Dickens: Martin Chuzzlewit (Abridged)

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Item number NA809612
Barcode 9789626340967
Release date 4/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 8
Non-Classical Artist Barrett, Sean
Disc: 1
1 It was pretty late in the autumn… 00:05:47 Barrett, Sean
2 'Hark!' said Miss Charity… 00:06:11 Barrett, Sean
3 An old gentlemen and a young lady… 00:05:58 Barrett, Sean
4 Mrs. Lupin repairing… 00:04:43 Barrett, Sean
5 A long pause succeeded… 00:06:21 Barrett, Sean
6 It happened on the fourth evening… 00:06:16 Barrett, Sean
7 The meditations of Mr. Pecksniff that evening… 00:06:21 Barrett, Sean
8 In their strong feeling on this point… 00:05:34 Barrett, Sean
9 'I more than half believed, just now…' 00:05:54 Barrett, Sean
10 You and I will get on excellently well…' 00:06:17 Barrett, Sean
11 It was the morning after the Installation Banquet… 00:04:40 Barrett, Sean
12 'You must know then…' 00:06:06 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 2
1 Martin began to work at the grammar-school… 00:05:19 Barrett, Sean
2 The rosy hostess scarcely needed… 00:06:57 Barrett, Sean
3 When Mr. Pecksniff and the two young ladies… 00:05:21 Barrett, Sean
4 M. Todgers's Commercial Boarding-House… 00:06:12 Barrett, Sean
5 Todgers's was in a great bustle that evening… 00:07:18 Barrett, Sean
6 Time and tide will wait for no man… 00:04:56 Barrett, Sean
7 'It was disinterested too, in you…' 00:05:21 Barrett, Sean
8 'Ah, cousin!' he said… 00:06:28 Barrett, Sean
9 The delighted father applauded this sentiment… 00:05:57 Barrett, Sean
10 Mr. Pecksniff's horse… 00:05:22 Barrett, Sean
11 John Westlock, who did nothing by halves… 00:04:51 Barrett, Sean
12 'Now, Mr. Pecksniff,' said Martin at last… 00:06:39 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 3
1 They jogged on all day… 00:05:48 Barrett, Sean
2 His first step, now he had a supply… 00:07:19 Barrett, Sean
3 For some moments Martin stood gazing… 00:04:10 Barrett, Sean
4 'Now I am going to America…' 00:06:49 Barrett, Sean
5 Among these sleeping voyagers were Martin and Mark 00:05:01 Barrett, Sean
6 Some trifling excitement prevailed… 00:05:21 Barrett, Sean
7 They often looked at Martin as he read… 00:06:05 Barrett, Sean
8 Now, there had been at the dinner-table… 00:05:05 Barrett, Sean
9 Mr. Tapley appeared to be taking his ease… 00:05:44 Barrett, Sean
10 'But stay!' cried Mr. Norris… 00:04:41 Barrett, Sean
11 Change begets change. 00:06:07 Barrett, Sean
12 Although he paused for a reply… 00:06:06 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 4
1 Mankind is evil in its thoughts… 00:06:06 Barrett, Sean
2 So through the narrow streets… 00:05:54 Barrett, Sean
3 The prudent Cherry… 00:05:55 Barrett, Sean
4 Uttering this apostrophe in a tone… 00:03:42 Barrett, Sean
5 The knocking at Mr. Pecksniff's door… 00:05:20 Barrett, Sean
6 'Now, Mark, my good fellow…' 00:06:41 Barrett, Sean
7 As soon as it was generally known… 00:07:01 Barrett, Sean
8 'Hallo, Pecksniff!' cried Mr. Jonas… 00:06:11 Barrett, Sean
9 As he approached the first stile… 00:05:33 Barrett, Sean
10 Her surprise was not diminished… 00:06:33 Barrett, Sean
11 Here a knock was heard at the room door… 00:04:24 Barrett, Sean
12 As she turned into the yard, she stopped… 00:04:19 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 5
1 The laws of sympathy between beards and birds… 00:06:48 Barrett, Sean
2 Mr. Bailey, Junior – for the sporting character… 00:06:38 Barrett, Sean
3 'Mr. Montague,' said Jobling. 'Allow me…' 00:06:37 Barrett, Sean
4 Mr. Montague, being left alone, pondered… 00:05:41 Barrett, Sean
5 It was the merry one herself… 00:05:20 Barrett, Sean
6 Refreshment then arrived… 00:04:11 Barrett, Sean
7 Old Martin Chuzzlewit had gradually undergone… 00:04:55 Barrett, Sean
8 Chancing to trip, in his abstraction… 00:06:30 Barrett, Sean
9 One sultry afternoon, about a week after… 00:07:15 Barrett, Sean
10 For some time, Tom wandered up and down… 00:03:57 Barrett, Sean
11 'Do you deny it, sir?' 00:04:12 Barrett, Sean
12 When Mark Tapley, leaving Martin… 00:06:59 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 6
1 After a long and lingering illness… 00:05:34 Barrett, Sean
2 They were raising their glasses… 00:06:01 Barrett, Sean
3 When at last he arrived outside John's door… 00:05:57 Barrett, Sean
4 'So just, sir,' said the gentleman… 00:06:10 Barrett, Sean
5 'I wonder you find any gratification…' 00:06:16 Barrett, Sean
6 Mr. Chuzzlewit was announced… 00:05:39 Barrett, Sean
7 'I am here much earlier than I intended…' 00:06:35 Barrett, Sean
8 'Why, he's gone!' cried Tom… 00:04:04 Barrett, Sean
9 By this time, Mrs. Gamp… 00:06:05 Barrett, Sean
10 The office of the Anglo-Bengalee… 00:05:49 Barrett, Sean
11 'I wish we had never started on this…' 00:06:09 Barrett, Sean
12 The company soon came tumbling out… 00:06:16 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 7
1 'My dear sir,' cried Mr. Pecksniff… 00:05:39 Barrett, Sean
2 It was a special quality… 00:06:28 Barrett, Sean
3 Tom Pinch and his sister… 00:05:40 Barrett, Sean
4 On the next day's official duties… 00:06:11 Barrett, Sean
5 His wife had closed the door… 00:05:55 Barrett, Sean
6 The day passed on. 00:05:29 Barrett, Sean
7 Tom Pinch and Ruth were sitting… 00:07:43 Barrett, Sean
8 While these confidences were interchanged… 00:06:22 Barrett, Sean
9 Martin was so amazed, so shocked… 00:06:30 Barrett, Sean
10 At this juncture the little bell rang… 00:05:33 Barrett, Sean
11 The little barber scratched his head… 00:03:53 Barrett, Sean
12 'My dear girl,' said Tom… 00:05:41 Barrett, Sean
Disc: 8
1 The night had now come… 00:06:12 Barrett, Sean
2 'Let no one leave the house,' said Martin… 00:05:54 Barrett, Sean
3 Jonas listened with increased attention… 00:06:47 Barrett, Sean
4 Oh miserable, miserable fool… 00:06:04 Barrett, Sean
5 Old Martin's cherished projects… 00:06:18 Barrett, Sean
6 The last appointed footstep sounded… 00:05:57 Barrett, Sean
7 Mr. Chuzzlewit resumed… 00:06:09 Barrett, Sean
8 Feeling, rather than seeing… 00:06:19 Barrett, Sean
9 The old man looked about him, with a smile… 00:06:27 Barrett, Sean
10 And there was Fips, old Fips of Austin Friars… 00:07:57 Barrett, Sean
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