GASKELL, E.: Cranford (Unabridged)

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Item number NA685012
Barcode 9789626348505
Release date 11/1/2007
Category Childrens
Number of units 6
Classical Artist Wille, Clare
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1: Our Society 00:05:44 Wille, Clare
2 There were one or two consequences arising... 00:05:43 Wille, Clare
3 Captain Brown had taken a small house... 00:06:21 Wille, Clare
4 When the trays reappeared with biscuits and wine.. 00:04:28 Wille, Clare
5 Chapter 2: The Captain 00:04:24 Wille, Clare
6 Such was the state of things when I left Cranford. 00:04:29 Wille, Clare
7 My next visit to Cranford was in the summer. 00:06:09 Wille, Clare
8 That afternoon we perceived little groups in the s 00:06:23 Wille, Clare
9 Miss Pole, Miss Matty, and I, meanwhile... 00:05:45 Wille, Clare
10 We were both startled when Miss Jenkyns reappeared 00:05:44 Wille, Clare
11 Chapter 3: A Love Affair of Long Ago 00:06:49 Wille, Clare
12 However, it so fell out that Fanny had to leave... 00:07:43 Wille, Clare
13 And now I come to the love affair. 00:05:40 Wille, Clare
Disc: 2
1 Chapter 4: A Visit to an Old Bachelor 00:05:57 Wille, Clare
2 We had pudding before meat... 00:05:41 Wille, Clare
3 When we came back, nothing would serve him... 00:04:55 Wille, Clare
4 Soon after this I took my leave... 00:05:11 Wille, Clare
5 The next day Miss Pole brought us word that Mr. Ho 00:02:58 Wille, Clare
6 Chapter 5: Old Letters 00:05:45 Wille, Clare
7 Miss Matty undid the packet with a sigh... 00:05:55 Wille, Clare
8 There was a great gap before any of the rector’s l 00:07:18 Wille, Clare
9 I can’t quite remember the date... 00:05:16 Wille, Clare
10 Chapter 6: Poor Peter 00:05:22 Wille, Clare
11 Miss Matty drew herself up, and as soon as we were 00:05:56 Wille, Clare
12 Presently my mother went to my father. 00:05:21 Wille, Clare
13 ‘The next day Deborah was at home before I was mys 00:07:06 Wille, Clare
14 ‘Well, my dear, it’s very foolish of me...’ 00:06:15 Wille, Clare
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 7: Visiting 00:06:51 Wille, Clare
2 My prophetic soul foretold a visit that afternoon. 00:05:00 Wille, Clare
3 The spring evenings were getting bright and long.. 00:06:32 Wille, Clare
4 Presently the door was thrown wide open... 00:03:58 Wille, Clare
5 Chapter 8: Your Ladyship 00:05:52 Wille, Clare
6 In coming out of church, the first Sunday... 00:06:03 Wille, Clare
7 The expenditure on dress in Cranford.. 00:06:45 Wille, Clare
8 We were all very silent at first. 00:04:53 Wille, Clare
9 As a proof of how thoroughly we had forgotten… 00:05:47 Wille, Clare
10 Chapter 9: Signor Brunoni 00:04:51 Wille, Clare
11 Miss Pole was always the person... 00:07:09 Wille, Clare
12 The next evening we were all in a gentle flutter.. 00:05:15 Wille, Clare
13 But we had not time for more conversation... 00:05:27 Wille, Clare
Disc: 4
1 Chapter 10: The Panic 00:05:49 Wille, Clare
2 One afternoon, about five o’clock, we were startle 00:04:48 Wille, Clare
3 When Lady Glenmire came, we almost felt jealous of 00:05:27 Wille, Clare
4 Miss Pole was very much inclined to install hersel 00:05:53 Wille, Clare
5 But when the evening came... 00:04:42 Wille, Clare
6 Still this was no confession... 00:05:00 Wille, Clare
7 Chapter 11: Samuel Brown 00:05:11 Wille, Clare
8 Before Miss Pole left us, Miss Matty and I... 00:05:30 Wille, Clare
9 We were all of us far too full of the signor’s pre 00:04:46 Wille, Clare
10 ‘My father once made us,’ she began... 00:05:11 Wille, Clare
11 ‘Have you been in India?’ said I, rather astonishe 00:08:04 Wille, Clare
12 Chapter 12: Engaged to be Married 00:05:31 Wille, Clare
13 We were sitting – Miss Matty and I – much as usual 00:07:39 Wille, Clare
14 Mrs Forrester surprised us in our darned caps... 00:05:49 Wille, Clare
Disc: 5
1 Chapter 13: Stopped Payment 00:06:02 Wille, Clare
2 It was a very uncomfortable subject to me... 00:06:01 Wille, Clare
3 I never saw a man’s countenance fall so suddenly.. 00:05:24 Wille, Clare
4 We inspected the fashions... 00:03:56 Wille, Clare
5 We had neither of us much appetite for dinner... 00:05:44 Wille, Clare
6 Chapter 14: Friends in Need 00:05:45 Wille, Clare
7 I found Miss Matty very quiet, and not a little sa 00:04:34 Wille, Clare
8 Miss Matty had a few little peculiarities... 00:05:04 Wille, Clare
9 ‘Please ma’am,’ said Martha... 00:04:05 Wille, Clare
10 The next morning, very early, I received a note fr 00:06:44 Wille, Clare
11 When the ceremony had been gone through… 00:06:06 Wille, Clare
12 I am not going to weary you with the details... 00:06:45 Wille, Clare
Disc: 6
1 Chapter 15: A Happy Return 00:05:10 Wille, Clare
2 But to return to Miss Matty. 00:04:32 Wille, Clare
3 About a year after Miss Matty set up shop... 00:07:10 Wille, Clare
4 Martha was beginning to go about again.. 00:07:02 Wille, Clare
5 Long, long into the night far, far into the mornin 00:04:26 Wille, Clare
6 Chapter 16: Peace to Cranford 00:07:14 Wille, Clare
7 There had been some talk of establishing Martha an 00:05:24 Wille, Clare
8 When I got back to Miss Matty’s... 00:06:33 Wille, Clare
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