Don Quixote (Unabridged)

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Release date 6/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
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Booklet Author McMillan, Roy
Disc: 1
1 DON QUIXOTE by Miguel de Cervantes [Saavedra] CHAP 00:06:38 McMillan, Roy
2 The first thing he did was to clean up some armour 00:05:18 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 2 Which Treats of the First Sally the Inge 00:04:27 McMillan, Roy
4 Writers there are who say the first adventure he m 00:04:30 McMillan, Roy
5 The host fancied he called him Castellan because h 00:05:05 McMillan, Roy
6 CHAPTER 3 Wherein is Related the Droll Way in whic 00:05:33 McMillan, Roy
7 Don Quixote promised to follow his advice scrupulo 00:04:49 McMillan, Roy
8 But these freaks of his guest were not much to the 00:04:10 McMillan, Roy
9 CHAPTER 4 Of What Happened to Our Knight When He L 00:04:14 McMillan, Roy
10 'The difficulty is, Sir Knight, that I have no mon 00:04:52 McMillan, Roy
11 After he had gone about two miles Don Quixote perc 00:05:41 McMillan, Roy
12 CHAPTER 5 In Which the Narrative of Our Knight's M 00:04:38 McMillan, Roy
13 'I know who I am,' replied Don Quixote, 'and I kno 00:04:55 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 6 Of the Diverting and Important Scrutiny… 00:06:29 McMillan, Roy
15 To all this the barber gave his assent, and looked 00:05:22 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 2
1 'This book,' said the barber, opening another, 'is 00:03:46 McMillan, Roy
2 CHAPTER 7 Of the Second Sally of our Worthy Knight 00:05:48 McMillan, Roy
3 In short, then, he remained at home fifteen days v 00:05:30 McMillan, Roy
4 CHAPTER 8 Of the Good Fortune Which the Valiant Do 00:05:30 McMillan, Roy
5 Don Quixote could not help laughing at his squire' 00:04:50 McMillan, Roy
6 So saying, he advanced and posted himself in the m 00:03:29 McMillan, Roy
7 Don Quixote understood him quite well, and answere 00:03:48 McMillan, Roy
8 PART 2 CHAPTER 9 In Which is Concluded the Terrifi 00:04:55 McMillan, Roy
9 When I heard Dulcinea del Toboso named, I was stru 00:03:38 McMillan, Roy
10 In this history I know will be found all that can 00:03:29 McMillan, Roy
11 CHAPTER 10 Of the Pleasant Discourse that Passed… 00:05:24 McMillan, Roy
12 Sancho took out some lint and ointment from the sa 00:06:12 McMillan, Roy
13 CHAPTER 11 What Befell Don Quixote with Certain Go 00:07:23 McMillan, Roy
14 All this long harangue (which might very well have 00:05:54 McMillan, Roy
15 CHAPTER 12 Of What a Goatherd Related to Those wit 00:04:06 McMillan, Roy
16 About this time the father of our Chrysostom died, 00:03:48 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 3
1 To proceed; you must know that though the uncle pu 00:05:19 McMillan, Roy
2 CHAPTER 13 In Which is Ended the Story of the Shep 00:05:15 McMillan, Roy
3 By these words of his the travellers were able to 00:05:34 McMillan, Roy
4 'Nevertheless,' said the traveller, 'if I remember 00:05:09 McMillan, Roy
5 They therefore made haste to reach the spot, and d 00:05:38 McMillan, Roy
6 CHAPTER 14 Wherein are Inserted the Despairing Ver 00:06:51 McMillan, Roy
7 The 'Lay of Chrysostom' met with the approbation o 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
8 Honour and virtue are the ornaments of the mind… 00:04:35 McMillan, Roy
9 With these words, and not waiting to hear a reply, 00:03:32 McMillan, Roy
10 CHAPTER 15 In Which is Related the Unfortunate Adv 00:03:55 McMillan, Roy
11 Sancho was the first to come to, and finding himse 00:04:23 McMillan, Roy
12 'In what has now befallen us,' answered Sancho, 'I 00:04:41 McMillan, Roy
13 'For all that let me tell thee, brother Panza,' sa 00:04:23 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 16 Of What Happened to the Ingenious Gentl 00:04:22 McMillan, Roy
15 To all this conversation Don Quixote was listening 00:03:29 McMillan, Roy
16 To proceed, then: after having paid a visit to his 00:04:34 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 4
1 Maritornes was fretting and sweating at finding he 00:04:22 McMillan, Roy
2 CHAPTER 17 In Which are Contained the Innumerable 00:04:10 McMillan, Roy
3 By this time the Officer had succeeded in lighting 00:05:01 McMillan, Roy
4 Sancho Panza, who also regarded the amendment of h 00:04:46 McMillan, Roy
5 'I have little to do with that,' replied the innke 00:04:52 McMillan, Roy
