Hardy: The Mayor of Casterbridge (Unabridged)

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Item number NAX36512
Barcode 9781843793656
Release date 8/2/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 10
Classical Artist Lesser, Anton
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1 00:04:20 Lesser, Anton
2 The wife mostly kept her eyes fixed ahead… 00:04:54 Lesser, Anton
3 A rather numerous company appeared within… 00:04:49 Lesser, Anton
4 The auctioneer selling the old horses in the field 00:04:57 Lesser, Anton
5 'Five shillings,' said someone, at which there was 00:04:35 Lesser, Anton
6 'Very well, she shall have the child…' 00:05:00 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 2: The morning sun was streaming through… 00:03:36 Lesser, Anton
8 This seemed to accord with his desire. 00:03:26 Lesser, Anton
9 'I, Michael Henchard, on this morning…' 00:02:39 Lesser, Anton
10 Chapter 3: The highroad into the village… 00:03:03 Lesser, Anton
11 'Why did we hinder our time by coming in here?' 00:03:20 Lesser, Anton
12 'She was here at that time,' resumed Mrs. Newson… 00:04:41 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 4: Henchard's wife acted for the best… 00:05:24 Lesser, Anton
14 The sailor, drowned or no, was probably now lost… 00:05:53 Lesser, Anton
15 The lamplights now glimmered through the engirdlin 00:05:17 Lesser, Anton
16 Chapter 5: A few score yards brought them to the s 00:02:40 Lesser, Anton
17 The interior of the hotel dining-room was spread o 00:04:06 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 2
1 Elizabeth-Jane had never been so much interested… 00:04:00 Lesser, Anton
2 The band now struck up another melody… 00:03:26 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 6: Now the group outside the window… 00:04:46 Lesser, Anton
4 As her mother did not reply Elizabeth-Jane's mind… 00:05:15 Lesser, Anton
5 Chapter 7: Elizabeth-Jane and her mother had arriv 00:04:49 Lesser, Anton
6 When she entered nobody was present but the young 00:04:17 Lesser, Anton
7 'You're wrong!' said the young man. 00:03:39 Lesser, Anton
8 Donald Farfrae was grateful – said he feared… 00:03:54 Lesser, Anton
9 Chapter 8: Thus they parted; and Elizabeth-Jane… 00:04:29 Lesser, Anton
10 Young Farfrae repeated the last verse. It was plai 00:04:18 Lesser, Anton
11 The silent landlord came and leant over the settle 00:03:22 Lesser, Anton
12 Though it was still early the young Scotchman expr 00:03:21 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 9: When Elizabeth-Jane opened the hinged c 00:04:12 Lesser, Anton
14 The discussion was continued during breakfast… 00:04:36 Lesser, Anton
15 Horses for sale were tied in rows… 00:05:39 Lesser, Anton
16 When the two new acquaintances had passed out of s 00:04:20 Lesser, Anton
17 Chapter 10: While she still sat under the Scotchma 00:05:07 Lesser, Anton
18 Henchard winced at the word 'father,' thus applied 00:04:45 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 11: The Ring at Casterbridge was merely th 00:05:03 Lesser, Anton
2 It was related that there still remained under the 00:04:32 Lesser, Anton
3 'We'll go away at once. I only came to see -' 00:03:33 Lesser, Anton
4 Chapter 12: On entering his own door after watchin 00:04:34 Lesser, Anton
5 Henchard paused a moment, threw himself back… 00:04:16 Lesser, Anton
6 Donald showed his deep concern at a complication… 00:03:58 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 13: The cottage which Michael Henchard hir 00:02:50 Lesser, Anton
8 Henchard's visits here grew so frequent and so reg 00:04:02 Lesser, Anton
9 Turning, he saw a circular disc reticulated with c 00:03:52 Lesser, Anton
10 Chapter 14: A Martinmas summer of Mrs. Henchard's 00:05:26 Lesser, Anton
11 The three members of the family were sitting at br 00:04:43 Lesser, Anton
12 Her quiet eye discerned that Henchard's tigerish a 00:05:21 Lesser, Anton
13 This situation began to be very awkward… 00:05:04 Lesser, Anton
14 Chapter 15: At first Miss Newson's budding beauty… 00:03:56 Lesser, Anton
15 It was about six o'clock; the men were dropping of 00:04:18 Lesser, Anton
16 Just at this time Farfrae, who had been to Henchar 00:03:20 Lesser, Anton
17 Morally he was; there could be no doubt of it. 00:04:04 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 4
1 Chapter 16: On this account Henchard's manner… 00:04:54 Lesser, Anton
2 The morning came. The sky, which had been remarkab 00:04:23 Lesser, Anton
3 All the town crowded to the Walk, such a delightfu 00:04:52 Lesser, Anton
