Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

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Item number NA436312
Barcode 9781843793632
Release date 8/2/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 5
Non-Classical Artist Hope, William
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1 00:06:18 Hope, William
2 It was lonely for a day or so… 00:05:23 Hope, William
3 And so it happened on a warm windy evening… 00:06:13 Hope, William
4 I told her how I had stopped off in Chicago… 00:06:30 Hope, William
5 'Tom's getting very profound,' said Daisy… 00:05:19 Hope, William
6 The telephone rang inside, startlingly… 00:04:43 Hope, William
7 When we came in she held us silent for a moment… 00:06:17 Hope, William
8 Chapter 2 00:06:15 Hope, William
9 We waited for her down the road and out of sight… 00:06:22 Hope, William
10 Just as Tom and Myrtle - after the first drink… 00:05:40 Hope, William
11 This absorbing information about my neighbor… 00:05:08 Hope, William
12 The bottle of whiskey - a second one… 00:05:39 Hope, William
Disc: 2
1 Chapter 3 00:05:11 Hope, William
2 Dressed up in white flannels I went over… 00:05:06 Hope, William
3 The first supper - there would be another one… 00:05:10 Hope, William
4 I was still with Jordan Baker… 00:05:07 Hope, William
5 There was the boom of a bass drum… 00:05:28 Hope, William
6 As I waited for my hat in the hall… 00:06:55 Hope, William
7 Reading over what I have written so far… 00:06:43 Hope, William
8 Chapter 4 00:05:23 Hope, William
9 At nine o'clock, one morning late in July… 00:05:27 Hope, William
10 Little Montenegro! He lifted up the words… 00:05:36 Hope, William
11 Roaring noon. In a well fanned 42nd Street cellar… 00:05:02 Hope, William
12 Suddenly he looked at his watch, jumped up… 00:06:18 Hope, William
13 When I came opposite her house that morning… 00:06:10 Hope, William
14 Well, about six weeks ago, she heard the name Gats 00:05:03 Hope, William
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 5 00:04:38 Hope, William
2 The day agreed upon was pouring rain… 00:04:52 Hope, William
3 For half a minute there wasn't a sound… 00:06:16 Hope, William
4 'Oh, hello, old sport,' he said… 00:06:48 Hope, William
5 After the house, we were to see the grounds… 00:06:47 Hope, William
6 Chapter 6 00:06:08 Hope, William
7 He was employed in a vague personal capacity… 00:05:58 Hope, William
8 The rest of us walked out on the porch… 00:05:22 Hope, William
9 We were at a particularly tipsy table… 00:06:14 Hope, William
10 I stayed late that night. Gatsby asked me… 00:05:05 Hope, William
Disc: 4
1 Chapter 7 00:04:50 Hope, William
2 The room, shadowed well with awnings… 00:05:00 Hope, William
3 I went with them out to the veranda… 00:05:08 Hope, William
4 Tom came out of the house wrapping a quart bottle… 00:04:33 Hope, William
5 With an effort Wilson left the shade… 00:05:47 Hope, William
6 The prolonged and tumultuous argument… 00:04:58 Hope, William
7 Gatsby's foot beat a short, restless tattoo… 00:04:56 Hope, William
8 Tom turned to Daisy sharply… 00:04:38 Hope, William
9 'You don't understand,' said Gatsby… 00:06:05 Hope, William
10 The young Greek, Michaelis, who ran the coffee joi 00:07:07 Hope, William
11 'What's the name of this place here?' demanded the 00:05:47 Hope, William
12 Somehow, that seemed a despicable occupation… 00:05:21 Hope, William
Disc: 5
1 Chapter 8 00:06:05 Hope, William
2 'I can't describe to you how surprised I was…' 00:05:45 Hope, William
3 He left feeling that if he had searched harder… 00:06:02 Hope, William
4 When I passed the ashheaps… 00:06:11 Hope, William
5 Michaelis had seen this too… 00:07:09 Hope, William
6 Chapter 9 00:05:51 Hope, William
7 When the phone rang that afternoon… 00:06:30 Hope, William
8 The morning of the funeral I went up to New York… 00:06:18 Hope, William
9 He seemed reluctant to put away the picture… 00:06:03 Hope, William
10 That's my middle west - not the wheat… 00:06:15 Hope, William
11 There was nothing I could say, except… 00:05:01 Hope, William
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