6 CHAPTER 18 In Which is Related the Discourse Sanch 00:05:07 McMillan, Roy
7 Don Quixote turned to look and found that it was t 00:04:50 McMillan, Roy
8 And so he went on naming a number of knights of on 00:04:18 McMillan, Roy
9 So saying, he dashed into the midst of the squadro 00:04:18 McMillan, Roy
10 Don Quixote now rose, and putting his left hand to 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
11 CHAPTER 19 Of the Shrewd Discourse Which Sancho He 00:05:03 McMillan, Roy
12 He took it into his head that the litter was a bie 00:05:49 McMillan, Roy
13 'I would have talked on till to-morrow,' said Don 00:05:36 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 20 Of the Unexampled and Unheard-of Advent 00:04:09 McMillan, Roy
15 When Sancho heard his master's words he began to w 00:04:31 McMillan, Roy
16 'What art thou talking about dismounting or sleepi 00:04:10 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 5
1 'It came to pass,' said Sancho, 'that the shepherd 00:03:42 McMillan, Roy
2 Just then, whether it was the cold of the morning 00:04:38 McMillan, Roy
3 Sancho began to weep afresh on again hearing the a 00:04:38 McMillan, Roy
4 'No more of that, senor,' returned Sancho; 'I own 00:04:33 McMillan, Roy
5 CHAPTER 21 Which Treats of the Exalted Adventure… 00:04:42 McMillan, Roy
6 He left the basin on the ground, with which Don Qu 00:04:17 McMillan, Roy
7 'I have never been in the habit,' said Don Quixote 00:05:19 McMillan, Roy
8 Straightway it will come to pass that she will fix 00:05:20 McMillan, Roy
9 'Thou needst not doubt it, Sancho,' replied Don Qu 00:06:13 McMillan, Roy
10 CHAPTER 22 Of the Freedom Don Quixote Conferred on 00:05:22 McMillan, Roy
11 'And I think so too,' answered Don Quixote; then p 00:05:03 McMillan, Roy
12 Behind all these there came a man of thirty, a ver 00:04:14 McMillan, Roy
13 The commissary lifted his staff to strike Pasamont 00:04:07 McMillan, Roy
14 'That is all very well,' said Don Quixote, 'but I 00:04:16 McMillan, Roy
15 CHAPTER 23 Of what befell Don Quixote in the Sierr 00:06:19 McMillan, Roy
16 While so engaged he raised his eyes and saw that h 00:06:25 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 6
1 The Knight of the Rueful Countenance was still ver 00:05:23 McMillan, Roy
2 'Tell me, good man,' said Don Quixote, 'do you kno 00:03:59 McMillan, Roy
3 'We forced him to release his hold with no little 00:03:24 McMillan, Roy
4 CHAPTER 24 In Which is continued the Adventure of 00:04:04 McMillan, Roy
5 'My name is Cardenio, my birthplace one of the bes 00:04:59 McMillan, Roy
6 It so happened, then, that as between friends no s 00:05:16 McMillan, Roy
7 It so happened, then, that Lusinda having begged o 00:05:01 McMillan, Roy
8 CHAPTER 25 Which Treats of the Strange Things That 00:04:56 McMillan, Roy
9 'Senor,' replied Sancho, 'is it a good rule of chi 00:05:03 McMillan, Roy
10 'There is the point,' replied Don Quixote, 'and th 00:04:22 McMillan, Roy
11 'This is the place, oh, ye heavens, that I select 00:05:25 McMillan, Roy
12 'Purgatory dost thou call it, Sancho?' said Don Qu 00:05:09 McMillan, Roy
13 But all things considered, what good can it do the 00:05:53 McMillan, Roy
14 'By the life of my father,' said Sancho, when he h 00:05:38 McMillan, Roy
15 CHAPTER 26 In Which are Continued the Refinements 00:03:40 McMillan, Roy
16 And then it occurred to him how he might make one… 00:03:10 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 7
1 As for Sancho Panza, coming out upon the high road 00:05:34 McMillan, Roy
2 It gave them no little amusement, both of them, to 00:04:56 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 27 Of How the Curate and the Barber Procee 00:05:35 McMillan, Roy
4 And still more surprised were they when they perce 00:05:42 McMillan, Roy
5 As they, both of them, desired nothing more than t 00:06:01 McMillan, Roy
6 But the night before the unhappy day of my departu 00:05:20 McMillan, Roy
7 To proceed: as soon as Lusinda saw me she said, 'C 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
8 'The priest stood waiting for Lusinda, who for…' 00:04:56 McMillan, Roy
9 'Thus soliloquising and agitated, I journeyed onwa 00:04:45 McMillan, Roy
10 PART FOUR CHAPTER 28 Which Treats of the Strange a 00:06:04 McMillan, Roy
11 While the curate was speaking, the disguised damse 00:05:45 McMillan, Roy
12 The moment the speaker mentioned the name of Don F 00:06:32 McMillan, Roy
