp 00:03:21 Lesser, Anton
11 In which a mysterious character appears upon the s 00:06:02 Lesser, Anton
12 Atones for the unpoliteness of a former chapter; w 00:05:08 Lesser, Anton
13 Looks after Oliver, and proceeds with his adventur 00:03:54 Lesser, Anton
14 Has an introductory account of the inmates of the 00:03:11 Lesser, Anton
15 Relates what Oliver's new visitors thought of him 00:07:01 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 3
1 Of the happy life Oliver began to lead with his ki 00:04:41 Lesser, Anton
2 Wherein the happiness of Oliver and his friends, e 00:06:58 Lesser, Anton
3 Contains some introductory particulars relative to 00:05:57 Lesser, Anton
4 Containing the unsatisfactory result of Oliver's a 00:04:54 Lesser, Anton
5 In which the reader may perceive a contrast, not u 00:09:07 Lesser, Anton
6 Containing an account of what passed between Mr. a 00:07:57 Lesser, Anton
7 In troduces some respectalbe characters with whom 00:09:06 Lesser, Anton
8 A strange interview 00:05:59 Lesser, Anton
9 Containing fresh discoveries, and showing that sup 00:07:46 Lesser, Anton
10 An old acquaintance of Oliver's, exhibiting decide 00:07:53 Lesser, Anton
11 Wherein is shown how the Artful Dodger got into tr 00:02:45 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 4
1 The time arrives for Nancy to redeem her pledge to 00:01:38 Lesser, Anton
2 Noah Claypole is employed by Fagin on a secret mis 00:02:30 Lesser, Anton
3 The appointment kept 00:06:05 Lesser, Anton
4 Fatal consequnces 00:06:41 Lesser, Anton
5 The flight of Sikes 00:04:06 Lesser, Anton
6 Monks and Mr. Brownlow at length meet 00:08:53 Lesser, Anton
7 "And now you do see me," said Monks, rising boldly 00:04:20 Lesser, Anton
8 The pursuit and escape 00:10:01 Lesser, Anton
9 Affording an explanation of more mysteries than on 00:08:33 Lesser, Anton
10 Mr. Brownlow merely nodded to Mr Grimwig... 00:08:36 Lesser, Anton
11 Fagin's last night alive 00:08:18 Lesser, Anton
12 And last 00:03:10 Lesser, Anton
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