Frog in the Meadow: Music, Now I'm Two!

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It's all here: bounces, lullabies, songs for tickling and wiggling…music and rhymes from Feierabend's wonderful early childhood books! Each CD combines the very best for each age group from all 5 books—more than 60 selections on each recording, complete with a fully illustrated booklet of lyrics and special directions. All songs are performed with only one voice, guitar and string bass, following Feierabend's philosophy that simplicity in musical accompaniment makes it easier for children to focus on the important melody of the song. With this collection, John M. Feierabend and Luann Saunders present a simple way to make a connection between adult and child and develop a child's imagination, as well as enjoy a wonderful playtime together.
Item number GIA CD-439
Barcode 785147043928
Release date 1/1/2000
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Non-Classical Artist Feierabend, John
Saunders, Luann
Disc: 1
1 Giggles 00:00:07 Unknown Artist
So Fast, So Fast00:01:00
2 So Fast, So Fast 00:00:27 Saunders, Luann
Father and Mother and Uncle John00:01:00
3 Father and Mother and Uncle John 00:00:31 Feierabend, John
Trot, Trot to Boston00:01:00
4 Trot, Trot to Boston 00:00:16 Feierabend, John
This Is the Way the Ladies Ride00:01:00
5 This Is the Way the Ladies Ride 00:00:49 Feierabend, John
Hippety Hop to Bed00:01:00
6 Hippety Hop to Bed 00:00:22 Feierabend, John
Gregory Griggs00:01:00
7 Gregory Griggs 00:00:35 Feierabend, John
Hop Old Squirrel00:01:00
8 Hop Old Squirrel 00:00:34 Saunders, Luann
Did You Ever, Ever, Ever00:01:00
9 Did You Ever, Ever, Ever 00:00:27 Saunders, Luann
Snail, Snail00:01:00
10 Snail, Snail 00:00:31 Saunders, Luann
I Have Five Pets00:01:00
11 I Have Five Pets 00:01:16 Feierabend, John
This Little Cow00:01:00
12 This Little Cow 00:00:40 Feierabend, John
Wee Wiggie00:01:00
13 Wee Wiggie 00:00:23 Feierabend, John
Mrs. Mason00:01:00
14 Mrs. Mason 00:00:29 Feierabend, John
This Little Bear00:01:00
15 This Little Bear 00:00:37 Feierabend, John
This Little Squirrel00:01:00
16 This Little Squirrel 00:00:42 Feierabend, John
Roll that Round Ball00:01:00
17 Roll that Round Ball 00:00:34 Saunders, Luann
No Bears Out Tonight00:01:00
18 No Bears out Tonight 00:00:30 Saunders, Luann
Ring-O, Ring-O, Rang-O00:01:00
19 Ring-O, Ring-O, Rang-O 00:00:20 Saunders, Luann
Sullivan Square00:01:00
20 Sullivan Square 00:00:17 Feierabend, John
Round About There00:01:00
21 Round About There 00:00:19 Feierabend, John
Round and 'Round the Race Track00:01:00
22 Round and 'Round the Race Track 00:00:20 Feierabend, John
The Little Mice Go Creeping00:01:00
23 The Little Mice Go Creeping 00:00:32 Saunders, Luann
Three Little Frogs00:01:00
24 Three Little Frogs 00:00:18 Feierabend, John
Creepy Mouse00:01:00
25 Creepy Mouse 00:00:30 Feierabend, John
On My Toe There Is a Flea00:01:00
26 On My Toe There Is a Flea 00:00:23 Saunders, Luann
Adam and Eve00:01:00
27 Adam and Eve 00:00:23 Feierabend, John
Andrew Brown00:01:00
28 Andrew Brown 00:00:26 Saunders, Luann
The Lord Mayor and His Men00:01:00