13 When Cardenio heard her say she was called Dorothe 00:03:21 McMillan, Roy
14 'All these questions and answers passed through my 00:04:08 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 8
1 Cardenio heard the name of Lusinda, but he only sh 00:03:58 McMillan, Roy
2 What I learned revived my hopes, and I was better 00:04:02 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 29 Which Treats of the Droll Device and Me 00:05:00 McMillan, Roy
4 Cardenio and Dorothea thanked him, and accepted th 00:05:28 McMillan, Roy
5 By this time Dorothea had seated herself upon the 00:04:44 McMillan, Roy
6 Don Quixote then mounted Rocinante, and the barber 00:04:56 McMillan, Roy
7 The curate, seeing the danger of discovery that th 00:05:02 McMillan, Roy
8 CHAPTER 30 Which Treats of Address Displayed by th 00:06:15 McMillan, Roy
9 '"Don Quixote,"' he must have said, senora,' obser 00:05:48 McMillan, Roy
10 The last words of his master about not wanting to 00:05:22 McMillan, Roy
11 'Let your worship ask what you will,' answered San 00:05:36 McMillan, Roy
12 CHAPTER 31 Of the Delectable Discussion Between Do 00:05:41 McMillan, Roy
13 'She is generous in the extreme,' said Don Quixote 00:05:27 McMillan, Roy
14 'I hold thou art in the right of it, Sancho,' said 00:04:29 McMillan, Roy
15 'All that your worship has said is quite true,' an 00:04:07 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 9
1 CHAPTER 32 Which Treats of What Befell Don Quixote 00:04:51 McMillan, Roy
2 'Hush, child,' said the landlady; 'it seems to me 00:04:46 McMillan, Roy
3 'Try that bone on another dog,' said the landlord… 00:04:03 McMillan, Roy
4 CHAPTER 33 In Which is Related the Novel of 'The I 00:05:33 McMillan, Roy
5 It happened, however, that on one occasion when th 00:05:01 McMillan, Roy
6 Such were the words Anselmo addressed to Lothario… 00:05:25 McMillan, Roy
7 Either thou dost not hold her to be what thou saye 00:05:24 McMillan, Roy
8 Remember there is no jewel in the world so preciou 00:05:27 McMillan, Roy
9 'When God created our first parent in the earthly 00:05:48 McMillan, Roy
10 That night, however, he thought of a plan by which 00:06:11 McMillan, Roy
11 Unhappy, shortsighted Anselmo, what art thou doing 00:05:40 McMillan, Roy
12 CHAPTER 34 In Which is Continued the Novel of 'The 00:05:50 McMillan, Roy
13 Anselmo was completely satisfied by the words of L 00:05:59 McMillan, Roy
14 It so happened that finding herself on one occasio 00:04:02 McMillan, Roy
15 All that Camilla could do was to entreat Leonela t 00:04:26 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 10
1 Anselmo was amazed, overwhelmed, and astounded at 00:05:36 McMillan, Roy
2 'Ah, senora,' said the crafty Leonela, who knew he 00:05:19 McMillan, Roy
3 Anselmo, hidden behind some tapestries where he ha 00:05:15 McMillan, Roy
4 As she uttered these words, with incredible energy 00:03:47 McMillan, Roy
5 Camilla replied that she believed she was right an 00:03:24 McMillan, Roy
6 CHAPTER 35 Which Treats of the Heroic and Prodigio 00:05:02 McMillan, Roy
7 Who could have helped laughing at the absurdities 00:05:19 McMillan, Roy
8 There is no need of saying whether Camilla was agi 00:04:10 McMillan, Roy
9 This disastrous intelligence almost robbed Anselmo 00:03:49 McMillan, Roy
10 CHAPTER 36 Which Treats of More Curious Incidents 00:05:07 McMillan, Roy
11 The instant she recognised him, with a prolonged p 00:06:21 McMillan, Roy
12 All this and more the injured Dorothea delivered w 00:04:30 McMillan, Roy
13 And the curate bade him remember that only death c 00:05:41 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 37 In Which is Continued the Story of the 00:05:10 McMillan, Roy
15 'I am informed, fair lady, by my squire here that 00:04:16 McMillan, Roy
16 'I tell thee again, Sancho, thou art a fool,' said 00:04:42 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 11
1 By these words he excited a desire in all who hear 00:04:28 McMillan, Roy
2 Since, therefore, arms have need of the mind, as m 00:04:17 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 38 Which Treats of the Curious Discourse D 00:04:07 McMillan, Roy
4 For what dread of want or poverty that can reach o 00:04:43 McMillan, Roy
5 CHAPTER 39 Wherein the Captive Relates his Life an 00:05:37 McMillan, Roy
6 It is now some twenty-two years since I left my fa 00:05:47 McMillan, Roy
7 We returned to Constantinople, and the following y 00:06:40 McMillan, Roy
8 CHAPTER 40 In Which the Story of the Captive is Co 00:05:57 McMillan, Roy
