Evgenii Onegin (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0077
Barcode 9781843795674
Release date 5/1/2012
Category Poetry
Number of units 4
Classical Artist Jason, Neville
Disc: 1
1 Evgenii Onegin 00:01:07 Jason, Neville
2 Chapter 1: He hurries to live, he hastens to feel 00:06:14 Jason, Neville
3 How he assumed the latest air… 00:05:40 Jason, Neville
4 General applause. Onegin passes/A row of legs… 00:06:05 Jason, Neville
5 Alas, how much of my life I/Have ruined… 00:05:42 Jason, Neville
6 A sickness, one for which we should/Have found the 00:06:15 Jason, Neville
7 Will freedom always be denied? The hour has come… 00:04:07 Jason, Neville
8 Flowers, love, the lazy country pace… 00:03:32 Jason, Neville
9 Chapter 2: O rus!… Horace O Russia! 00:06:13 Jason, Neville
10 He sang in praise of love, he paid/His dues to her 00:06:09 Jason, Neville
11 But then, your ardent youth can never/Conceal… 00:04:47 Jason, Neville
12 This pensive mood, her friend, her pleasure/Right 00:04:37 Jason, Neville
13 She used to write, in her own hand,/In blood… 00:05:37 Jason, Neville
Disc: 2
1 Chapter 3: Elle etait fille, elle etait amoureuse. 00:06:02 Jason, Neville
2 And as if she herself had been a/Young heroine in 00:05:50 Jason, Neville
3 'Now that's enough, dear. In those days/We hadn't 00:05:06 Jason, Neville
4 Coquettes make their cold calculations;/Tatiana lo 00:04:41 Jason, Neville
5 Tatiana's Letter to Onegin 00:03:55 Jason, Neville
6 Tatiana sighs, and then she cries,/The letter trem 00:05:44 Jason, Neville
7 The Song Of the Young Girls 00:02:25 Jason, Neville
8 Chapter 4: La morale est dans la nature des choses 00:05:39 Jason, Neville
9 What in the world can be worse than/A family where 00:05:32 Jason, Neville
10 What was the outcome of the meeting?/Alas, it isn' 00:05:27 Jason, Neville
11 But Lenskii writes no madrigal/In Olga's album; in 00:05:18 Jason, Neville
12 Bare, silent fields - the harvest's home;/A cold d 00:04:11 Jason, Neville
13 The fire burns low; a fine grey layer/Of ash lies 00:03:42 Jason, Neville
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 5: Oh, don't dream these fearful dreams… 00:05:29 Jason, Neville
2 The night was frosty, the whole sky/Was clear; div 00:05:24 Jason, Neville
3 More terrible, more wondrous yet,/A crab rides… 00:05:34 Jason, Neville
4 But lo, the dawn with crimson hand,/From morning… 00:04:40 Jason, Neville
5 Of course, Tania's distressed confusion/Was visibl 00:04:02 Jason, Neville
6 A ball meant Petersburg when first/I planned my no 00:04:17 Jason, Neville
7 Chapter 6: La, sotto i giorni nubilosi e brevi… 00:05:42 Jason, Neville
8 A brief note, cold as charity,/But pleasant, noble 00:05:25 Jason, Neville
9 All evening Lenskii was distracted,/Now mute, now 00:05:30 Jason, Neville
10 'Where is my second? My friend here,/Monsieur Guil 00:04:30 Jason, Neville
11 It's pleasant to use an epigram/To enrage a blunde 00:04:12 Jason, Neville
12 Alas, dear reader, one thing's clear;/A lover and 00:05:13 Jason, Neville
Disc: 4
1 Chapter 7: Oh Moscow, Russia's favourite daughter… 00:05:51 Jason, Neville
2 Ah, my poor Lenskii! though she mourned/Awhile, sh 00:05:02 Jason, Neville
3 'Would it be possible to see/The house?' she asked 00:05:23 Jason, Neville
4 Has she solved the charade at last?/Has the elusiv 00:05:50 Jason, Neville
5 When we have moved the boundaries/And let the bles 00:05:42 Jason, Neville
6 And that… but later, later. We/Must talk. Tomorrow 00:05:00 Jason, Neville
7 A crowd of Archive youths all stand/And gaze, in t 00:05:01 Jason, Neville
8 Chapter 8: Fare thee well, and if for ever/Still f 00:05:28 Jason, Neville
9 But why give him, may I enquire,/Such an unfavoura 00:06:13 Jason, Neville
10 'You're married! I was not aware…/But when?' 00:05:00 Jason, Neville
11 Here was the epigrammist; he/Was angry about… 00:05:26 Jason, Neville
12 Onegin's Letter to Tatiana. 00:03:11 Jason, Neville
13 There's no reply. Another missive,/A second, a thi 00:04:15 Jason, Neville
14 The days flew past, they warmed the air/And winter 00:05:08 Jason, Neville
15 Onegin, this magnificence,/The tinsel of this hate 00:04:49 Jason, Neville
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