JOYCE, J.: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (A) (Unabridged)

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Release date 8/1/2005
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 7
Disc: 1
1 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James J 00:05:14 Norton, Jim
2 He was caught in the whirl of a scrimmage… 00:04:42 Norton, Jim
3 Father Arnall’s face looked very black… 00:04:59 Norton, Jim
4 It was Wells who had shouldered him… 00:05:14 Norton, Jim
5 He shivered and yawned 00:05:04 Norton, Jim
6 O how cold and strange it was to think of that! 00:04:36 Norton, Jim
7 He was not foxing 00:05:11 Norton, Jim
8 He told Stephen that his name was Athy… 00:04:32 Norton, Jim
9 A great fire, banked high and red… 00:05:25 Norton, Jim
10 Mr Dedalus covered the dish and began to eat hungr 00:04:53 Norton, Jim
11 Mr Dedalus threw his knife and fork noisily on his 00:04:32 Norton, Jim
12 The story is very short and sweet… 00:06:56 Norton, Jim
13 The fellows talked together in little groups 00:02:56 Norton, Jim
14 Athy, who had been silent, said quietly… 00:05:28 Norton, Jim
15 There were different kinds of sounds 00:06:53 Norton, Jim
Disc: 2
1 The door opened quietly and closed 00:04:55 Norton, Jim
2 The scalding water burst forth… 00:04:38 Norton, Jim
3 He could not eat the blackish fish fritters… 00:05:25 Norton, Jim
4 He came out on the landing… 00:05:37 Norton, Jim
5 Chapter 2: Uncle Charles smoked such black twist… 00:04:30 Norton, Jim
6 On Sundays Stephen with his father… 00:05:05 Norton, Jim
7 For some time he had felt… 00:05:03 Norton, Jim
8 A vague dissatisfaction grew up within him… 00:04:47 Norton, Jim
9 It was the last tram 00:04:11 Norton, Jim
10 But his long spell of leisure… 00:05:34 Norton, Jim
11 In a dark corner of the chapel… 00:05:04 Norton, Jim
12 He waited in timorous silence… 00:05:06 Norton, Jim
13 A short loud laugh from Mr Tate… 00:04:40 Norton, Jim
14 While he was still repeating… 00:05:25 Norton, Jim
15 He felt no stage fright… 00:03:46 Norton, Jim
16 Stephen was once again seated… 00:04:46 Norton, Jim
Disc: 3
1 Along the Mardyke the trees were in bloom 00:05:23 Norton, Jim
2 We were more like brothers… 00:04:16 Norton, Jim
3 One humiliation had succeeded another… 00:04:35 Norton, Jim
4 Stephen’s mother and his brother… 00:05:43 Norton, Jim
5 The veiled autumnal evenings… 00:05:37 Norton, Jim
6 Chapter 3: The swift December dusk… 00:04:29 Norton, Jim
7 The chaos in which his ardour… 00:04:31 Norton, Jim
8 The bell rang 00:05:14 Norton, Jim
9 The rector paused… 00:04:59 Norton, Jim
10 One thing alone is needful… 00:04:36 Norton, Jim
11 The next day brought death and judgement… 00:06:05 Norton, Jim
12 Death is certain 00:06:20 Norton, Jim
Disc: 4
1 Hell has enlarged its soul… 00:04:51 Norton, Jim
2 …mocked at as a fool… 00:05:02 Norton, Jim
3 But this stench is not, horrible though it is… 00:05:12 Norton, Jim
4 In olden times it was the custom… 00:04:43 Norton, Jim
5 In the last day of terrible reckoning… 00:04:58 Norton, Jim
6 The thought slid like a cold shining rapier into h 00:05:27 Norton, Jim
7 The first sting inflicted by this cruel worm… 00:04:41 Norton, Jim
8 Just as every sense is afflicted with a fitting to 00:05:09 Norton, Jim
9 How many millions upon millions of centuries would 00:04:47 Norton, Jim
10 A sin, an instant of rebellious pride of the intel 00:04:45 Norton, Jim
11 He halted on the landing before the door… 00:05:14 Norton, Jim
12 He sprang from the bed… 00:04:56 Norton, Jim
13 He walked on and on through ill-lit streets… 00:05:05 Norton, Jim
14 The slide was shot back 00:04:38 Norton, Jim
15 Pray to our mother Mary to help you 00:03:36 Norton, Jim
Disc: 5
1 Chapter 4: Sunday was dedicated to the mystery of 00:05:03 Norton, Jim
2 He had heard the names of the passions of love… 00:04:52 Norton, Jim
3 It surprised him however to find… 00:05:06 Norton, Jim
4 The director stood in the embrasure of the window… 00:04:59 Norton, Jim
5 He had never once disobeyed or allowed turbulent… 00:05:00 Norton, Jim
6 He longed for thE Minor sacred offices… 00:05:05 Norton, Jim
7 Some instinct, waking at these memories… 00:04:40 Norton, Jim
8 The sad quiet grey-blue glow of the dying day… 00:05:12 Norton, Jim
9 All through his boyhood he had mused… 00:04:42 Norton, Jim
10 He heard a confused music within him… 00:05:12 Norton, Jim
11 He started up nervously from the stone-block… 00:07:34 Norton, Jim
12 Chapter 5: He drained his third cup of watery tea… 00:02:25 Norton, Jim
13 An ear-splitting whistle was heard from upstairs… 00:05:15 Norton, Jim
14 He fancied to himself the English lecture… 00:04:59 Norton, Jim
15 The grey block of Trinity on his left… 00:04:43 Norton, Jim
16 So there was nothing for it… 00:04:21 Norton, Jim
Disc: 6
1 It was too late to go upstairs to the French class 00:04:49 Norton, Jim
2 The dean returned to the hearth… 00:05:08 Norton, Jim
3 The question you asked me a moment ago… 00:05:03 Norton, Jim
4 His fellow student’s rude humour… 00:04:58 Norton, Jim
5 Stephen pointed to the Tsar’s photograph… 00:05:13 Norton, Jim
6 Stephen, moving away the bystanders… 00:04:54 Norton, Jim
7 He sidled out of the alley… 00:04:52 Norton, Jim
8 A match of four was arranged… 00:05:18 Norton, Jim
9 ‘If that is rhythm,’ said Lynch… 00:04:52 Norton, Jim
10 A long dray laden with old iron… 00:04:46 Norton, Jim
11 ‘To finish what I was saying about beauty…’ 00:04:30 Norton, Jim
12 If you bear this in memory… 00:05:56 Norton, Jim
Disc: 7
1 Towards dawn he awoke 00:04:49 Norton, Jim
2 The lumps of knotted flock under his head… 00:05:27 Norton, Jim
3 The full morning light had come 00:04:34 Norton, Jim
4 What birds were they? 00:05:26 Norton, Jim
5 A sudden swift hiss fell from the windows above hi 00:04:14 Norton, Jim
6 He walked on across the hall with Dixon… 00:04:59 Norton, Jim
7 She passed out from the porch of the library… 00:05:44 Norton, Jim
8 The squat student looked at him seriously… 00:04:29 Norton, Jim
9 Stephen walked on alone… 00:05:03 Norton, Jim
10 Stephen walked on beside his friend… 00:04:51 Norton, Jim
11 Stephen, struck by his tone of closure… 00:05:24 Norton, Jim
12 Stephen raised his hat in acknowledgement 00:04:32 Norton, Jim
13 March 21. Morning. Thought this in bed last night… 00:05:17 Norton, Jim
14 April 3. Met Davin at the cigar shop… 00:06:46 Norton, Jim
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