9 I, however, was one of those on ransom, for when i 00:05:24 McMillan, Roy
10 We made trial as before, each of the same three go 00:04:26 McMillan, Roy
11 Judge, sirs, whether we had reason for surprise an 00:06:03 McMillan, Roy
12 These were the words and contents of the second pa 00:04:53 McMillan, Roy
13 CHAPTER 41 In Which the Captive Still Continues hi 00:04:31 McMillan, Roy
14 It would be beyond my power now to describe to you 00:04:17 McMillan, Roy
15 While we were still engaged in this conversation, 00:04:16 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 12
1 The Christians who were to row were ready and in h 00:05:28 McMillan, Roy
2 Finding herself now on board, and that we were abo 00:05:37 McMillan, Roy
3 'Daughter, is this true, what he says?' cried the 00:05:05 McMillan, Roy
4 But neither could her father hear her nor we see h 00:05:52 McMillan, Roy
5 The dawn came, more slowly, I think, than we could 00:03:37 McMillan, Roy
6 As soon as the horsemen understood that we were Ch 00:03:41 McMillan, Roy
7 CHAPTER 42 Which Treats of What Further Took Place 00:05:38 McMillan, Roy
8 'Leave it to me to find out that,' said the curate 00:05:04 McMillan, Roy
9 All this and more the Judge uttered with such deep 00:04:11 McMillan, Roy
10 CHAPTER 43 Wherein is Related the Pleasant Story o 00:05:33 McMillan, Roy
11 Meanwhile the time for my father's departure arriv 00:05:49 McMillan, Roy
12 Don Quixote had got so far in his pathetic speech 00:04:18 McMillan, Roy
13 He was, as has been said, standing on Rocinante, w 00:05:48 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 44 In Which Are Continued the Unheard-of A 00:05:17 McMillan, Roy
15 Dorothea at this instant came out of her room, fol 00:05:38 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 13
1 Thus matters stood at the inn-gate, where there wa 00:03:38 McMillan, Roy
2 Sancho, finding himself so unexpectedly assailed, 00:03:27 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 45 In Which the doubtful Question of Mambr 00:04:09 McMillan, Roy
4 To those who were in the secret of Don Quixote's h 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
5 All paused at his mighty voice, and he went on to 00:04:06 McMillan, Roy
6 As soon as he had satisfied himself, folding up th 00:03:47 McMillan, Roy
7 CHAPTER 46 Of the End of the Notable Adventure of 00:05:42 McMillan, Roy
8 'On, then, in God's name,' said Don Quixote; 'for, 00:05:51 McMillan, Roy
9 They were all eager to know what the affair of the 00:06:51 McMillan, Roy
10 CHAPTER 47 Of the Strange Manner in Which Don Quix 00:04:59 McMillan, Roy
11 While this was passing between the ladies of the c 00:05:41 McMillan, Roy
12 When the canon heard both the prisoner and the man 00:05:55 McMillan, Roy
13 What mind, that is not wholly barbarous and uncult 00:04:52 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 48 In Which the Canon Pursues the Subject 00:04:14 McMillan, Roy
15 'You have touched upon a subject, senor canon,' ob 00:05:09 McMillan, Roy
16 Others write plays with such heedlessness that, af 00:05:14 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 14
1 'May Our Lady be good to me!' said Sancho, lifting 00:02:25 McMillan, Roy
2 CHAPTER 49 Which Treats of the Shrewd Conversation 00:04:55 McMillan, Roy
3 The canon gazed at him, wondering at the extraordi 00:04:58 McMillan, Roy
4 'Well then,' returned Don Quixote, 'to my mind it 00:05:56 McMillan, Roy
5 CHAPTER 50 Of the Shrewd Controversy Which Don Qui 00:05:56 McMillan, Roy
6 'But I will not expatiate any further upon this, a 00:04:24 McMillan, Roy
7 By this time the canon's servants, who had gone to 00:04:25 McMillan, Roy
8 CHAPTER 51 Which Deals With What the Goatherd Told 00:05:14 McMillan, Roy
9 This soldier, then, that I have described, this Vi 00:06:12 McMillan, Roy
10 CHAPTER 52 Of the Quarrel That Don Quixote Had… 00:04:22 McMillan, Roy
11 The fact was that the clouds had that year withhel 00:06:18 McMillan, Roy
12 At the cries and moans of Sancho, Don Quixote came 00:04:44 McMillan, Roy
13 While this conversation passed between Sancho Panz 00:03:45 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 15
1 VOLUME 2 PART 1 CHAPTER 1 Of the Interview the Cur 00:04:58 McMillan, Roy
2 'I am not versed in stories,' said Don Quixote; 'b 00:05:11 McMillan, Roy
3 Approaching a cage in which there was a furious ma 00:05:23 McMillan, Roy
