Homer: Iliad (The) (Unabridged)

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Release date 8/1/2006
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 13
Disc: 1
1 ‘Sing, Goddess, sing of the rage of Achilles, son 00:06:42 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Encouraged, the wise prophet then declared:’ 00:07:28 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘Glittery-eyed Athene then spoke in reply:’ 00:06:39 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Thus the pair of them continued arguing.’ 00:07:02 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘Thetis, shedding tears, answered her son, Achille 00:06:55 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘Thetis finished. Cloud gatherer Zeus did not resp 00:07:14 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Gods and warriors slept through the entire night. 00:06:26 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘So Nestor spoke. Then he began to make his way ba 00:06:27 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘So Athene spoke. Odysseus knew her from her voice 00:06:23 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘Son of Atreus, now the Achaeans wish to disgrace 00:05:55 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘Mighty Agamemnon then answered Nestor:’ 00:06:29 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Just as goatherds sort out with ease the wanderin 00:05:17 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 2
1 ‘From Salamis Ajax commanded twelve ships.’ 00:01:51 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Among these warriors, as they armed themselves... 00:05:50 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘Troops from Phylace, flowering Pyrasus, shrine of 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Men rushed to arm themselves. They opened up the 00:04:06 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘Once troops had formed in ranks under their own l 00:07:02 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘Achaeans and Trojans were elated, full of hope... 00:07:01 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Priam, the old man, saw a third figure, Ajax, and 00:05:15 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘Hear me, you Trojans, you well-armed Achaeans.’ 00:04:48 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘Then Aphrodite went to summon Helen.’ 00:05:03 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘The gods all sat assembled in the golden courtyar 00:06:33 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘Athena spoke and thus swayed his foolish wits.’ 00:06:27 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘At Talthybius’ words Machaon’s spirits were stirr 00:06:48 Lesser, Anton
13 ‘To these words Geranian horseman Nestor said:’ 00:07:07 Lesser, Anton
14 ‘As for the Trojans, they were like thousands of e 00:01:35 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 3
1 ‘Antilochus was the first to kill a man...’ 00:05:50 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Then Pallas Athene gave Diomedes, son of Tydeus.. 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘But his sharp arrow hadn’t killed Diomedes...’ 00:06:48 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Aeneas, leader of the Trojans, then replied:’ 00:06:21 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘Meanwhile, Sthenelus, son of Capaneus, did not fo 00:06:54 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘When they spoke, the father of gods and men smile 00:06:39 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Agamemnon spoke, then quickly hurled his spear.’ 00:07:09 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘Yes, Tlepolemus, Hercules did destroy sacred Ilio 00:06:41 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘Meanwhile, Aphrodite and Apollo, with his silver 00:06:49 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘Father Zeus, aren’t you incensed at this barbarit 00:02:20 Lesser, Anton
11 'Now the grim war between Trojans and Achaeans…' 00:06:34 Lesser, Anton
12 'Hector was convinced by his advice.' 00:06:57 Lesser, Anton
13 ‘Diomedes, skilled at war cries, rejoiced.’ 00:03:07 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 4
1 'Great Hector of the shining helmet then replied:' 00:05:53 Lesser, Anton
2 'Great Hector of the shining helmet answered Helen 00:06:19 Lesser, Anton
3 'With these words, glorious Hector stretched his h 00:04:07 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘After glorious Hector had talked with Paris...’ 00:06:31 Lesser, Anton
5 'Lord Menelaus, have you lost your mind?' 00:06:48 Lesser, Anton
6 'Even in Hector’s chest the heart beat rapidly.' 00:06:39 Lesser, Anton
7 'Wide-ruling Agamemnon, heroic son of Atreus…' 00:06:31 Lesser, Anton
8 'He came, stood in their midst, and delivered his 00:04:22 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘As Dawn first spread her yellow robe across the e 00:06:35 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘Diomedes’ words missed godlike, firm Odysseus...’ 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘Mighty Earthshaker Poseidon, very angry, answered 00:05:43 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Mighty son of Atreus, why urge me on?’ 00:05:35 Lesser, Anton
13 ‘White-armed Hera agreed with her.’ 00:06:37 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 5
