Heaven's Command: An Imperial Progress (Pax Britannica, Vol. 1) (Abridged)

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Barcode 9781843794677
Release date 4/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
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Booklet Author McMillan, Roy
Disc: 1
1 Introduction by Jan Morris 00:03:33 McMillan, Roy
2 Part 1 The Sentiment of Empire 1837–1850 00:07:00 McMillan, Roy
3 Far away Lord Auckland laboured… 00:05:44 McMillan, Roy
4 Though slavery had been so old an imperial practic 00:05:25 McMillan, Roy
5 At first the Royal Navy tried to end the traffic… 00:04:54 McMillan, Roy
6 So the first monuments of Queen Victoria's empire… 00:06:05 McMillan, Roy
7 The Boers of the Great Trek – The Voortrekkers… 00:06:01 McMillan, Roy
8 Retief was courteously received. 00:07:48 McMillan, Roy
9 They built the church they had vowed… 00:03:34 McMillan, Roy
10 On the dirt road west of Mirzapur on the Ganges… 00:06:01 McMillan, Roy
11 By western criminal standards these were motiveles 00:06:13 McMillan, Roy
12 The first big Victorian war was precipitated… 00:07:18 McMillan, Roy
13 The story of the war against the Afghans is full o 00:04:54 McMillan, Roy
14 At this climactic moment there arrived upon the sc 00:04:20 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 2
1 Even now the Afghans expected reprisals… 00:04:34 McMillan, Roy
2 By the end of the fifth day the last of the sepoys 00:04:34 McMillan, Roy
3 On the other side of the world, on a summer day… 00:06:41 McMillan, Roy
4 By the 1840s, nevertheless, there was pressure… 00:06:42 McMillan, Roy
5 Some of the white settlers were already quite urba 00:04:48 McMillan, Roy
6 A very different kind of society was established… 00:05:29 McMillan, Roy
7 Such were two of the Empire's white settlement col 00:04:02 McMillan, Roy
8 In the county of Cork in south-west Ireland… 00:07:07 McMillan, Roy
9 In the early 1840s, before the Famine… 00:07:21 McMillan, Roy
10 In the middle of it all O'Connell, aged and demora 00:04:13 McMillan, Roy
11 Never again would the British shirk their imperial 00:06:33 McMillan, Roy
12 Next the British power, with some false starts… 00:06:04 McMillan, Roy
13 All this in his thirties, at a time when the Briti 00:06:34 McMillan, Roy
14 Part 2 The Growing Conviction 1850–1870 00:02:48 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 3
1 The Crystal Palace was made entirely of glass and 00:05:43 McMillan, Roy
2 Many of the Empire's grandest monuments were railw 00:05:33 McMillan, Roy
3 Here is another memorable product of the imperial 00:04:58 McMillan, Roy
4 High above the Jumna River at Delhi… 00:06:21 McMillan, Roy
5 But it was not a national revolution at all… 00:06:11 McMillan, Roy
6 It was Sunday next day, May 10, 1857… 00:05:56 McMillan, Roy
7 This pathetic action was to enter the mythology of 00:06:34 McMillan, Roy
8 The other sacramental episode of the Indian Mutiny 00:06:57 McMillan, Roy
9 At the end of October word filtered in… 00:05:13 McMillan, Roy
10 In 1861, work began on the construction of a new h 00:07:26 McMillan, Roy
11 All over the Empire this trend towards the aloof… 00:05:08 McMillan, Roy
12 On September 16, 1864, the spa of Bath in Somerset 00:06:18 McMillan, Roy
13 The compelling fascination of the Nile had exerted 00:05:03 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 4
1 But Speke went back with a very different companio 00:06:27 McMillan, Roy
2 Livingstone, it seemed, did not in the least wish 00:06:53 McMillan, Roy
3 The conviction of Empire was increasingly reinforc 00:06:28 McMillan, Roy
4 When the Anglican Bishop of Jamaica visited his fl 00:06:03 McMillan, Roy
5 In Cape Town Bishop Robert Grey… 00:05:21 McMillan, Roy
6 These imperial disputes were comprehensible only t 00:03:50 McMillan, Roy
7 The British were now exporting to their dominions… 00:06:26 McMillan, Roy
8 The Metis were not forewarned of these development 00:06:34 McMillan, Roy
9 Trade was resumed. 00:05:01 McMillan, Roy
10 Wolseley was to talk about it for the rest of his 00:05:50 McMillan, Roy
11 Still the British as a nation were not conscious e 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
12 Until recently the Fijians had been polygamous can 00:04:10 McMillan, Roy
13 Part 3 The Imperial Obsession 1870–1897 00:05:13 McMillan, Roy
14 Disraeli adopted the imperial cause deliberately. 00:04:24 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 5
1 Disraeli did not of course invent imperialism… 00:06:11 McMillan, Roy
2 The profit motive, too, had subtly shifted its emp 00:03:37 McMillan, Roy
3 In Africa stood Ashanti-land. 00:06:34 McMillan, Roy
4 It was only in the 1870s… 00:05:30 McMillan, Roy
5 In the end the Ashanti broke… 00:04:54 McMillan, Roy
6 Behind the Army stood the Royal Navy. 00:06:00 McMillan, Roy
7 Disraeli, who became Prime Minister for the second 00:04:26 McMillan, Roy
8 The South African scene had changed… 00:07:16 McMillan, Roy
9 The fascination of the Zulu War… 00:05:47 McMillan, Roy
10 Eleven heroes of Rorke's Drift were awarded the Vi 00:03:05 McMillan, Roy
11 Except for the quiescent Orange Free State… 00:07:37 McMillan, Roy
12 Empire was race. 00:06:15 McMillan, Roy
13 Authority could not sanction the extermination of 00:07:02 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 6
1 Through all these years Ireland festered. 00:06:36 McMillan, Roy
2 Nobody was more shut off from the life of the coun 00:05:51 McMillan, Roy
3 This led to the most spectacular of all Parnell's… 00:05:12 McMillan, Roy
4 But in the same month as the presentation… 00:05:37 McMillan, Roy
5 The British repeatedly claimed… 00:06:03 McMillan, Roy
6 On February 18, 1884, he reached Khartoum. 00:05:21 McMillan, Roy
7 'Who,' asked Ruskin once… 00:04:48 McMillan, Roy
8 In the last week of December 1895… 00:06:15 McMillan, Roy
9 Empires were fashionable everywhere now. 00:05:21 McMillan, Roy
10 Rhodes was an enigma… 00:06:54 McMillan, Roy
11 The failure of the Jameson Raid was an omen… 00:06:14 McMillan, Roy
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