4 But now sloth triumphs over energy, indolence over 00:03:54 McMillan, Roy
5 'How big, in your worship's opinion, may the giant 00:04:21 McMillan, Roy
6 CHAPTER 2 Which Treats of the Notable Altercation 00:04:36 McMillan, Roy
7 In short, Sancho, I would have thee tell me all th 00:04:45 McMillan, Roy
8 CHAPTER 3 Of the Laughable Conversation that Passe 00:05:13 McMillan, Roy
9 'The sage has left nothing in the ink-bottle,' rep 00:04:59 McMillan, Roy
10 'Then, I say,' said Don Quixote, 'the author of my 00:06:05 McMillan, Roy
11 CHAPTER 4 In Which Sancho Panza Gives a Satisfacto 00:05:11 McMillan, Roy
12 Sancho had hardly uttered these words when the nei 00:05:21 McMillan, Roy
13 CHAPTER 5 Of the Shrewd and Droll Conversation tha 00:05:41 McMillan, Roy
14 'Why, you idiot and wife for Barabbas,' said Sanch 00:03:40 McMillan, Roy
15 'Do you know why, husband?' replied Teresa; 'becau 00:03:45 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 16
1 CHAPTER 6 Of What Took Place Between Don Quixote a 00:04:29 McMillan, Roy
2 'By the God that gives me life,' said Don Quixote, 00:04:10 McMillan, Roy
3 Of plebeian lineages I have nothing to say, save t 00:03:48 McMillan, Roy
4 CHAPTER 7 Of What Passed Between Don Quixote and h 00:05:15 McMillan, Roy
5 'All that is very true,' said Don Quixote; 'but I 00:04:49 McMillan, Roy
6 At this, Don Quixote, turning to Sancho, said, 'Di 00:04:38 McMillan, Roy
7 CHAPTER 8 Wherein is Related What Befell Don Quixo 00:05:04 McMillan, Roy
8 'So I say too,' replied Sancho; 'and I suspect in 00:05:22 McMillan, Roy
9 'All that your worship has said so far,' said Sanc 00:05:20 McMillan, Roy
10 CHAPTER 9 Wherein is Related What Will Be Seen The 00:03:40 McMillan, Roy
11 'Thou wilt drive me to desperation, Sancho,' said 00:04:18 McMillan, Roy
12 CHAPTER 10 Wherein is Related the Crafty Device Sa 00:05:56 McMillan, Roy
13 Such was the soliloquy Sancho held with himself, a 00:04:27 McMillan, Roy
14 By this time they had cleared the wood, and saw th 00:04:41 McMillan, Roy
15 The pack-saddle being secured, as Don Quixote was 00:04:34 McMillan, Roy
16 CHAPTER 11 Of the Strange Adventure Which the Vali 00:04:15 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 17
1 Don Quixote was about to reply to Sancho Panza, bu 00:04:35 McMillan, Roy
2 'Then I will recover him,' said Don Quixote, 'even 00:04:13 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 12 Of the Strange Adventure Which Befell… 00:06:13 McMillan, Roy
4 Sancho at last fell asleep at the foot of a cork t 00:03:43 McMillan, Roy
5 'Not so,' said Don Quixote at this, 'for I am of L 00:03:40 McMillan, Roy
6 CHAPTER 13 In Which is Continued the Adventure of 00:04:54 McMillan, Roy
7 'I do disown them,' replied Sancho, 'and in this w 00:03:38 McMillan, Roy
8 Sancho ate without requiring to be pressed, and in 00:04:14 McMillan, Roy
9 CHAPTER 14 Wherein is Continued the Adventure of t 00:04:36 McMillan, Roy
10 'Calm yourself, sir knight,' said Don Quixote, 'an 00:05:18 McMillan, Roy
11 'I can remedy that entirely,' said he of the Grove 00:04:57 McMillan, Roy
12 With this, cutting short the colloquy, they mounte 00:04:27 McMillan, Roy
13 Sancho came up, and when he saw the countenance… 00:04:50 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 15 Wherein it is Told and Known Who the Kn 00:04:16 McMillan, Roy
15 CHAPTER 16 Of What Befell Don Quixote with a Discr 00:06:15 McMillan, Roy
16 Don Quixote saw very plainly the attention with wh 00:05:49 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 18
1 Sancho listened with the greatest attention to the 00:04:48 McMillan, Roy
2 And do not suppose, senor, that I apply the term v 00:04:36 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 17 Wherein is Shown the Furthest… 00:05:44 McMillan, Roy
4 'So, so,' said the gentleman to himself at this; ' 00:05:41 McMillan, Roy
5 It is to be observed, that on coming to this passa 00:05:57 McMillan, Roy
6 'Then,' said Don Quixote, 'if his Majesty should h 00:05:44 McMillan, Roy
7 PART 2: CHAPTER 18 Of What Happened to Don Quixote 00:05:40 McMillan, Roy
8 'So far,' said Don Lorenzo to himself, 'I should n 00:04:39 McMillan, Roy
9 'A discerning friend of mine,' said Don Quixote, ' 00:03:52 McMillan, Roy
10 SONNET The lovely maid, she pierces now the wall; 00:04:15 McMillan, Roy
11 CHAPTER 19 In Which is Related the Adventure… 00:04:57 McMillan, Roy
12 'If all those who love one another were to marry,' 00:04:51 McMillan, Roy
