Gustavo Díaz-Jerez: Metaludios, Books 1-3

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Of his new release pianist Gustavo Díaz Jerez writes: “The Metaludios are relatively short works grouped in books of six pieces. In this release I present the first three, totaling eighteen pieces. This project started in 2013 but does not end here; the fourth book is almost finished and a fifth is on its way. The word Metaludio is derived from the prefix meta-, “beyond” and the suffix -ludio, from the Latin ludere, “to play”, “to exercise”. When coining this word, I tried to encompass these pieces beyond the usual preludes, interludes, etc. I have tried to give each Metaludio its own character, with distinguishing features that define its identity and differentiate it from the next. The titles give them away, sometimes because of the underlying scientific process, sometimes because of a mythological story behind, a tribute to a specific artist, or simply because of a sound resource that develops and grows in complexity.”
Item number IBS-182018
Barcode 8436556421600
Release date 1/18/2019
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
Disc: 1
Metaludios, Book 100:23:00
1 Metaludios, Book 1: No. 1, Izar iluna 00:04:04 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
2 Metaludios, Book 1: No. 2, Kenotaphion 00:01:44 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
3 Metaludios, Book 1: No. 3, Imaginary Continuum 00:02:28 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
4 Metaludios, Book 1: No. 4, Homenaje a Antonio Sole 00:05:07 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
5 Metaludios, Book 1: No. 5, Orahan 00:04:56 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
6 Metaludios, Book 1: No. 6, Stheno 00:06:41 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
Metaludios, Book 200:18:00
7 Metaludios, Book 2: No. 1, Quantum Foam 00:03:08 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
8 Metaludios, Book 2: No. 2, Succubus 00:04:23 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
9 Metaludios, Book 2: No. 3, Rule 110 00:02:22 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
10 Metaludios, Book 2: No. 4, Hommage à Hora?iu Radul 00:02:24 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
11 Metaludios, Book 2: No. 5, Étude pour les unisons 00:03:10 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
12 Metaludios, Book 2: No. 6, Sisyphus 00:04:53 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
Metaludios, Book 300:18:00
13 Metaludios, Book 3: No. 1, Prélude non mesuré 00:02:35 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
14 Metaludios, Book 3: No. 2, An Error Occurred 00:01:28 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
15 Metaludios, Book 3: No. 3, Eine Hommage an Brahms 00:03:56 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
16 Metaludios, Book 3: No. 4, Microsuite 00:05:18 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
17 Metaludios, Book 3: No. 5, Modular Form 00:02:11 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
18 Metaludios, Book 3: No. 6, Nonlinear Recurrences 00:04:41 Diaz-Jerez, Gustavo
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