Faro's Daughter (Unabridged)

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Fiery, strong-willed Deb Grantham, who presides over a gaming house with her aunt, is hardly the perfect wife for the young and naive Lord Mablethorpe. His lordship's family are scandalised that he proposes to marry one of 'faro's daughters', and his cousin the proud, wealthy Max Ravenscar - decides to take the matter in hand. Ravenscar always gets his way, but as he and Miss Grantham lock horns, they become increasingly drawn to each other. Amidst all the misunderstandings and entanglements, has Ravenscar finally met his match?
Item number NA0184
Barcode 9781843798613
Release date 8/1/2014
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 7
Non-Classical Artist Paton, Laura
Disc: 1
Faro's Daughter (Unabridged)08:46:14
1 Faro's Daughter 00:06:25 Paton, Laura
2 Mr. Ravenscar was unmoved. 00:08:21 Paton, Laura
3 Lady Mablethorpe followed the direction of her nep 00:05:59 Paton, Laura
4 He took his leave of her, and departed. 00:07:57 Paton, Laura
5 Two 00:06:57 Paton, Laura
6 Miss Deborah Grantham, encountering Mr. Ravenscar' 00:07:02 Paton, Laura
7 Ravenscar walked forward. 00:09:24 Paton, Laura
8 It was soon seen that Mr. Ravenscar… 00:09:51 Paton, Laura
9 Three 00:08:41 Paton, Laura
10 'Admirable!' murmured his lordship. 00:08:16 Paton, Laura
Disc: 2
Faro's Daughter (Unabridged)08:46:14
1 There was nothing Mr. Ravenscar wanted less than t 00:07:23 Paton, Laura
2 'I see,' said Ravenscar. 00:06:12 Paton, Laura
3 Four 00:06:37 Paton, Laura
4 Lady Bellingham's mouth drooped pathetically. 00:08:24 Paton, Laura
5 Miss Grantham hung her head. 00:08:25 Paton, Laura
6 At the outset, it had been no part of Lady Belling 00:08:31 Paton, Laura
7 Five 00:06:24 Paton, Laura
8 'Are you comfortable, Miss Grantham?' 00:09:11 Paton, Laura
9 She had the satisfaction of knowing that she had s 00:07:17 Paton, Laura
10 The door of the house was opened to Miss Grantham… 00:09:36 Paton, Laura
Disc: 3
Faro's Daughter (Unabridged)08:46:14
1 This announcement roused Lady Bellingham to open h 00:03:10 Paton, Laura
2 Six 00:08:35 Paton, Laura
3 Mr. Ravenscar, meanwhile, had driven away in a tow 00:08:33 Paton, Laura
4 Her call followed hard upon the arrival from Tunbr 00:09:18 Paton, Laura
5 Seven 00:08:24 Paton, Laura
6 There were quite a number of fashionable people… 00:09:35 Paton, Laura
7 He received this information with raised brows… 00:08:24 Paton, Laura
8 Over her head Adrian's and Deborah's eyes met. 00:09:07 Paton, Laura
9 Eight 00:05:05 Paton, Laura
10 Lady Bellingham, coming into the room presently… 00:08:09 Paton, Laura
Disc: 4
Faro's Daughter (Unabridged)08:46:14
1 Mr. Ravenscar accepted this invitation… 00:06:57 Paton, Laura
2 Ravenscar came back to the table, and sat down… 00:07:07 Paton, Laura
3 Nine 00:08:28 Paton, Laura
4 'I shall go distracted!' said Lady Bellingham… 00:07:17 Paton, Laura
5 He read it with lifting brows of astonishment. 00:07:43 Paton, Laura
6 Ten 00:07:46 Paton, Laura
7 Miss Grantham, finding herself quite unable to exp 00:08:01 Paton, Laura
8 Lady Bellingham's thoughts were diverted… 00:08:21 Paton, Laura
9 Lady Bellingham was quite crushed by this severity 00:06:53 Paton, Laura
10 Eleven 00:04:16 Paton, Laura
11 Silas somewhat sulkily produced two lengths of whi 00:06:10 Paton, Laura
Disc: 5
Faro's Daughter (Unabridged)08:46:14
1 She fetched one of the branches of candles from th 00:07:35 Paton, Laura
2 Mr. Ravenscar drank the wine which was being held 00:07:31 Paton, Laura
3 Mr. Ravenscar, on whom the first part of this spee 00:07:19 Paton, Laura
4 Twelve 00:06:31 Paton, Laura
5 She stared at him for a moment in the blankest ast 00:07:15 Paton, Laura
6 Kit swallowed, and said with what dignity he could 00:08:13 Paton, Laura
7 Her eyes flew to his wrist… 00:06:52 Paton, Laura
8 Thirteen 00:08:29 Paton, Laura
9 If the truth were told… 00:09:09 Paton, Laura
10 'Who bound up Ravenscar's hands?' 00:08:58 Paton, Laura
Disc: 6
Faro's Daughter (Unabridged)08:46:14
1 There was no card-party that evening. 00:08:33 Paton, Laura
2 Fourteen 00:07:01 Paton, Laura
3 Lord Mablethorpe and Miss Laxton exchanged stricke 00:07:35 Paton, Laura
4 Miss Grantham was silent for a moment. 00:06:56 Paton, Laura
5 This suggestion found no favour at all with Miss G 00:07:20 Paton, Laura
6 Miss Laxton, however, refused to be comforted. 00:07:56 Paton, Laura
7 Fifteen 00:08:31 Paton, Laura
8 Ravenscar had had his perch-phaeton brought round 00:08:03 Paton, Laura
9 Miss Ravenscar thought this over. 00:07:56 Paton, Laura
Disc: 7
Faro's Daughter (Unabridged)08:46:14
1 Sixteen 00:07:15 Paton, Laura
2 He looked down at her with misgiving. 00:07:06 Paton, Laura
3 Lady Bellingham sighed. 00:06:38 Paton, Laura
4 Miss Grantham blinked and gasped under this hail o 00:08:46 Paton, Laura
5 Seventeen 00:07:48 Paton, Laura
6 'Good God!' exclaimed Ravenscar… 00:08:28 Paton, Laura
7 From the head of the stairs an arctic voice said… 00:08:44 Paton, Laura
8 In a very short time the door opened again. 00:08:48 Paton, Laura
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