Gambini: Organ Music

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Carlo Andrea Gambini (1819-1865) was passed over by the compilers of Grove’s dictionary, and almost none of his diverse output has been preserved on record. Here, then, is a marvellous chance to catch up with the thoroughly entertaining work of a musician, Genoese born and bred. He was no organ specialist but a musician of diverse talents who composed for the stage, with at least three operas to his name, the concert-hall, including symphonic tone-poems and concert-overtures. His extant output, however, centres on church music. L’organo moderno Op.106 is a collection of 24 versets for organ: brief pieces of hugely varied character, designed as inserts to cover or accompany variousstages of the Mass that would otherwise be silent. Gambini is an imaginative composer for the organ’s timbral possibilities: flutes, horns, bassoons, and Vox Humana stops are all given solo spots. These are then further exploited in the Concertone per molti stromenti, which features folk-like melodies. In his own booklet introduction to Gambini, Marco Ruggeri explains that he has chosen to arrange some of the composer’s piano music for organ, such as excerpts from the Capricci caratteristici Op.55 and the Scintille elettriche Op.90, whose work-titles (chorale, toccata and so on) suggest a compatibility with the organ. Le Quattro Stagioni Op.128 was composed at a time when Vivaldi’s now ubiquitous cycle of concertos was completely unknown. Made up of four parts, one for each season, the work expresses the composer’s perceptions of nature (evoking birdsong, storms and ice), and of seasonal rituals, both sacred and secular (hunting in autumn, a prayer following a summer storm, winter dances). The organ music of lesser-known, 19th-century Italian composers has been explored by Marco Ruggeri on several Brilliant Classics albums. Here he plays on the instrument built by Ernesto Lingiardi in 1854 for the Church of St. Vittore, Calcio, in the Lombardian province of Bergamo.
Item number BRI95515
Barcode 5028421955155
Release date 1/26/2018
Category Classical Music
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Ruggeri, Marco
Disc: 1
L'organo moderno, Op. 10601:05:00
1 I. Allegro moderato assai 00:01:49 Ruggeri, Marco
2 II. Andantino sostenuto 00:02:31 Ruggeri, Marco
3 III. Andante sostenuto 00:02:00 Ruggeri, Marco
4 IV. Allegro moderato 00:03:07 Ruggeri, Marco
5 V. Andante sostenuto 00:03:37 Ruggeri, Marco
6 VI. Andante mosso 00:02:16 Ruggeri, Marco
7 VII. Allegro maestoso 00:03:26 Ruggeri, Marco
8 VIII. Allegro brillante 00:02:27 Ruggeri, Marco
9 IX. Allegro moderato 00:02:36 Ruggeri, Marco
10 X. Andantino 00:02:50 Ruggeri, Marco
11 XI. Allegretto brillante 00:02:17 Ruggeri, Marco
12 XII. Adagio sostenuto 00:02:31 Ruggeri, Marco
13 XIII. Allegretto con moto 00:01:34 Ruggeri, Marco
14 XIV. Adagio sostenuto 00:03:07 Ruggeri, Marco
15 XV. Andante 00:03:50 Ruggeri, Marco
16 XVI. Allegro moderato 00:02:26 Ruggeri, Marco
17 XVII. Andante sostenuto 00:02:16 Ruggeri, Marco
18 XVIII. Allegretto brillante 00:03:40 Ruggeri, Marco
19 XIX. Moderato 00:03:17 Ruggeri, Marco
20 XX. Allegretto pastorale 00:02:57 Ruggeri, Marco
21 XXI. Allegretto brillante 00:03:01 Ruggeri, Marco
22 XXII. Andante sostenuto 00:02:19 Ruggeri, Marco
23 XXIII. Andante mosso 00:02:27 Ruggeri, Marco
24 XXIV. Andantino pastorale 00:02:24 Ruggeri, Marco
Concertone a più strumenti00:11:00
25 Concertone a più strumenti 00:10:39 Ruggeri, Marco
26 Elevazione 00:06:06 Ruggeri, Marco
27 Marcia 00:03:39 Ruggeri, Marco
Le quattro stagioni, Op. 12800:21:00
28 I. Primavera 00:05:16 Ruggeri, Marco
29 II. Estate 00:05:06 Ruggeri, Marco
30 III. Autunno 00:05:41 Ruggeri, Marco
31 IV. Inverno 00:05:47 Ruggeri, Marco
Toccata No. 9 in D Major, Op. 5500:03:00
32 Toccata in D Major, Op. 55, No. 9 00:02:26 Ruggeri, Marco
Corale, Op. 55, No. 1100:04:00
33 Corale, Op. 55, No. 11 00:03:31 Ruggeri, Marco
Pastorale, Op. 55, No. 800:03:00
34 Pastorale, Op. 55, No. 8 00:03:28 Ruggeri, Marco
Passeggiata, Op. 55, No. 1000:02:00
35 Passeggiata, Op. 55, No. 10 00:01:41 Ruggeri, Marco
Toccata in G Major, Op. 90, No. 500:04:00
36 Toccata in G Major, Op. 90, No. 5 00:03:42 Ruggeri, Marco
Finale, Op.55, No.1200:02:00
37 Finale, Op. 55, No. 12 00:02:11 Ruggeri, Marco
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