Grahame, K.: Wind in the Willows (The) (Abridged)

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Item number NA327712
Barcode 9789626342770
Release date 10/1/2002
Category Childrens
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
1 The River Bank 00:05:08 Jarvis, Martin
2 The Rat sculled smartly across and made fast 00:06:10 Jarvis, Martin
3 The Rat brought the boat alongside the bank 00:04:48 Jarvis, Martin
4 The afternoon sun was getting low 00:05:43 Jarvis, Martin
5 The Open Road 00:05:26 Jarvis, Martin
6 "I beg your pardon,"said the Rat slowly 00:05:17 Jarvis, Martin
7 After so much open air and excitement 00:04:52 Jarvis, Martin
8 The Toad never answered a word 00:05:06 Jarvis, Martin
9 The Wild Wood 00:04:17 Jarvis, Martin
10 Everything was very still now 00:06:14 Jarvis, Martin
11 It was already getting towards dusk 00:05:36 Jarvis, Martin
12 They were investigating one of the hummocky bits 00:06:39 Jarvis, Martin
Disc: 2
1 Mr Badger 00:04:24 Jarvis, Martin
2 When supper was really finished at last 00:03:23 Jarvis, Martin
3 In accordance with the kindly Badger's injunctions 00:04:48 Jarvis, Martin
4 After luncheon, accordingly 00:05:36 Jarvis, Martin
5 Mr Toad 00:08:48 Jarvis, Martin
6 They arranged watches accordingly 00:05:34 Jarvis, Martin
7 Meanwhile, Toad was walking briskly 00:05:36 Jarvis, Martin
8 Toad's Adventures 00:06:40 Jarvis, Martin
9 With a quaking heart, Toad set forth cautiously 00:04:23 Jarvis, Martin
10 They had covered many and many a mile 00:05:28 Jarvis, Martin
11 The Further Adventures of Toad 00:05:53 Jarvis, Martin
12 A long half-hour passed 00:03:35 Jarvis, Martin
Disc: 3
1 He had travelled some miles 00:04:12 Jarvis, Martin
2 When Toad had taken as much stew on board 00:05:19 Jarvis, Martin
3 Toad eagerly scrambled into the seat vacated by th 00:05:59 Jarvis, Martin
4 Like Summer Tempests Came His Tears 00:03:51 Jarvis, Martin
5 Now it was a very comforting point in Toad's chara 00:06:50 Jarvis, Martin
6 He went back, very crestfallen, and told the Water 00:04:17 Jarvis, Martin
7 They had just finished their meal 00:04:36 Jarvis, Martin
8 When the Badger had quite done 00:04:52 Jarvis, Martin
9 Toad slept till a late hour next morning 00:07:25 Jarvis, Martin
10 The Return of Ulysses 00:06:48 Jarvis, Martin
11 The affair was soon over 00:04:33 Jarvis, Martin
12 The following morning, Toad, who had overslept 00:09:12 Jarvis, Martin
13 Toad's Last Little Song 00:04:39 Jarvis, Martin
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