Elisabeth Grümmer Sings Mozart, Schubert, Brahms & Wolf

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“Whoever has heard Elisabeth Grummer singing cannot forget the way this lovely voice, at once ethereal and yet full sounding, effortlessly flows along,” wrote Lanfranco Rasponi. “No other has ever brought such intimate spirituality and such romantic sensitivity into music.” This characterization, referring to the singer’s major opera roles, applies equally to her concert appearances and song recitals. Elisabeth Grummer was born in 1911 and grew up in Meiningen, where she trained as an actress and appeared in classical roles at the theater. After her marriage, she put an end to her acting career and moved to Aachen, where her husband worked as concert-master at the opera. She took voice lessons and was discovered by Herbert von Karajan, the young General Music Director at the opera at the time, who offered her a role as a flower girl in Parsifal in 1941. More roles followed, engagements in Duisburg and Prague and finally at the Stadtische Oper Berlin in 1946, where she evolved into an excellent singer of lyrical piano parts. Until 1961 she appeared each year at the Bayreuth Festival. She made guest appearances at all the major opera houses in the world, but remained true to the Berlin Opera unti her farewell to the stage in 1972. She taught at the Berlin music school and held master courses in Paris and Salzburg. Compared to Elisabeth Grummer’s rank as a singer, her recordings are shamefully few in number, giving these radio recordings a special documentary significance.
Item number SWR19415CD
Barcode 747313941582
Release date 4/13/2018
Category Vocal
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Grümmer, Elisabeth
Disc: 1
Non più, tutto ascoltai … Non temer, amato bene, K00:07:33
1 Non più, tutto ascoltai... Non temer, amato bene, 00:07:17 Grümmer, Elisabeth Grumiaux, Arthur Münchinger, Karl Stuttgarter Kammerorchester
Basta vincesti … Ah, non lasciarmi, K. 486a00:07:00
2 Basta vincesti... Ah, non lasciarmi, K. 486a 00:06:50 Stuttgarter Kammerorchester Münchinger, Karl Grümmer, Elisabeth
Im Fruhlingsanfang, K. 59700:02:59
3 Im Frühlingsanfang, K. 597 00:02:28 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
Abendempfindung, K. 52300:05:00
4 Abendempfindung, K. 523 00:05:24 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
Die Verschweigung, K. 51800:03:06
5 Die Verschweigung, K. 518 00:03:03 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
Das Veilchen, K. 47600:02:33
6 Das Veilchen, K. 476 00:02:36 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
Suleika II (Ach um deine feuchten Schwingen), Op. 00:04:00
7 Suleika II (Ach um deine feuchten Schwingen), Op. 00:04:32 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
Dass sie hier gewesen, Op. 59 No. 2, D. 77500:03:11
8 Dass sie hier gewesen, Op. 59 No. 2, D. 775 00:03:34 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
Rastlose Liebe, Op. 5 No. 1, D. 13800:01:00
9 Rastlose Liebe, Op. 5 No. 1, D. 138 00:01:24 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
Wiegenlied, Op. 105, No. 2, D. 86700:05:01
10 Wiegenlied, Op. 105 No. 2, D. 867 00:05:13 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
Frühlingsglaube, Op. 20, No. 2, D. 68600:03:00
11 Frühlingsglaube, Op. 20 No. 2, D. 686 00:02:54 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
5 Gedichte, Op. 19 (text by E. Morike)00:04:21
12 5 Gedichte, Op. 19: No. 5, An eine Äolsharfe 00:04:02 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
8 Lieder und Gesänge, Op. 57 (text by G.F. Daumer)00:05:00
13 8 Lieder und Gesänge, Op. 57: No. 1, Von waldbekrä 00:02:26 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
5 Gesange, Op. 7100:02:02
14 5 Gesänge, Op. 71: No. 3, Geheimnis 00:02:00 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
7 Lieder, Op. 95 (text by S. Kapper)00:02:27
15 7 Lieder, Op. 95: No. 1, Das Mädchen 00:02:30 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
Spanisches Liederbuch: Weltliche Lieder (text by M00:00:00
16 Spanisches Liederbuch, Weltliche Lieder: No. 28, S 00:02:28 Diez, Hugo Grümmer, Elisabeth
17 Spanisches Liederbuch, Weltliche Lieder: No. 17, L 00:01:12 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
18 Spanisches Liederbuch, Weltliche Lieder: No. 13, M 00:01:53 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
19 Spanisches Liederbuch, Weltliche Lieder: No. 26, B 00:03:28 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
20 Spanisches Liederbuch, Weltliche Lieder: No. 2, In 00:02:14 Grümmer, Elisabeth Diez, Hugo
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