29 The Lord Mayor and His Men 00:00:28 Feierabend, John
Peas Porridge Hot00:01:00
30 Peas Porridge Hot 00:00:40 Feierabend, John
Johnny, Johnny, Whoops00:01:00
31 Johnny, Johnny, Whoops 00:00:16 Feierabend, John
Bye'n Bye, Bye'n Bye00:01:00
32 Bye'n Bye, Bye'n Bye 00:01:03 Saunders, Luann
All the Pretty Little Horses00:01:00
33 All the Pretty Little Horses 00:01:47 Saunders, Luann
Sleep, My Baby00:02:00
34 Sleep, My Baby 00:02:11 Saunders, Luann
Tommy O'Flynn00:01:00
35 Tommy O'Flynn 00:00:17 Saunders, Luann
Two in a Hammock00:01:00
36 Two in a Hammock 00:00:17 Feierabend, John
Walk Old Joe00:01:00
37 Walk Old Joe 00:00:39 Feierabend, John
This Is the Way the Ladies Ride00:01:00
38 This Is the Way the Ladies Ride 00:00:43 Feierabend, John
Bare Back of a Donkey00:01:00
39 Bare Back of a Donkey 00:00:26 Saunders, Luann
Hickory, Dickory, Sacra Down!00:01:00
40 Hickory, Dickory, Sacra Down! 00:00:25 Feierabend, John
Frog in the Meadow00:01:00
41 Frog in the Meadow 00:00:24 Saunders, Luann
Go 'Round the Mountain00:01:00
42 Go 'Round the Mountain 00:00:41 Saunders, Luann
Riding in a Buggy00:01:00
43 Riding in a Buggy 00:00:33 Saunders, Luann
This Little Boy00:01:00
44 This Little Boy 00:00:40 Feierabend, John
Round About00:01:00
45 Round About 00:00:50 Feierabend, John
Little Pea00:01:00
46 Little Pea 00:00:21 Feierabend, John
Engine on the Track00:01:00
47 Engine on the Track 00:00:32 Feierabend, John
This Little Tiger00:01:00
48 This Little Tiger 00:00:37 Feierabend, John
This One Fell in the Water00:01:00
49 This One Fell in the Water 00:00:30 Feierabend, John
Allee Galloo*00:01:00
50 Allee Galloo 00:00:22 Saunders, Luann
Three Times Around00:01:00
51 Three Times Around 00:00:21 Saunders, Luann
The Mulberry Bush00:01:00
52 The Mulberry Bush 00:00:35 Saunders, Luann
Washington Square00:01:00
53 Washington Square 00:00:15 Feierabend, John
Round Ball, Round Ball00:01:00
54 Round Ball, Round Ball 00:00:20 Feierabend, John
Bumble Bee00:01:00
55 Bumble Bee 00:00:16 Feierabend, John
There Was a Little Hare00:01:00
56 There Was a Little Hare 00:00:22 Feierabend, John
Here Comes the Little Mouse00:01:00
57 Here Comes the Little Mouse 00:00:29 Feierabend, John
Can You Keep a Secret?00:01:00
58 Can You Keep a Secret? 00:00:21 Feierabend, John
Cock-a-Doodle Doo00:01:00
59 Cock-a-Doodle Doo 00:00:34 Saunders, Luann
Handy Pandy00:01:00
60 Handy Pandy 00:00:16 Feierabend, John
X Marks the Spot00:01:00
61 X Marks the Spot 00:00:30 Feierabend, John
Pizza, Pickle, Pumpernickel00:01:00
62 Pizza, Pickle, Pumpernickel 00:00:27 Feierabend, John
This Is the Rooster00:01:00
63 This Is the Rooster 00:00:38 Feierabend, John
Head and Shoulders00:01:00
64 Head and Shoulders 00:00:38 Feierabend, John
Hush, Little Baby, Don't Say a Word00:02:00
65 Hush, Little Baby, Don't Say a Word 00:01:33 Saunders, Luann
Little Red Bird of the Lonely Moor00:02:00
66 Little Red Bird of the Lonely Moor 00:01:35 Saunders, Luann
I Gave My Love a Cherry - The Riddle Song00:02:00
67 I Gave My Love a Cherry / The Riddle Song 00:01:33 Saunders, Luann
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