GRIMM: Fairy Tales, Vol. 2

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Item number NA230312S
Barcode 9789626343036
Release date 3/1/2004
Category Childrens
Number of units 2
Disc: 1
1 The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids 00:03:50 Paton, Laura
2 Soon afterwards the old goat came home again 00:03:09 Paton, Laura
3 The Pack of Ragamuffins 00:02:33 Paton, Laura
4 Late in the evening 00:02:24 Paton, Laura
5 Brother and Sister 00:04:29 Paton, Laura
6 For some time they were alone like this 00:04:46 Paton, Laura
7 But the wicked stepmother 00:02:02 Paton, Laura
8 But at midnight when all slept 00:02:45 Paton, Laura
9 The Three Spinners 00:02:21 Paton, Laura
10 When the girl was alone again 00:03:12 Paton, Laura
11 The Three Snake-Leaves 00:02:30 Paton, Laura
12 They lived now for a while 00:03:01 Paton, Laura
13 A change had however taken place 00:03:08 Paton, Laura
14 The Boots of Buffalo-Leather 00:02:46 Paton, Laura
15 Scarcely were they in the corner 00:02:52 Paton, Laura
16 At last when day came 00:02:24 Paton, Laura
17 Old Rinkrank 00:02:06 Paton, Laura
18 When she had living with him for many years 00:02:44 Paton, Laura
19 The Grave Mound 00:02:59 Paton, Laura
20 It seemed as if the rich man 00:02:12 Paton, Laura
21 All was quiet until midnight 00:03:45 Paton, Laura
Disc: 2
1 The Drummer 00:02:30 Paton, Laura
2 By daybreak the drummer arose 00:03:00 Paton, Laura
3 And now the poor drummer was standing before the m 00:02:59 Paton, Laura
4 The next morning when he had had his sleep 00:02:22 Paton, Laura
5 Next morning she said 'Yesterday it was too easy f 00:03:31 Paton, Laura
6 Then the king's daughter looked at the drummer 00:02:55 Paton, Laura
7 On the first day of the wedding ceremonies 00:02:41 Paton, Laura
8 On the third evening 00:02:01 Paton, Laura
9 The Master Thief 00:03:00 Paton, Laura
10 When he said that the stranger pulled off his coat 00:03:18 Paton, Laura
11 The master thief went to the nearest town 00:03:31 Paton, Laura
12 When day broke, the master galloped to the castle 00:02:29 Paton, Laura
13 What a long face the Count did pull 00:03:38 Paton, Laura
14 Next morning he went to the Count 00:01:21 Paton, Laura
15 The Hare and the Hedgehog 00:03:37 Paton, Laura
16 Hereupon the hedgehog departed 00:01:26 Paton, Laura
17 Then they reached the field 00:03:02 Paton, Laura
18 The Little Folks' Presents 00:02:41 Paton, Laura
19 The two travellers found an inn 00:03:25 Paton, Laura
20 Master Cobbler's Awl 00:04:10 Paton, Laura
21 One night Master Pfirem dreamed he was dead 00:03:49 Paton, Laura
22 The Three Sluggards 00:01:52 Paton, Laura
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