1 ‘Now the sun’s bright light sank down into the oce 00:04:54 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Meanwhile, as the Trojans maintained their carefu 00:06:45 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘Mighty son of Atreus, Agamemnon, king of men...’ 00:06:44 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘With these words, lord Achilles conducted them in 00:06:59 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘Swift-footed Achilles then answered Odysseus:’ 00:07:38 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘Glorious Achilles, if your mind is really set on 00:05:47 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘I recall an old tale from long ago.’ 00:07:17 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘Swift-footed Achilles then said in reply:’ 00:04:36 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘By their ships, Achaea’s most important leaders.. 00:06:18 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘Geranian horseman Nestor then said in reply:’ 00:06:54 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘Then Diomedes, expert in war cries, spoke up:’ 00:07:13 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Hector spoke. He’d sworn an empty oath...’ 00:06:49 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 6
1 ‘Mighty Diomedes scowled at Dolon and said:’ 00:05:17 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘When the pair came to where they’d slaughtered He 00:03:16 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘As Dawn rose from her bed beside lord Tithonus... 00:05:51 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘The first to kill a man was Agamemnon.’ 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘Wind-swift Iris obeyed, going down from Ida to sa 00:06:34 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘Who were the first, who were the last men slaught 00:06:43 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Famous spearman Odysseus came up and made a stand 00:06:14 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘Hector did not notice Ajax, for he was fighting.. 00:06:58 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘Swift-footed Achilles then said in reply:’ 00:06:50 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘Now, there’s a certain city Thryoessa...’ 00:04:35 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘Later, when we’d had our fill of food and drink.. 00:04:26 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Thus, as Patroclus, Menoetius’ fine son, looked a 00:06:06 Lesser, Anton
13 ‘Other Trojans and their famous allies followed... 00:07:07 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 7
1 ‘Hector with his gleaming helmet scowled and said: 00:07:06 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Menestheus finished. Thoötes heard him and obeyed 00:07:39 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘Thus Zeus brought Hector and the Trojans to the s 00:05:52 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Shame on you Argives, nothing but young boys!’ 00:07:00 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘At that point, Poseidon, angry...’ 00:07:08 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘Like swift Ares, Meriones led the way...’ 00:06:10 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Idomeneus did not relent his fighting frenzy.’ 00:06:34 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘The close fighting over Ascalaphus continued.’ 00:05:53 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘Peisander doubled up and then collapsed.’ 00:06:41 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘The arrows drained the Trojans’ fighting spirit.’ 00:07:00 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘As Nestor sat drinking wine, listening to the noi 00:06:37 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Agamemnon, king of men, replied:’ 00:03:10 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 8
1 ‘As this was happening, on a peak of mount Olympus 00:06:52 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Ox-eyed queen Hera then answered him:’ 00:05:29 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘Sweet Sleep rushed to the Achaean ships, to infor 00:07:01 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Ajax shouted this, knowing very well the man he’d 00:03:08 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘Trojans, in full retreat, passed the wall and dit 00:07:00 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘Striking his sturdy thighs with the flat of his h 00:06:43 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Cloud-gatherer Zeus then spoke to Apollo:’ 00:06:01 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘But when Apollo stared directly at the swift Dana 00:06:36 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘Hector threw his bright spear at Ajax, but missed 00:05:41 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘Apollo would not let Panthoös’ son be killed...’ 00:06:44 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘But Hector killed only one man – Periphetes of My 00:06:13 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘While the men kept on fighting at the well-decked 00:06:02 Lesser, Anton
13 ‘As these two were talking on like this together.. 00:04:09 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 9
1 ‘Achilles had brought fifty ships to Troy...’ 00:05:33 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘The armed warriors who went with brave Patroclus. 00:05:24 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘Idomeneus’ pitiless bronze then struck Erymas...’ 00:06:09 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Ox-eyed queen Hera then replied to Zeus:’ 00:06:26 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘Glaucus finished. Trojans were completely overwhe 00:06:30 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘As Zeus pondered, he thought the best plan would 00:06:27 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘This said, Patroclus rushed at warrior Cebriones. 00:07:30 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘In that battle, warlike Menelaus, son of Atreus.. 00:06:53 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘As Menelaus thought these matters over in his min 00:06:14 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘The son of Cronos spoke, then nodded his dark bro 00:07:06 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘Right then war-loving Achaeans would have driven. 00:06:22 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Men talked like this to strengthen their companio 00:05:10 Lesser, Anton
