Inequality Among Men (Unabridged)

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Rousseau's Discourse sets out to explore the origin of inequality among people, a journey that sees him trace the evolution of humans from the savage man to the foundations of civil society. With verve and passion, the philosopher argues that the birth of private property was the 'beginning of evil'. Throughout the book we are lead to consider the development of language, reason, self-preservation, benevolence, pity and law - all through the lens of perhaps the most original thinker of the 18th c. Neville Jason trained at RADA, where he was awarded the diction prize by Sir John Gielgud. He has been a member of the BBC Radio Drama Company three times, and may be heard in radio plays, documentaries and arts programs. For Naxos AudioBooks his readings include War and Peace, The Once and Future King, Evgenii Onegin and Remembrance of Things Past, both unabridged and abridged.
Item number NA0205
Barcode 9781843799047
Release date 9/1/2015
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 5
Classical Artist Jason, Neville
Disc: 1
Inequality Among Men (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Discourse on the Origin… 00:08:46 Jason, Neville
2 I would have wanted to choose for myself… 00:06:17 Jason, Neville
3 'My dear fellow citizens…' 00:08:37 Jason, Neville
4 Such are, magnificent and most honourable… 00:09:20 Jason, Neville
5 Preface 00:09:52 Jason, Neville
6 Since we have such a small understanding… 00:08:03 Jason, Neville
7 Question proposed by the Academy of Dijon 00:08:37 Jason, Neville
8 First Part 00:06:03 Jason, Neville
9 Hobbes maintains that man is naturally bold… 00:06:21 Jason, Neville
10 As far as sicknesses are concerned… 00:04:43 Jason, Neville
Disc: 2
Inequality Among Men (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 So let us be careful about confusing savage man… 00:07:21 Jason, Neville
2 Every animal has ideas, because it has senses. 00:08:57 Jason, Neville
3 The more one thinks about this subject… 00:09:07 Jason, Neville
4 Suppose we have overcome this first difficulty. 00:08:29 Jason, Neville
5 But when, by methods which I do not … 00:06:24 Jason, Neville
6 At first it seems that since men in this state… 00:08:06 Jason, Neville
7 That is what the pure movement of nature is like… 00:07:51 Jason, Neville
8 Among the passions which disturb man's heart… 00:08:59 Jason, Neville
9 In fact, it is easy to see that among… 00:07:52 Jason, Neville
Disc: 3
Inequality Among Men (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Second Part 00:08:25 Jason, Neville
2 It is easy to understand that this sort of… 00:05:50 Jason, Neville
3 Everything begins to change how it looked. 00:07:15 Jason, Neville
4 As long as men were content with… 00:08:05 Jason, Neville
5 Once things were in this state… 00:07:56 Jason, Neville
6 It is impossible that men would not finally… 00:08:10 Jason, Neville
7 I know that several people have provided… 00:09:36 Jason, Neville
8 As for paternal authority… 00:08:13 Jason, Neville
9 Without entering today into investigations… 00:08:35 Jason, Neville
Disc: 4
Inequality Among Men (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 If we follow the progress of inequality… 00:07:10 Jason, Neville
2 But these details alone would be material… 00:06:16 Jason, Neville
3 In this way, by discovering and following… 00:08:08 Jason, Neville
4 Rousseau's Notes 00:01:44 Jason, Neville
5 Note 2: From the very beginning… 00:02:08 Jason, Neville
6 Note 3: The changes which a long habit… 00:06:25 Jason, Neville
7 Note 4: If among my readers… 00:03:10 Jason, Neville
8 Note 5: Among quadrupeds… 00:02:18 Jason, Neville
9 Note 6: All forms of knowledge… 00:06:19 Jason, Neville
10 Note 7: 'The length of life of horses,'… 00:00:55 Jason, Neville
11 Note 8: I believe I see another difference… 00:02:16 Jason, Neville
12 Note 9: A famous author… 00:09:19 Jason, Neville
13 I will not repeat here what I have said elsewhere… 00:06:12 Jason, Neville
14 Luxury, which is impossible to guard against… 00:08:42 Jason, Neville
Disc: 5
Inequality Among Men (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Note 10: Among the men we know… 00:09:24 Jason, Neville
2 The third volume of the same Histoire des… 00:07:04 Jason, Neville
3 During the three or four hundred years… 00:08:45 Jason, Neville
4 Note 11: This appears to me to be… 00:00:57 Jason, Neville
5 Note 12: In Locke's Civil Government… 00:04:48 Jason, Neville
6 The same love of truth… 00:09:43 Jason, Neville
7 Note 13: I will take good care… 00:01:32 Jason, Neville
8 Note 14: In demonstrating how much… 00:02:32 Jason, Neville
9 Note 15: We must not confuse vain… 00:02:27 Jason, Neville
10 Note 16: It is extremely remarkable… 00:07:05 Jason, Neville
11 Note 17: One could make an objection… 00:01:16 Jason, Neville
12 Note 18: Marshal de V*** used to tell… 00:00:44 Jason, Neville
13 Note 19: Distributive justice would still… 00:02:52 Jason, Neville
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