13 'Look here, bachelor Corchuelo,' returned the stud 00:05:12 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 20 Wherein an Account is Given of the Wedd 00:04:46 McMillan, Roy
15 Countless were the hares ready skinned and the plu 00:04:46 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 19
1 Following these there came an artistic dance… 00:04:36 McMillan, Roy
2 Don Quixote asked one of the nymphs who it was… 00:04:21 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 21 In Which Camach's Wedding is Continued… 00:05:00 McMillan, Roy
4 Basilio, however, reviving slightly, said in a wea 00:04:42 McMillan, Roy
5 'For one so badly wounded,' observed Sancho at thi 00:05:10 McMillan, Roy
6 CHAPTER 22 Wherein is Related the Grand Adventure 00:05:31 McMillan, Roy
7 The cousin arrived at last, leading an ass in foal 00:04:38 McMillan, Roy
8 On coming within sight of it the cousin, Sancho, a 00:06:04 McMillan, Roy
9 CHAPTER 23 Of the Wonderful Things the Incomparabl 00:05:07 McMillan, Roy
10 His right hand (which seemed to me somewhat hairy 00:05:11 McMillan, Roy
11 'And now there was heard a great outcry and lament 00:05:36 McMillan, Roy
12 'I believe,' replied Sancho, 'that this Merlin, or 00:06:42 McMillan, Roy
13 CHAPTER 24 Wherein are Related a Thousand Trifling 00:06:41 McMillan, Roy
14 Leaving the hermitage, they pushed on towards the 00:06:15 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 20
1 CHAPTER 25 Wherein is Set Down the Braying Adventu 00:05:54 McMillan, Roy
2 So they returned disconsolate and hoarse to their 00:03:53 McMillan, Roy
3 Master Pedro now came back, and in a cart followed 00:04:36 McMillan, Roy
4 'Thou dost not understand me, Sancho,' said Don Qu 00:04:56 McMillan, Roy
5 CHAPTER 26 Wherein is Continued the Droll Adventur 00:04:27 McMillan, Roy
6 If you, sir knight, to France are bound, Oh! For G 00:05:01 McMillan, Roy
7 The complete destruction of the show being thus ac 00:03:47 McMillan, Roy
8 The landlord and Sancho consented, and then Master 00:03:51 McMillan, Roy
9 CHAPTER 27 Wherein it is Shown Who Master Pedro an 00:05:17 McMillan, Roy
10 From this device Don Quixote concluded that these 00:03:46 McMillan, Roy
11 It would be a nice business indeed if all these il 00:04:45 McMillan, Roy
12 CHAPTER 28 Of Matters that Benengeli Says He Who R 00:04:49 McMillan, Roy
13 'When I worked for Tom Carrasco, the father of the 00:05:28 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 29 Of the Famous Adventure of the Enchante 00:03:22 McMillan, Roy
15 'Now they are tied,' said Sancho; 'what are we to 00:04:20 McMillan, Roy
16 They now came in sight of some large water mills t 00:04:55 McMillan, Roy
17 CHAPTER 30 Of Don Quixote's Adventure with a Fair 00:04:45 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 21
1 Sancho returned to his master mightily pleased wit 00:05:08 McMillan, Roy
2 CHAPTER 31 Which Treats of Many and Great Matters. 00:04:55 McMillan, Roy
3 While this conversation, amusing to all except Don 00:05:36 McMillan, Roy
4 'It would be well,' said Don Quixote, 'if your hig 00:05:55 McMillan, Roy
5 CHAPTER 32 Of the Reply Don Quixote Gave his Censu 00:05:03 McMillan, Roy
6 When he had done laughing, he said to Don Quixote… 00:05:17 McMillan, Roy
7 At length the damsel with the jug returned and the 00:05:31 McMillan, Roy
8 'There is no denying it,' said the duchess; 'but s 00:05:14 McMillan, Roy
9 And as a proof of all this, I must tell your highn 00:04:28 McMillan, Roy
10 The duchess was ready to die with laughter when sh 00:03:55 McMillan, Roy
11 PART 3: CHAPTER 33 Of the Delectable Discourse Whi 00:05:38 McMillan, Roy
12 'To be sure they don't lie!' exclaimed Dona Rodrig 00:04:32 McMillan, Roy
13 Sancho upon this related to her, word for word, wh 00:04:22 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 34 Which Relates How They Learned the Way 00:05:00 McMillan, Roy
15 'Quite the contrary, Sancho; you are wrong there,' 00:06:10 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 22
1 Night now closed in more completely, and many ligh 00:03:44 McMillan, Roy
2 CHAPTER 35 Wherein is Continued the Instruction Gi 00:06:01 McMillan, Roy
3 As soon as Sancho had done speaking the nymph in s 00:04:40 McMillan, Roy
4 'Senor,' said Sancho, 'won't two days' grace be gi 00:04:54 McMillan, Roy
5 CHAPTER 36 Wherein is Related the Strange and Undr 00:05:16 McMillan, Roy
6 When she had done reading the letter the duchess s 00:03:08 McMillan, Roy
