Histories (Unabridged)

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Herodotus’ Histories is considered to be the founding work of history in Western literature. The work was written in 440 BC in classical Greek. It records the ancient politics, geography, traditions, and cultures that flourished in Western Asia, Northern Africa and Greece during that time. Histories also serves as one of the primary accounts of the rise of the Persian Empire and the Greco-Persian wars. The work has been divided into nine books, named after the nine Muses of Greek mythology. The work in its entirety is presented on this 23-disc set. David Timson reads for this recording, and is accustomed to epics as he recently narrated The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire unabridged, which received critical acclaim.
Item number NA0225
Barcode 9781843799481
Release date 7/8/2016
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 23
Non-Classical Artist Timson, David
Disc: 1
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 The Histories of Herodotus 00:08:07 Timson, David
2 Now it happened that this Candaules was in love… 00:10:08 Timson, David
3 In this way he carried on the war with the Milesia 00:10:31 Timson, David
4 When all these conquests had been added… 00:10:09 Timson, David
5 Now it chanced that while he was making… 00:09:46 Timson, David
6 At the end of this time the grief of Croesus was… 00:09:32 Timson, David
7 Of all the answers that had reached him… 00:10:43 Timson, David
8 Such was the prophecy uttered under a divine… 00:08:17 Timson, David
Disc: 2
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 Such was the man's account of what he had seen. 00:08:31 Timson, David
2 Afterwards, on the refusal of Alyattes to give up 00:10:17 Timson, David
3 Thus the siege began. Meanwhile Croesus, thinking… 00:10:14 Timson, David
4 Then, the Lydians say that Croesus… 00:10:38 Timson, David
5 The Lydians have very nearly the same customs… 00:11:39 Timson, David
6 The distance from Lake Maeotis to the river Phasis 00:12:05 Timson, David
7 When the boy was in his tenth year… 00:13:02 Timson, David
Disc: 3
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 Afterwards, when Cyrus grew to manhood… 00:08:41 Timson, David
2 Thus after a reign of thirty-five years, Astyages… 00:10:53 Timson, David
3 Immediately after the conquest of Lydia… 00:10:02 Timson, David
4 These, then, were all the Aeolian cities… 00:10:45 Timson, David
5 Meanwhile Mazares, after he had recovered Pactyas… 00:11:41 Timson, David
6 The Caunians, in my judgment, are dwellers there… 00:08:25 Timson, David
7 The city is divided into two portions by the river 00:07:33 Timson, David
8 She gave orders for the hewing of immense blocks… 00:07:17 Timson, David
Disc: 4
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 Among many proofs which I shall bring forward… 00:08:32 Timson, David
2 The Babylonians have one most shameful custom. 00:08:34 Timson, David
3 Now concerning the matter in hand, my judgment… 00:10:20 Timson, David
4 Book Two: Euterpe 00:08:30 Timson, David
5 From Heliopolis to Thebes is nine days' sail… 00:10:27 Timson, David
6 My judgment as to the extent of Egypt is confirmed 00:10:20 Timson, David
7 No other information on this head could I obtain… 00:09:23 Timson, David
8 Concerning Egypt itself I shall extend my remarks… 00:09:27 Timson, David
Disc: 5
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 Such Egyptians as possess a temple of the Theban… 00:10:41 Timson, David
2 Almost all the names of the gods came into Greece… 00:10:44 Timson, David
3 At Heliopolis and Buto the assemblies… 00:12:06 Timson, David
4 In the neighbourhood of Thebes… 00:12:32 Timson, David
5 The Egyptians are averse to adopt Greek customs… 00:09:42 Timson, David
6 The former of these two cities… 00:10:03 Timson, David
7 The king then returned to his own land… 00:11:27 Timson, David
Disc: 6
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 In these places Homer shows himself acquainted… 00:11:10 Timson, David
2 When it came to the king's ears that the thief's b 00:10:13 Timson, David
3 After Chephren, Mycerinus (they said), son of… 00:09:46 Timson, David
4 He was succeeded on the throne… 00:11:14 Timson, David
5 It is open to all to receive whichever he may pref 00:12:32 Timson, David
6 I have already made mention more than once… 00:11:39 Timson, David
7 The cantons of the Calascirians are different… 00:11:01 Timson, David
Disc: 7
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 To the other temples of much note… 00:06:13 Timson, David
2 Book Three: Thalia 00:11:41 Timson, David
