Italian Contemporary Music for Harpsichord

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This program presents a comprehensive overview of works by contemporary Italian composers played on the harpsichord, collected by Luca Quintavalle. Included are pieces for harpsichord already composed but not yet recorded (Morricone, Fedele, Solbiati, Nova, Galante, Cacciatore, Maestri, Di Cecca), arrangements for harpsichord by the artist, with the consent of the composer (Vacchi, Francesconi, Filidei, Lanza, Solbiati, Gervasoni) and completely new pieces written for the artist (Vacchi, Colombo Taccani, Palumbo, Baboni, Schilingi, Montalti, Capogrosso). It is fascinating to witness the experiments of contemporary composers when writing for the harpsichord, this “ancient” instrument, nowadays mostly used for Renaissance/Baroque music, but proving to be an endless source of unheard-of sounds and timbres, affects and sonorities. Luca Quintavalle is one of the most remarkable keyboard players of the moment. He has collaborated as a soloist with orchestras such as Concerto Köln, Les Talens Lyriques, Balthasar-Neumann-Ensemble, Cappella Gabetta, Il Canto d’Orfeo, Harmonie Universelle, Divino Sospiro, Il Pomo d’Oro, Capella Augustina, La Folia Barockorchester, Kölner Kammerorchester, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande and WDR Sinfonieorchester. His first solo recording of Jean-Baptiste Barrie`re’s and Bernard de Bury's harpsichord music by the label Brilliant Classics was chosen as “Recording of the month” from MusicWeb International and got really positive reviews (“a great deal of excellent playing by Luca Quintavalle; enjoyable listening, which may be unreservedly recommended.” Early Music-Oxford Journal; “I don't expect this recording to be surpassed” American Record Guide. Recently he recorded the Piano Sonatas by Anton Eberl for Brilliant Classics, to great critical acclaim.
Item number BRI96408
Barcode 5028421964089
Release date 11/19/2021
Category Classical Music
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Quintavalle, Luca
Classical Composer Montalti, Vittorio
Disc: 1
Preludio e Filastrocca00:06:00
1 Preludio 00:02:32 Quintavalle, Luca
2 Filastrocca 00:03:11 Quintavalle, Luca
3 Mordenti 00:06:56 Quintavalle, Luca
4 Toccatina 00:04:42 Quintavalle, Luca
Quando il passato era ancora presente00:05:00
5 Quando il passato era ancora presente 00:04:26 Quintavalle, Luca
6 Neumi 00:06:23 Quintavalle, Luca
Suite francese00:12:00
7 I. Preludio 00:03:45 Quintavalle, Luca
8 II. Aria 00:03:31 Quintavalle, Luca
9 III. Toccata 00:04:05 Quintavalle, Luca
Petit Ordre00:14:00
10 L'astrolabe 00:04:01 Quintavalle, Luca
11 L'africaine 00:02:54 Quintavalle, Luca
12 Air Tendre 00:02:46 Quintavalle, Luca
13 Ciel du nord 00:03:55 Quintavalle, Luca
11 Variazioni per Ruggero00:16:00
14 Variation 1: Sereno, rituale 00:01:11 Quintavalle, Luca
15 Variation 2: Con slancio e ritmo 00:01:02 Quintavalle, Luca
16 Variation 3: Oscuro, meccanico 00:01:18 Quintavalle, Luca
17 Variation 4: Grandioso 00:01:33 Quintavalle, Luca
18 Variation 5: Incalzante 00:01:28 Quintavalle, Luca
19 Variation 6: Danza 00:01:37 Quintavalle, Luca
20 Variation 7: Fluido 00:01:26 Quintavalle, Luca
21 Variation 8: Lontano 00:02:17 Quintavalle, Luca
22 Variation 9: Presto 00:01:51 Quintavalle, Luca
23 Variation 10: Dolce 00:01:19 Quintavalle, Luca
24 Variation 11: 6 variazioni sul Ruggiero 00:01:52 Quintavalle, Luca
Mambo (version for harpsichord)00:09:00
25 Mambo (version for harpsichord) 00:08:49 Quintavalle, Luca
Rumbling gears00:07:00
26 Rumbling gears 00:06:29 Quintavalle, Luca
27 Ricercare per clavicembalo 00:06:01 Quintavalle, Luca
Blues (version for harpsichord)00:03:00
28 Blues (version for harpsichord) 00:03:20 Quintavalle, Luca
Giannizzeri e Gendarmi00:10:00
29 I. Agitato 00:01:00 Quintavalle, Luca
30 II. Ansioso, flessibile, non troppo lento 00:00:46 Quintavalle, Luca
31 III. Austero 00:00:54 Quintavalle, Luca
32 IV. Ostile, umorale 00:00:30 Quintavalle, Luca
33 V. Ampio 00:01:15 Quintavalle, Luca
34 VI. Agile, elastic 00:00:49 Quintavalle, Luca
35 VII. Sereno 00:01:18 Quintavalle, Luca
3 Post per Scarlatti (version for harpsichord)00:09:00
36 No. 1. Sonata 00:02:53 Quintavalle, Luca
37 No. 2. Notturno 00:03:45 Quintavalle, Luca
38 No. 3. Presto volando 00:02:25 Quintavalle, Luca
Chop Suey (version for harpsichord)00:03:00
39 Chop Suey (version for harpsichord) 00:02:47 Quintavalle, Luca
40 Speaking 00:11:06 Quintavalle, Luca
Techno Scene (version for harpsichord)00:05:00
41 Techno Scene (version for harpsichord) 00:04:39 Quintavalle, Luca
Short Stories00:08:00
42 No. 1. — 00:00:26 Quintavalle, Luca Montalti, Vittorio
43 No. 2. — 00:00:49 Quintavalle, Luca Montalti, Vittorio
44 No. 3. — 00:01:00 Quintavalle, Luca Montalti, Vittorio
45 No. 4. — 00:01:57 Quintavalle, Luca Montalti, Vittorio
46 No. 5. — 00:02:07 Quintavalle, Luca Montalti, Vittorio
Suite préliminaire00:16:00
47 I. Pré ludique (arr. of Prés, Book 1: No. 1. Pré l 00:01:55 Quintavalle, Luca
48 II. Précieux (arr. of Prés, Book 2: No. 1. Précieu 00:01:07 Quintavalle, Luca
49 III. Prétérit (arr. of Prés, Book 3: No. 1. Prétér 00:01:12 Quintavalle, Luca
50 IV. Perniceux (arr. of Prés, Book 2: No. 3. Pernic 00:01:31 Quintavalle, Luca
51 V. Prétentieux (arr. of Prés, Book 2: No. 2. Préte 00:01:08 Quintavalle, Luca
52 VI. Prémices (arr. of Prés, Book 1: No. 6. Prémice 00:02:20 Quintavalle, Luca
53 VII. Prédicatif (arr. of Prés, Book 3: No. 5. Préd 00:04:37 Quintavalle, Luca
Scarlet 141 (after D. Scarlatti's Keyboard Sonata 00:07:00
54 Scarlet 141 (after D. Scarlatti's Keyboard Sonata 00:07:39 Quintavalle, Luca Schilingi, Jacopo Baboni
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