7 'Most high and mighty senor, my name is Trifaldin 00:03:57 McMillan, Roy
8 CHAPTER 37 Wherein is Continued the Notable Advent 00:04:01 McMillan, Roy
9 CHAPTER 38 Wherein is Told the Distressed Duenna's 00:04:46 McMillan, Roy
10 On hearing this, the Distressed Duenna made as tho 00:04:41 McMillan, Roy
11 From that sweet enemy of mine My bleeding heart ha 00:04:24 McMillan, Roy
12 CHAPTER 39 In Which the Trifaldi Continues… 00:05:58 McMillan, Roy
13 CHAPTER 40 Of Matters Relating and Belonging to Th 00:04:33 McMillan, Roy
14 'For going smoothly and easily,' said Sancho at th 00:03:06 McMillan, Roy
15 'In the king's name!' exclaimed Sancho, 'what have 00:03:51 McMillan, Roy
16 CHAPTER 41 Of the Arrival of Clavileno and the End 00:04:35 McMillan, Roy
17 'Since the memorable adventure of the fulling mill 00:05:22 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 23
1 They were then blindfolded, and Don Quixote, findi 00:05:27 McMillan, Roy
2 As soon as Don Quixote had read the inscription on 00:06:07 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 42 Of the Counsels Which Don Quixote Gave 00:05:45 McMillan, Roy
4 'First of all, my son, thou must fear God, for in 00:05:30 McMillan, Roy
5 CHAPTER 43 Of the Second Set of Counsels Don Quixo 00:03:54 McMillan, Roy
6 'God alone can cure that,' said Sancho; 'for I hav 00:04:18 McMillan, Roy
7 'Oh, God's curse upon thee, Sancho!' here exclaime 00:04:13 McMillan, Roy
8 CHAPTER 44 How Sancho Panza Was Conducted… 00:05:01 McMillan, Roy
9 Let worthy Sancho go in peace, and good luck to hi 00:05:09 McMillan, Roy
10 Here Cide Hamete exclaimed as he was writing, 'O p 00:04:22 McMillan, Roy
11 So having tuned the harp, Altisidora, running her 00:04:40 McMillan, Roy
12 CHAPTER 45 Of How the Great Sancho Panza Took… 00:05:30 McMillan, Roy
13 The debtor took his stick again, and bowing his he 00:04:10 McMillan, Roy
14 As soon as she was gone Sancho said to the cattle 00:04:50 McMillan, Roy
15 CHAPTER 46 Of the Terrible Bell and Cat Fright tha 00:04:23 McMillan, Roy
16 Don Quixote had got so far with his song, to which 00:03:44 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 24
1 CHAPTER 47 Wherein is Continued the Account of How 00:05:53 McMillan, Roy
2 The doctor was dismayed when he saw the governor i 00:05:12 McMillan, Roy
3 'The case is this, senor,' continued the farmer, ' 00:05:39 McMillan, Roy
4 CHAPTER 48 Of What Befell Don Quixote with Dona Ro 00:04:18 McMillan, Roy
5 'I carry nobody's messages, senor,' said the duenn 00:04:22 McMillan, Roy
6 'The fact is, then, Senor Don Quixote, that though 00:04:33 McMillan, Roy
7 To come to the point, the son of a very rich farme 00:04:24 McMillan, Roy
8 CHAPTER 49 Of What Happened to Sancho in Making th 00:04:57 McMillan, Roy
9 Night came, and with the permission of Doctor Pedr 00:05:02 McMillan, Roy
10 'By God,' said the young man, 'your worship will m 00:05:15 McMillan, Roy
11 On seeing this the secretary leant over to the hea 00:04:07 McMillan, Roy
12 'So then, senora,' said Sancho, 'no other mishap h 00:03:05 McMillan, Roy
13 CHAPTER 50 Wherein is Set Forth Who the Enchanters 00:04:39 McMillan, Roy
14 Teresa stood lost in astonishment, and her daughte 00:04:41 McMillan, Roy
15 'God help us,' said the curate, 'we don't understa 00:03:32 McMillan, Roy
16 'And why not, mother!' said Sanchica; 'would to Go 00:04:33 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 25
1 CHAPTER 51 Of the Progress of Sancho's Government, 00:05:46 McMillan, Roy
2 'That is true,' said thE Major-domo; 'and I mainta 00:05:56 McMillan, Roy
3 Sancho listened to the letter with great attention 00:05:58 McMillan, Roy
4 CHAPTER 52 Wherein is Related the Adventure of the 00:04:55 McMillan, Roy
5 And then plucking off a glove he threw it down in 00:04:44 McMillan, Roy
6 All were greatly amused by Teresa Panza's letter, 00:04:30 McMillan, Roy
7 PART 4: CHAPTER 53 Of the Troublous End and Termin 00:04:06 McMillan, Roy
8 Urged by these exhortations and reproaches the poo 00:03:42 McMillan, Roy
9 Then having Dapple saddled, he, with great pain an 00:04:06 McMillan, Roy
10 CHAPTER 54 Which Deals with Matters Relating to th 00:06:05 McMillan, Roy
11 Sancho beheld all, 'and nothing gave him pain;' so 00:05:36 McMillan, Roy
12 To this Sancho replied, 'Remember, Ricote, that ma 00:04:54 McMillan, Roy
13 CHAPTER 55 Of What Befell Sancho on the Road… 00:05:55 McMillan, Roy
14 Here Cide Hamete leaves him, and returns to Don Qu 00:03:51 McMillan, Roy