3 On the field where this battle was fought… 00:12:38 Timson, David
4 The Icthyophagoi on reaching this people… 00:11:38 Timson, David
5 And now Cambyses, who even before had not been… 00:10:43 Timson, David
6 Many other wild outrages of this sort did Cambyses 00:11:59 Timson, David
7 The Corinthians likewise very willingly lent… 00:11:09 Timson, David
Disc: 8
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 This was the first expedition into Asia… 00:10:21 Timson, David
2 At this time he said no more; but twenty days… 00:10:44 Timson, David
3 Otanes, when he saw Darius so hot… 00:10:05 Timson, David
4 And now when five days were gone… 00:10:05 Timson, David
5 And now, when the morning broke, the six Persians… 00:10:51 Timson, David
6 The way in which the Indians get the plentiful… 00:09:32 Timson, David
7 Now with respect to the vipers and the winged… 00:08:02 Timson, David
8 Of the seven Persians who rose up… 00:08:28 Timson, David
Disc: 9
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 Polycrates, however, making light of all the couns 00:10:54 Timson, David
2 On these terms Democedes applied his art… 00:09:11 Timson, David
3 Poor Syloson felt at the time that he had given… 00:10:09 Timson, David
4 After the armament of Otanes had set sail… 00:11:14 Timson, David
5 Book Four: Melpomene 00:09:39 Timson, David
6 Hereupon he strung one of his bows — up to that… 00:09:40 Timson, David
7 Crossing the Panticapes, and proceeding eastward… 00:08:29 Timson, David
8 To me it seems that the cold may likewise… 00:06:45 Timson, David
Disc: 10
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 The Persians inhabit a country upon the southern… 00:09:04 Timson, David
2 The Euxine sea, where Darius now went to war… 00:09:30 Timson, David
3 The sixth stream is the Hypacyris, a river rising… 00:10:01 Timson, David
4 Whenever the Scythian king falls sick… 00:11:21 Timson, David
5 Scylas, likewise, the son of Ariapithes… 00:09:47 Timson, David
6 The manner in which these distances… 00:09:01 Timson, David
7 I for my part neither put entire faith in this sto 00:08:57 Timson, David
8 The manners of the Androphagi are more savage… 00:07:52 Timson, David
Disc: 11
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 The Sauromatae speak the language of Scythia… 00:09:55 Timson, David
2 To this message Idanthyrsus, the Scythian king… 00:10:14 Timson, David
3 The Ionians now held a council. 00:10:20 Timson, David
4 Theras now, having with him a certain number… 00:09:11 Timson, David
5 Battus, you came to ask of your voice; but Phoebus 00:09:13 Timson, David
6 At Samos, meanwhile, Arcesilaüs was collecting… 00:08:55 Timson, David
7 On the country of the Nasamonians borders… 00:10:42 Timson, David
8 As far as the Atlantes the names of the nations… 00:09:05 Timson, David
Disc: 12
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 The Carthaginians also relate the following… 00:09:06 Timson, David
2 Book Five: Terpsichore 00:09:42 Timson, David
3 King Darius was full of wonder both at what they… 00:10:42 Timson, David
4 Now that the men of this family are Greeks, sprung 00:09:30 Timson, David
5 So Aristagoras went to Sardis and told Artaphernes 00:09:25 Timson, David
6 Now the Mytileneans had no sooner got Coës… 00:09:07 Timson, David
7 Cleomenes, however, was still king when Aristagora 00:09:15 Timson, David
8 When Aristagoras left Sparta he hastened to Athens 00:09:33 Timson, David
Disc: 13
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 By descent they were Pylians, of the family… 00:10:27 Timson, David
2 Meanwhile Cleomenes, who considered himself… 00:11:14 Timson, David
3 Such is the account given by the Athenians. 00:10:41 Timson, David
4 The Bacchiadae had possessed this oracle for some… 00:09:41 Timson, David
5 On the return of Hippias to Asia from Lacedaemon… 00:09:11 Timson, David
6 While Onesilus was engaged in the siege… 00:08:11 Timson, David
7 In the thick of the fight, Stesanor, tyrant… 00:08:45 Timson, David
8 Book Six: Erato 00:07:37 Timson, David
Disc: 14
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 Thus spake the Persians. The Ionian tyrants… 00:08:51 Timson, David
2 Such a fate now befell the Milesians… 00:07:39 Timson, David
3 Histiaeus now led a numerous army… 00:08:02 Timson, David
4 When he had finished carrying the wall across… 00:09:03 Timson, David
5 The year after these events, Darius received… 00:09:56 Timson, David
6 Such are their privileges in war… 00:09:05 Timson, David
7 In course of time Ariston died… 00:10:22 Timson, David
8 Afterwards, when it came to be known what evil… 00:12:13 Timson, David
Disc: 15
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 When however he reached that city… 00:09:22 Timson, David
