Dinosaurs (Unabridged)

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• Journey back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, the biggest, scariest creatures the world has ever known. Which dinosaurs hunted in packs like wolves? What was the deadliest dinosaur of them all? Which were the very largest species? Not all dinosaurs were bloodthirsty meat-eaters, but all were armed and dangerous. You are advised to keep well clear as we tour the world of the dinosaurs, taking a detailed look at all the most amazing species.SALES AND MARKETING POINTS? Another original text from Naxos Audio Books, Dinosaurs presents an exciting overview of the prehistoric planet? Benjamin Soames reads many titles in our Junior Classics range, such as the acclaimed Tales of Troy (ISBN: 978-962-634-098-1) and Tales from the Norse Legends (ISBN: 978-962-634-041-7), the latter having been described as ‘the sort of entertainment you should book seats for’ (Sue Arnold, the Guardian)
Item number NA0151
Barcode 9781843797753
Release date 3/1/2014
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Soames, Benjamin
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1: What Were the Dinosaurs? 00:09:28
2 Almost everything we know about dinosaurs… 00:06:54
3 Two hundred years ago… 00:06:41
4 In 1902, an American fossil hunter Barnum Brown… 00:07:04
5 Chapter 2: Dinosaurs of the Triassic 00:08:38
6 Another exciting find from the Valley of the Moon… 00:07:26
7 About the same time as packs of Coelophysis roamed 00:04:47
8 Chapter 3: Jurassic Dinosaurs 00:09:06
9 Mention the word dinosaur to most people… 00:10:54
10 Towards the end of the Jurassic… 00:06:57
Disc: 2
1 With its tall, diamond-shaped plates, Stegosaurus… 00:04:00
2 Chapter 4: Dinosaurs of the Early Cretaceous 00:05:52
3 The 1870s brought more important discoveries… 00:06:02
4 China is a rich source of fossils… 00:06:01
5 About the same time, Chinese scientists announced… 00:06:34
6 Chapter 5: Dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous 00:07:28
7 In 1971, a team of fossil hunters from Poland and 00:10:44
8 North America in late Cretaceous times was home… 00:06:59
9 At the opposite end of the scale was a tiny predat 00:10:06
10 Chapter 6: Death of the Dinosaurs 00:07:37
11 We will probably never be sure… 00:04:44
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