Istanbul: Between Orient and Occident

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Istanbul is the interface between orient and occident. The noises and urban sounds in connection with Turkish, Armenian, Kurdish and Macedonian songs as well as nomad chants belong to the culture of Istanbul like the centuries old architecture in the city. Some notable artists featured on this album include Volkan Yilmaz, who was born in Istanbul and studied at the Istanbul Conservatory under Fuat Tukelman and Salih Bilgin and began his career as a soloist at the radio station Istanbul TRT, Gulay Diri, who was born in Southern Turkey where semi-nomadic people continue their lifestyle and she was influenced by their folk music, and Muammer Ketencoglu, who is an internationally renowned musician and one of the foremost Turkish artists performing today. These are folk songs, modern compositions, nomadic chants, and improvisations, all brought together to paint an aural portrait of this ancient city.
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Barcode 025091024926
Release date 8/24/2018
Category World
Number of units 1
Non-Classical Artist Halili, Serkan Mesut
Ketencoglu, Muammer
Disc: 1
Doguya Seyahat (Journey to the East) (Improvisatio00:03:30
1 Doguya Seyahat 00:03:30 Yilmaz, Volkan
Tamu Daleku00:05:00
2 Tamu Daleku 00:05:06 Ketencoglu, Muammer Saraç, Sule Kocaman Uzuntas, Selda Koçak
Haliç'te (At Golden Horn)00:02:39
3 Haliç'te 00:02:39 Unknown Artist
Aman Beni Ihtiyara Verdiler (Oh, I Have to Marry a00:02:00
4 Aman Beni Ihtiyara Verdiler 00:01:50 Diri, Gülay Diri, Gülay
Rast Medhal00:02:03
5 Rast Medhal 00:02:03 Yilmaz, Volkan Halili, Serkan Mesut
Nikriz Sirto00:01:56
6 Nikriz Sirto 00:01:56 Halili, Sercan Halili, Serkan Mesut Kanat, Erkan
Pazar Günü Pazari (Street Market on Sunday)00:00:43
7 Pazar Günü Pazari 00:00:43 Unknown Artist
Ussak Taksim00:02:46
8 Ussak Taksim 00:02:46 Kabaci, Sükrü
Ey Bostanci Bir Bostan Ver (Gardener, Give Me a Wa00:03:00
9 Ey Bostanci Bir Bostan Ver 00:03:18 Halili, Sercan Kanat, Erkan Uslu, Erhan Uslu, Erhan
Nadikver'in Tepesi (The Hill of Nadikver)00:03:00
10 Nadikver'in Tepesi 00:03:11 Kolivar, Aysenur Yasar, Kenan Yasar, Kenan
Senoz Kaydesi: Açarum Sandugumi (Song from Senoz: 00:01:00
11 Açarum Sandugumi / Senoz Kaydesi 00:01:28 Kolivar, Aysenur
Odar Amayi (Foreign Deserted Roads)00:06:00
12 Odar Amayi 00:05:32 Ketencoglu, Muammer Kalatas, Susan
Üsküdar'a Gider Iken00:02:45
13 Üsküdar'a Gider Iken 00:02:45 Halili, Sercan Halili, Serkan Mesut
14 Delel 00:02:03 Bedevi, Sakir
Bülbülüm Altin Kafeste (Nightingale in a Golden Ca00:02:00
15 Bülbülüm Altin Kafeste 00:03:35 Halili, Sercan Halili, Serkan Mesut
Gemilerde Talim Var (Recebim)00:02:00
16 Gemilerde Talim Var (Recebim) 00:02:29 Halili, Serkan Mesut Kanat, Erkan Uslu, Erhan Katilmis, Findik Buse
Güzel Kasap (Butcher's Beautiful Dance)00:04:09
17 Güzel Kasap 00:04:09 Çiracioglu, Aydin
Ah Istanbul Sen Bir Han Misin? (Oh Istanbul, Are Y00:04:56
18 Ah Istanbul Sen Bir Han Misin? 00:04:56 Özatalay, Tuba Sengüller, Emrullah
Rast Sarki: Yine Bir Gülnihal (Rast Song: Yet Agai00:02:05
19 Rast Sarki: Yine Bir Gülnihal 00:02:05 Halili, Sercan Halili, Serkan Mesut Kanat, Erkan
Hüseyni Taksim00:02:36
20 Hüseyni Taksim 00:02:36 Kabaci, Sükrü
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