Jones & Schmidt: Hidden Treasures, 1951-2001

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This album is a retrospective that is a must-have for all lovers of musical theater. Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt first won fame as the creators of The Fantasticks- the longest-running musical in the history of the world, with more than 21,000 performances given in New York over a period of 58 years. But the Jones & Schmidt musicals also include Broadway classics such as “I Do! I Do!,” “110 in the Shade,” and “Celebration.” Selections from these and 12 other shows are included in this deluxe release, which features many previously unreleased “demos” by the songwriters themselves. Jones & Schmidt worked closely with Producer Bill Rudman for over two years to ensure that this album would best represent their legacy. “The purpose of theater is always to reveal us to ourselves. To help us perceive the ‘poetry’ beneath the prose and the minutiae of our lives. To make us exalt. To make us feel. And not least of all, to make us laugh.” (Tom Jones)
Item number HCD3404
Barcode 632433340424
Release date 6/1/2018
Category Classical Music
Number of units 2
Lyricist Jones, Tom
Non-Classical Composer Schmidt, Harvey
Disc: 1
The Fantasticks: Try to Remember00:01:00
1 Prologue: Try to Remember (From "The Fantasticks") 00:01:09 Schmidt, Harvey
Time Staggers On00:06:00
2 Freshman Song / Registration (From "Time Staggers 00:06:20 Schmidt, Harvey Unknown Artist Matthews, Gerry
3 Anyone Will Do (From "Roadside") 00:01:58 Weiss, Marilyn
Shoestring '5700:03:00
4 At 22 (From "Shoestring '57") 00:03:05 Bartis, John
Julius Monk's Demi-Dozen00:04:00
5 Mr. Off-Broadway (From "Julius Monk's Demi-Dozen") 00:04:07 Schmidt, Harvey Jones, Tom
6 The Race of the Lexington Avenue Express (From "Ju 00:03:40 Connell, Jane
7 One and All (From "Julius Monk's Demi-Dozen") 00:01:57 Hall, George
8 The Holy Man and the New Yorker (From "Julius Monk 00:04:08 Matthews, Gerry
The Fantasticks00:01:00
9 You Wonder How These Things Begin (From "The Fanta 00:01:08 Jones, Tom Fitts, Margery
10 A Perfect Time to Be in Love (From "The Fantastick 00:01:45 Unknown Artist
11 Plant a Radish (From "The Fantasticks") 00:02:26 Holloway, Stanley Lahr, Bert
12 I Have Acted Like a Fool (From "The Fantasticks") 00:01:50 Felstein, Robert Goodrich, Nathan Bruce, Samantha
New York Scrapbook00:09:00
13 I Like the City of New York / Everyone Looks Lonel 00:09:05 Ballard, Kaye Nelson, Kenneth Bailey, Maureen
110 in the Shade00:10:00
14 Sketches (From "110 in the Shade") 00:03:26 Schmidt, Harvey
15 Just Fine (From "110 in the Shade") [Live] 00:02:16 Knowles, Maura M. Gleason, James
16 Pretty Is (From "110 in the Shade") [Live] 00:02:05 Hawkins, Michael D.
A Texas Romance 190900:02:00
17 A Texas Romance (From "A Texas Romance 1909") 00:02:10 Schmidt, Harvey
I Do! I Do!00:02:00
18 Man and Wife (From "I Do! I Do!") 00:02:30 Schmidt, Harvey
19 Guess We May As Well Stay Married Now (From "I Do! 00:01:55 Schmidt, Harvey
20 The Genuine Eccentric and His Wife (From "I Do! I 00:03:11 Schmidt, Harvey
21 Thousands of Flowers (From "I Do! I Do!") 00:02:27 Martin, Mary Preston, Robert
22 Celebration (Live) 00:03:52 Schmidt, Harvey Unknown Artist Jones, Tom
23 Under the Tree (From "Celebration") [Live] 00:03:28 James, Hilary Smith, Robert Vincent
24 The Bouilloux Girls / Femme du Monde / Earthly Par 00:03:33 Caldwell, Zoe Aldredge, Tom Nelson, Ruth Charles, Keith Taylor, Holland Turenne, Louis
Bad Company00:02:00
25 Wand'rin' Child (From "Bad Company") 00:01:49 Harkness, Sean Demas, Carole
Disc: 2
Portfolio Revue00:03:00
1 Thank You for Your Love (From "Portfolio Revue") 00:02:42 Schmidt, Harvey Cryer, David Lucas, Jeanne Segal, Kathrin King
2 Within This Empty Space (From "Philemon") 00:05:09 Unknown Artist
3 Name: Cockian (From "Philemon") 00:04:39 Latessa, Dick
4 I Love His Face (From "Philemon") 00:04:03 Latessa, Dick Gregory, Virginia
The Bone Room00:18:00
5 Postcards (From "The Bone Room") [Live] 00:03:51 Watson, Susan Latessa, Dick
6 Middle of the Road (From "The Bone Room") 00:02:22 Stewart, Ray
7 Wonderful Way to Die (From "The Bone Room") 00:03:21 Arkin, Alan
8 Theme (From "The Bone Room") 00:02:28 Schmidt, Harvey
9 Ménage à trois (From "The Bone Room") 00:02:58 Schmidt, Harvey Schmidt, Harvey
10 Joy (From "The Bone Room") 00:03:43 Cunningham, John Watson, Susan Stewart, Ray
Colette Collage00:17:00
11 Ooh La La (From "Colette Collage") 00:03:13 Rigg, Diana Vidnovic, Martin
12 You Could Hurt Me (From "Colette Collage") 00:03:39 Schmidt, Harvey
13 The Room Is Filled with You (From "Colette Collage 00:03:35 Reardon, John
14 Love Is Not a Sentiment Worthy of Respect / The Mu 00:06:02 Watson, Susan Latessa, Dick
Grover's Corners00:04:00
15 Our Town (From "Grover's Corners") 00:00:58 Schmidt, Harvey Schmidt, Harvey Jones, Tom
16 The World Is Very Wide (From "Grover's Corners") [ 00:02:35 Stephens, Linda Carlson, Sharon
17 There Is a River / Heavenly Music (From "Grover's 00:01:17 Unknown Artist
18 I Only Want Someone to Love Me (From "Grover's Cor 00:02:15 Callaway, Liz
Broadway Sam00:03:00
19 Broadway Sam 00:02:34 Schmidt, Harvey
20 Maybe (From "Mirette") 00:03:24 Franz, Joy Watts, Maggie
21 Learning Who You Are (From "Mirette") 00:04:49 Piontek, Michael Mady, Kelly
22 Here Am I (From "Roadside") 00:03:39 Schmidt, Harvey
23 Epilogue: Try to Remember (From "The Fantasticks") 00:02:11 Schmidt, Harvey Schmidt, Harvey Jones, Tom
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