13 ‘Saying this, Automedon hefted his long-shadowed s 00:02:26 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 10
1 ‘Menelaus, expert in war shouts, answered her:’ 00:08:13 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Menelaus finished speaking.’ 00:03:56 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘As the men fought on like a blazing fire raging.. 00:06:01 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Through her tears, Thetis then answered Achilles: 00:06:18 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘With these words, swift-footed Iris went away.’ 00:06:28 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘Hector spoke. The Trojans roared out in response. 00:06:25 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Huge god Hephaestus got up from the anvil block.. 00:05:18 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘Then the people gathered in the assembly...’ 00:07:38 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘When Dawn in her yellow robe rose from Ocean’s st 00:05:23 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘My friends, Danaan warriors, companions of the wa 00:06:34 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘Agamemnon, king of men, answered Odysseus:’ 00:05:41 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Saying this, Achilles quickly ended the assembly. 00:05:03 Lesser, Anton
13 ‘Achaeans then came swarming out from their fast s 00:04:36 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 11
1 ‘Then, son of Peleus, Achaeans armed themselves... 00:06:37 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Apollo, son of Zeus, then said to Aeneas:’ 00:06:07 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘Aeneas then said in response:’ 00:06:32 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Ox-eyed queen Hera then said to Poseidon:’ 00:06:46 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘When Hector saw his brother Polydorus there...’ 00:05:56 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘When the Trojans reached the ford across the Xant 00:07:14 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Achilles finished. Then Lycaon’s knees gave way.. 00:05:21 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘Saying this, he pulled his bronze spear from the 00:06:04 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘With these words, the two gods went away.’ 00:04:57 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘White-armed goddess Hera, as soon as she’d heard 00:06:58 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘With these words, Hera caught both arms of Artemi 00:03:29 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Still in a rage, Achilles chased them with his sp 00:04:28 Lesser, Anton
13 ‘At this point, the Trojans, having fled like deer 00:05:10 Lesser, Anton
14 ‘As the old man spoke, his hands tugged his grey h 00:03:36 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 12
1 ‘That’s what Hector thought as he stood there wait 00:07:10 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Then Hector of the shining helmet answered her:’ 00:05:26 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘Hector finished speaking. He pulled out his sharp 00:06:09 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Achilles finished. Then on noble Hector’s corpse. 00:05:56 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘When she recovered and her spirit had returned to 00:03:16 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘Meanwhile, as Trojans were lamenting in the city. 00:06:46 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Swift-footed Achilles then said in reply:’ 00:06:46 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘After saying this, Iris left.’ 00:06:39 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘Antilochus, you may still be quite young...’ 00:06:20 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘Behind him came Atreus’ son, fair-haired Menelaus 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘As Achilles spoke, Tydeus’ son came charging in.. 00:07:02 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Saying this, Menelaus gave the mare to Noëmon...’ 00:06:02 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 13
1 ‘For the Danaans, Peleus’ son then set out a displ 00:06:00 Lesser, Anton
2 ‘Antilochus finished speaking.’ 00:04:20 Lesser, Anton
3 ‘Achilles finished speaking.’ 00:02:32 Lesser, Anton
4 ‘Once the funeral gathering broke up, the men disp 00:05:55 Lesser, Anton
5 ‘Silver-footed Thetis then said in reply:’ 00:06:58 Lesser, Anton
6 ‘My lady, a messenger has come to me from Zeus...’ 00:04:49 Lesser, Anton
7 ‘Priam finished.’ 00:05:17 Lesser, Anton
8 ‘Hermes the Guide, killer of Argus, hearing Zeus.. 00:06:58 Lesser, Anton
9 ‘With these words, Hermes jumped up in the chariot 00:04:52 Lesser, Anton
10 ‘Priam finished. His words roused in Achilles a de 00:06:38 Lesser, Anton
11 ‘Godlike Achilles spoke, then went back once more. 00:06:23 Lesser, Anton
12 ‘Hermes spoke. At his words, the old man grew afra 00:08:32 Lesser, Anton
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