4 Chapter 17: Elizabeth-Jane had perceived from Henc 00:04:07 Lesser, Anton
5 They parted, Farfrae returning into the dark… 00:03:54 Lesser, Anton
6 Henchard, who had been hurt at finding that Farfra 00:04:23 Lesser, Anton
7 So determined was he to do nothing… 00:03:43 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 18: There came a shock which had been fore 00:03:49 Lesser, Anton
9 The contingency that he had in his mind was… 00:04:12 Lesser, Anton
10 Some little time later on Farfrae was passing… 00:03:10 Lesser, Anton
11 Chapter 19: Henchard and Elizabeth sat conversing 00:04:04 Lesser, Anton
12 She tried to stand up and comfort him trustfully… 00:03:54 Lesser, Anton
13 Among the other papers had been placed the content 00:05:08 Lesser, Anton
14 This ironical sequence of things angered him… 00:05:09 Lesser, Anton
15 Chapter 20: Of all the enigmas which ever confront 00:04:22 Lesser, Anton
16 These domestic exhibitions were the small protrudi 00:04:25 Lesser, Anton
17 Thus she lived on, a dumb, deep-feeling, great-eye 00:03:32 Lesser, Anton
18 The stranger presently moved from the tombstone… 00:03:26 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 5
1 The morrow, being fairly fine, found Elizabeth-Jan 00:03:24 Lesser, Anton
2 Elizabeth-Jane looked wistfully at her questioner. 00:03:05 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 21: As a maxim glibly repeated from childh 00:04:58 Lesser, Anton
4 The position of the queer old door and the odd pre 00:04:09 Lesser, Anton
5 The day and the hour came; but a drizzling rain fe 00:03:48 Lesser, Anton
6 Elizabeth-Jane had been thinking of the door in th 00:03:43 Lesser, Anton
7 Chapter 22: We go back for a moment to the precedi 00:04:04 Lesser, Anton
8 He was in this interested stage of the inquiry… 00:04:26 Lesser, Anton
9 On Elizabeth-Jane's arrival she had been phlegmati 00:04:30 Lesser, Anton
10 It could not, however, have been broken in safer c 00:03:24 Lesser, Anton
11 Elizabeth replied vaguely, for an incident checked 00:03:09 Lesser, Anton
12 Lucetta looked blank, twitched up her lovely eyebr 00:03:56 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 23: A conjecture that her visitor might be 00:04:30 Lesser, Anton
14 'Where did ye come from, ma'am?' 00:03:19 Lesser, Anton
15 The fair without the windows was now raging thick… 00:05:23 Lesser, Anton
16 He looked anxiously at the farmer who was seeking 00:05:16 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 6
1 Chapter 24: Poor Elizabeth-Jane, little thinking… 00:04:45 Lesser, Anton
2 Elizabeth-Jane's bonnet and shawl were pitchforked 00:04:40 Lesser, Anton
3 In the silence which followed Farfrae appeared… 00:04:57 Lesser, Anton
4 It was all true as she had pictured - she could ha 00:05:07 Lesser, Anton
5 Chapter 25: The next phase of the supersession of 00:03:43 Lesser, Anton
6 'It is full early yet,' she said evasively. 00:03:43 Lesser, Anton
7 'That's the way the wind blows, is it?' he said at 00:04:29 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 26: It chanced that on a fine spring morni 00:04:24 Lesser, Anton
9 They sat stiffly side by side at the darkening tab 00:04:10 Lesser, Anton
10 That characters deteriorated in time of need… 00:04:57 Lesser, Anton
11 In a lonely hamlet a few miles from the town… 00:04:32 Lesser, Anton
12 'I've worked it out already, and you can know at o 00:05:29 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 27: It was the eve of harvest. 00:04:28 Lesser, Anton
14 However, according to the strict rule of the road… 00:04:16 Lesser, Anton
15 Candle-lights were flitting in and out of her bedr 00:05:19 Lesser, Anton
16 She sank into a chair, and turned pale. 00:05:16 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 7
1 Chapter 28: The next morning Henchard went to the 00:05:46 Lesser, Anton
2 But Henchard stared, and quite forgot what was evi 00:04:52 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 29: At this hour Lucetta was bounding alon 00:04:24 Lesser, Anton
4 They looked round for some shelter or hiding-place 00:03:17 Lesser, Anton
5 Henchard supporting Lucetta on one side… 00:04:41 Lesser, Anton
6 Henchard remained in thought. He had evidently not 00:03:21 Lesser, Anton
7 Henchard stood as if idiotized. She was so alarmed 00:02:47 Lesser, Anton
8 Chapter 30: Farfrae's words to his landlady… 00:04:06 Lesser, Anton
9 'I must go rather a long way back,' said Lucetta… 00:03:38 Lesser, Anton
10 Lucetta covered her eyes with her right hand… 00:03:58 Lesser, Anton