15 Don Quixote left him, and hastened to the castle t 00:05:00 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 26
1 CHAPTER 56 Of the Prodigious and Unparalleled Batt 00:06:04 McMillan, Roy
2 The marshal of the field was lost in astonishment 00:04:18 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 57 Which Treats of How Don Quixote Took Le 00:04:05 McMillan, Roy
4 All the while the unhappy Altisidora was bewailing 00:03:04 McMillan, Roy
5 CHAPTER 58 Which Tells How Adventures Came Crowdin 00:05:57 McMillan, Roy
6 Sancho was amazed afresh at the extent of his mast 00:05:09 McMillan, Roy
7 While engaged in this discourse they were making t 00:05:21 McMillan, Roy
8 At this instant there came up to a spot where the 00:04:30 McMillan, Roy
9 Don Quixote, then, having, as has been said, plant 00:03:02 McMillan, Roy
10 CHAPTER 59 Wherein is Related the Strange Thing… 00:04:13 McMillan, Roy
11 They woke up rather late, mounted once more and re 00:04:12 McMillan, Roy
12 On hearing this Don Quixote, full of wrath and ind 00:04:06 McMillan, Roy
13 Exceedingly great was the amusement the two gentle 00:03:58 McMillan, Roy
14 CHAPTER 60 Of What Happened to Don Quixote on his 00:05:36 McMillan, Roy
15 And now day dawned; and if the dead freebooters ha 00:05:33 McMillan, Roy
16 Roque, filled with admiration at the gallant beari 00:05:31 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 27
1 Roque Guinart found his squires at the place to wh 00:05:46 McMillan, Roy
2 Roque asked the pilgrims the same questions he had 00:04:29 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 61 Of What Happened to Don Quixote on Ente 00:06:07 McMillan, Roy
4 CHAPTER 62 Which Deals with the Adventure of the E 00:05:39 McMillan, Roy
5 Don Quixote was amazed at the virtue and property 00:05:26 McMillan, Roy
6 The next day Don Antonio thought he might as well 00:05:41 McMillan, Roy
7 The questions and answers came to an end here, but 00:04:22 McMillan, Roy
8 'I,' said Don Quixote, 'have some little smatterin 00:04:37 McMillan, Roy
9 CHAPTER 63 Of the Mishap that Befell Sancho Panza 00:05:10 McMillan, Roy
10 On hearing this the admiral sprang upon the gangwa 00:04:37 McMillan, Roy
11 What heart could be so hard as not to be softened 00:05:03 McMillan, Roy
12 The king then arranged that I should return to Spa 00:05:57 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 28
1 CHAPTER 64 Treating of the Adventure Which Gave Do 00:04:39 McMillan, Roy
2 The Knight of the White Moon had been seen from th 00:04:42 McMillan, Roy
3 CHAPTER 65 Wherein is Made Known Who the Knight of 00:05:25 McMillan, Roy
4 Don Quixote cheered up a little and said 'Of a tru 00:05:41 McMillan, Roy
5 CHAPTER 66 Which Treats of What He Who Reads Will 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
6 With this permission Sancho said to the peasants w 00:05:16 McMillan, Roy
7 CHAPTER 67 Of the Resolution Don Quixote formed to 00:05:45 McMillan, Roy
8 'I don't mean to give her any but Teresona,' said 00:05:02 McMillan, Roy
9 CHAPTER 68 Of the Bristly Adventure That Befell Do 00:05:23 McMillan, Roy
10 'I suppose it is the chastisement of heaven, too,' 00:05:07 McMillan, Roy
11 CHAPTER 69 Of the Strangest and Most Extraordinary 00:05:25 McMillan, Roy
12 On hearing this Sancho broke silence and cried out 00:05:50 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 29
1 CHAPTER 70 Which Follows Sixty-Nine and Deals with 00:04:25 McMillan, Roy
2 Thereupon the duke seized the opportunity of pract 00:05:21 McMillan, Roy
3 'A vision it must have been, no doubt,' said Don Q 00:05:20 McMillan, Roy
4 CHAPTER 71 Of What Passed Between Don Quixote and 00:04:13 McMillan, Roy
5 Night, longed for by Don Quixote with the greatest 00:04:14 McMillan, Roy
6 Don Quixote obeyed, and stripping himself covered 00:04:00 McMillan, Roy
7 CHAPTER 72 Of How Don Quixote and Sancho Reached T 00:05:31 McMillan, Roy
8 'That I will do most willingly,' replied Don Alvar 00:04:27 McMillan, Roy
9 CHAPTER 73 Of the Omens Don Quixote Had As He Ente 00:04:41 McMillan, Roy
10 Don Quixote at once, without any regard to time or 00:05:03 McMillan, Roy
11 CHAPTER 74 Of How Don Quixote Fell Sick, and of th 00:05:19 McMillan, Roy
12 They looked at one another, wondering at Don Quixo 00:05:51 McMillan, Roy
13 With this he closed his will, and a faintness comi 00:04:40 McMillan, Roy
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