2 Afterwards the Aeginetans fell upon the Athenian… 00:10:03 Timson, David
3 First he was chased as far as Imbrus… 00:08:59 Timson, David
4 Miltiades by these words gained Callimachus… 00:10:13 Timson, David
5 Now the Alcmaeonidae fell in no way short… 00:10:50 Timson, David
6 After the defeat inflicted at Marathon… 00:10:57 Timson, David
7 Book Seven: Polymnia 00:07:41 Timson, David
8 'Persians, I shall not be the first to bring in…' 00:06:38 Timson, David
Disc: 16
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 When Mardonius had in this way softened… 00:10:16 Timson, David
2 But when night came, again the same vision stood… 00:11:26 Timson, David
3 Now the manner in which they dug… 00:10:36 Timson, David
4 Then they, whose business it was… 00:10:17 Timson, David
5 Then Artabanus, the king's uncle… 00:10:20 Timson, David
6 On the next day the horsemen began the passage… 00:08:28 Timson, David
7 The Sarangians had dyed garments… 00:07:25 Timson, David
8 Such were the nations who fought upon the dry… 00:07:16 Timson, David
Disc: 17
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 (vi.) The Lycians furnished fifty ships. 00:07:53 Timson, David
2 'O king! Since you ask me by all means…' 00:09:33 Timson, David
3 The Satrae, so far as our knowledge goes… 00:10:49 Timson, David
4 On reaching Therma Xerxes halted his army… 00:09:39 Timson, David
5 This conduct on the part of the Spartans… 00:09:28 Timson, David
6 Themistocles had before this given a counsel which 00:09:36 Timson, David
7 For my own part I cannot positively say whether… 00:09:48 Timson, David
8 Hereupon Gelo, seeing the indignation… 00:10:00 Timson, David
Disc: 18
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 The Cretans, when the envoys sent to ask aid… 00:08:36 Timson, David
2 At Alpeni, which is lower down than that place… 00:10:25 Timson, David
3 The fleet then, as I said, on leaving Therma… 00:10:36 Timson, David
4 At the point where this city is built… 00:10:27 Timson, David
5 Then the Medes, having met so rough a reception… 00:09:22 Timson, David
6 The remembrance of this answer, I think… 00:10:45 Timson, David
7 Thus fought the Greeks at Thermopylae. 00:07:58 Timson, David
8 Book Eight: Urania 00:09:09 Timson, David
Disc: 19
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 The Greeks, at a signal, brought the sterns of… 00:09:01 Timson, David
2 And now Themistocles chose out the swiftest sailer 00:09:00 Timson, David
3 From Doris they marched forward into Phocis… 00:09:45 Timson, David
4 From the mainland of Greece beyond… 00:10:52 Timson, David
5 As soon as they had come, and before Eurybiades… 00:09:28 Timson, David
6 Reinforced by the contingents of all these various 00:09:32 Timson, David
7 'The Athenian commander has sent me to you…' 00:09:03 Timson, David
8 Far the greater number of the Persian ships… 00:08:33 Timson, David
Disc: 20
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 The Athenians say that Adeimantus, the Corinthian… 00:09:25 Timson, David
2 Thus did the king ask Artemisia's counsel… 00:10:01 Timson, David
3 At present, however, he dissembled… 00:08:19 Timson, David
4 The Persians, having journeyed through Thrace… 00:09:16 Timson, David
5 When this town had fallen, Artabazus pressed… 00:10:15 Timson, David
6 Mardonius, when he had read the answers given… 00:14:23 Timson, David
7 Book Nine: Calliope 00:07:58 Timson, David
8 At last the ambassadors got an answer… 00:07:44 Timson, David
Disc: 21
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 What follows was recounted to me by Thersander… 00:09:51 Timson, David
2 When the cavalry reached the camp… 00:10:01 Timson, David
3 All these, except the Helots — seven of whom… 00:08:29 Timson, David
4 With Mardonius also, who was very eager to begin… 00:08:41 Timson, David
5 After Mardonius had put his question about… 00:09:22 Timson, David
6 As soon as Pausanias saw a portion of the troops… 00:09:33 Timson, David
7 As Pausanias offered his prayer, the Tegeans… 00:08:28 Timson, David
8 On the side of the barbarians, the greatest courag 00:07:27 Timson, David
Disc: 22
Histories (Unabridged)27:28:42
1 There was a man at Plataea among the troops… 00:07:07 Timson, David
2 The Greeks, after sharing the booty upon the field 00:08:02 Timson, David
3 A strange thing happened to this man's father… 00:07:35 Timson, David
4 After Leotychides had made this address… 00:08:31 Timson, David
5 The barbarians who escaped from the battle… 00:08:52 Timson, David
6 Meanwhile the Greeks, who had left Mycale… 00:08:26 Timson, David
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