11 Chapter 31: The retort of the furmity-woman… 00:05:04 Lesser, Anton
12 'Well,' said the senior Commissioner, addressing H 00:05:12 Lesser, Anton
13 Chapter 32: Two bridges stood near the lower part 00:04:16 Lesser, Anton
14 To this bridge came Henchard, as other unfortunate 00:03:59 Lesser, Anton
15 'Ha, ha, true!' cried Henchard, throwing himself… 00:04:21 Lesser, Anton
16 The effect, either of her ministrations or of her 00:05:33 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 8
1 Chapter 33: At this date there prevailed in Caster 00:04:21 Lesser, Anton
2 Chancing to look out of the window at that moment… 00:04:44 Lesser, Anton
3 It was at this time that Elizabeth-Jane, having he 00:04:32 Lesser, Anton
4 'I beg your pardon, ma'am?' said Henchard… 00:04:43 Lesser, Anton
5 Chapter 34: Next morning, accordingly, she rose at 00:04:01 Lesser, Anton
6 'Yes, yes; so I've heard; and there's nothing to s 00:05:01 Lesser, Anton
7 Farfrae seemed seriously disposed to discuss this 00:04:12 Lesser, Anton
8 The next morning he went to the corn-yard as usual 00:03:11 Lesser, Anton
9 Farfrae, willing to humour Henchard, though quite 00:03:24 Lesser, Anton
10 Chapter 35: As Donald stated, Lucetta had retired 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
11 With this view she made a toilette which differed… 00:05:05 Lesser, Anton
12 Chapter 36: Returning from her appointment Lucetta 00:04:07 Lesser, Anton
13 His path was by the river-side at the foot of the 00:04:31 Lesser, Anton
14 Yet amid so much that was bad… 00:04:19 Lesser, Anton
15 'I might have had 'ee days afore that,' said the k 00:03:33 Lesser, Anton
16 The cry was repeated. They pushed the lantern… 00:04:39 Lesser, Anton
17 Chapter 37: Such was the state of things… 00:03:56 Lesser, Anton
18 The eventful morning was bright, a full-faced sun… 00:04:24 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 9
1 At length a man stationed at the furthest turn of 00:03:21 Lesser, Anton
2 In the crowd stood Coney, Buzzford, and Longways… 00:03:34 Lesser, Anton
3 Chapter 38: The proceedings had been brief - too b 00:04:59 Lesser, Anton
4 Farfrae came on with one hand in his pocket, and h 00:04:44 Lesser, Anton
5 By a whirl Henchard brought Donald dangerously nea 00:05:16 Lesser, Anton
6 Chapter 39: When Farfrae descended out of the loft 00:04:49 Lesser, Anton
7 Without waiting for Lucetta's reply she crossed qu 00:04:39 Lesser, Anton
8 'What can we two poor lammigers do against such a 00:05:47 Lesser, Anton
9 Chapter 40: Long before this time Henchard… 00:04:34 Lesser, Anton
10 The very agitation and abruptness of Henchard incr 00:03:45 Lesser, Anton
11 Jopp was just going to bed when Henchard got home. 00:04:36 Lesser, Anton
12 Chapter 41: Henchard went home. 00:03:04 Lesser, Anton
13 Henchard's face and eyes seemed to die. 00:04:10 Lesser, Anton
14 Henchard, without answering, shook his head… 00:04:19 Lesser, Anton
15 He returned to the house half expecting that she w 00:05:00 Lesser, Anton
16 Henchard, however, leaving the town by the east ro 00:02:42 Lesser, Anton
17 'I don't quite think there are any miracles nowada 00:03:51 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 10
1 Chapter 42: But the emotional conviction that he w 00:05:17 Lesser, Anton
2 But as a memory, notwithstanding such conditions… 00:04:42 Lesser, Anton
3 Time had been when such instinctive opposition… 00:04:24 Lesser, Anton
4 'Thank you for those new books, Mr. Farfrae,' she 00:03:17 Lesser, Anton
5 Chapter 43: What Henchard saw thus early… 00:03:54 Lesser, Anton
6 But what if he were mistaken in his views… 00:04:00 Lesser, Anton
7 The question of his remaining in Casterbridge was… 00:04:49 Lesser, Anton
8 He went on till he came to the first milestone… 00:04:11 Lesser, Anton
9 'Well, Captain Newson, I will be glad to see ye he 00:04:50 Lesser, Anton
10 Chapter 44: Meanwhile, the man of their talk… 00:04:17 Lesser, Anton
11 He intended to go on from this place - visited as 00:04:53 Lesser, Anton
12 The remembrance would continually revive in him… 00:04:32 Lesser, Anton
13 Henchard did not care to ride any further with his 00:04:18 Lesser, Anton
14 The gaiety jarred upon Henchard's spirits… 00:04:57 Lesser, Anton
15 Chapter 45: It was about a month after the day… 00:05:06 Lesser, Anton
16 This was enough to set Elizabeth thinking… 00:04:15 Lesser, Anton
17 His face showed marks of deep sadness, his eyes li 00:03:37 Lesser, Anton
18 'What are we to do?' said Donald… 00:03:38 Lesser, Anton
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