I Will Bless the Lord at All Times

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Twenty-four of the most widely sung psalm settings for the church year adapted using the texts of the Revised Grail Psalter by two of the most notable composers in sacred music today. Marty Haugen and David Haas have combined forces to retrofit some of their most beloved psalm settings from the Psalms for the Church Year series with the new Grail Psalter texts. The refrains are now faithful to the wording from the Lectionary for Mass and each of the 24 psalms in this collection now employ the precise translations from the Revised Grail Psalter. The verses on a number of the psalms have been arranged to offer performance options as either an accompanied melodic line or as a chanted psalm tone. These new arrangements are true to the new texts while still honoring the beautiful melodies of the original settings.
Item number GIA CD-862
Barcode 785147086222
Release date 1/1/2011
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Arranger Haugen, Marty
Classical Artist Haas, David
Disc: 1
To You, O Lord (Psalm 25)00:03:00
1 Psalm 25 "To You, O Lord" 00:02:44 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Let Us See Your Kindness (Psalm 85)00:03:00
2 Psalm 85 "Let Us See Your Kindness" 00:02:49 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
All the Ends of the Earth (Psalm 98)00:02:00
3 Psalm 98 "All the Ends of the Earth" 00:03:21 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Every Nation on Earth Will Adore You (Psalm 72)00:02:00
4 Psalm 72 "Every Nation On Earth Will Adore You" 00:03:41 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Be Merciful, O Lord (Psalm 51)00:03:00
5 Psalm 51 "Be Merciful, O Lord" 00:03:41 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Be with Me (Psalm 91)00:03:00
6 Psalm 91 "Be With Me" 00:03:03 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
With the Lord, There Is Mercy (Psalm 130)00:02:00
7 Psalm 130 "With the Lord, There Is Mercy" 00:02:50 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
My God, My God (Psalm 22)00:02:00
8 Psalm 22 "My God, My God" 00:03:01 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Our Blessing Cup (Psalm 116)00:03:00
9 Psalm 116 "Our Blessing Cup" 00:02:29 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
I Put My Life in Your Hands (Psalm 31)00:02:00
10 Psalm 31 "IPut My Life in Your Hands" 00:03:12 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
His Love Is Everlasting (Psalm 136)00:02:00
11 Psalm 136 "His Love Is Everlasting" 00:02:37 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Let All the Earth (Psalm 66)00:03:00
12 Psalm 66 "Let All the Earth" 00:03:25 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Let Us Rejoice (Psalm 118)00:02:00
13 Psalm 118 "Let Us Rejoice" 00:02:36 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
God Mounts His Throne (Psalm 47)00:02:00
14 Psalm 47 "God Mounts His Throne" 00:02:04 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit (Psalm 104)00:02:00
15 Psalm 104 "Lord, Send Out Your Spirit" 00:02:27 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Lord, You Have the Words (Psalm 19)00:02:00
16 Psalm 19 "Lord, You Have the Words" 00:02:35 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
The Lord Is My Light (Psalm 27)00:03:00
17 Psalm 27 "The Lord Is My Light" 00:02:25 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Psalm 34, "I Will Bless the Lord at All Times"00:04:00
18 Psalm 34 "I Will Bless the Lord at All Times" 00:03:57 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Psalm 63, "My Soul Is Thirsting"00:04:00
19 Psalm 63 "My Soul Is Thirsting" 00:03:45 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
If Today You Hear His Voice (Psalm 95)00:03:00
20 Psalm 95 "If Today You Hear His Voice" 00:03:41 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
We Are His People (Psalm 100)00:05:00
21 Psalm 100 "We Are HisPeople" 00:03:30 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (Psalm 103)00:02:00
22 Psalm 103 "The Lord Is Kind and Merciful" (El Seno 00:03:42 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
I Will Praise Your Name (Psalm 145)00:03:00
23 Psalm 145 "I WillPraise Your Name" 00:04:01 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
Let Us Go Rejoicing (Psalm 122)00:03:00
24 Psalm 122 "Let Us Go Rejoicing" 00:04:56 Haugen, Marty Haas, David
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