Kidnapped (Unabridged)

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When the naïve David Balfour sets out on his quest for a long-lost relative, a terrifying chain of events is set in motion. He is plunged into a world of infamy and violence from which there seems no escape, until, that is, he meets the enigmatic and valiant Highlander, Alan Breck.
Item number NA0228
Barcode 9781843799573
Release date 6/10/2016
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 7
Non-Classical Artist Rintoul, David
Disc: 1
Kidnapped (Unabridged)08:00:00
1 Kidnapped 00:00:16 Rintoul, David
2 Chapter 1: I Set Off upon My Journey… 00:04:41 Rintoul, David
3 Here he cast about for a comfortable seat… 00:05:33 Rintoul, David
4 Chapter 2: I Come to My Journey's End 00:04:25 Rintoul, David
5 It was drawing on to sundown… 00:07:16 Rintoul, David
6 Chapter 3: I Make Acquaintance of My Uncle 00:07:42 Rintoul, David
7 With the first peep of day I opened my eyes… 00:07:52 Rintoul, David
8 Chapter 4: I Run a Great Danger in the House … 00:06:33 Rintoul, David
9 When I was called in again, my uncle counted out… 00:03:41 Rintoul, David
10 The house of Shaws stood some five full storeys … 00:07:32 Rintoul, David
11 Chapter 5: I Go to the Queen's Ferry 00:06:41 Rintoul, David
12 The wind, being in that cold quarter… 00:06:39 Rintoul, David
Disc: 2
Kidnapped (Unabridged)08:00:00
1 Chapter 6: What Befell at the Queen's Ferry 00:06:52 Rintoul, David
2 The next thing, I heard my uncle calling me… 00:03:28 Rintoul, David
3 Chapter 7: I Go to Sea in the Brig 'Covenant'… 00:07:18 Rintoul, David
4 It was a blessed thing indeed to open my eyes… 00:08:06 Rintoul, David
5 Chapter 8: The Round-House 00:06:41 Rintoul, David
6 That was the first night of my new duties… 00:04:14 Rintoul, David
7 Chapter 9: The Man with the Belt of Gold 00:08:13 Rintoul, David
8 At that period (so soon after the forty-five)… 00:10:19 Rintoul, David
9 Chapter 10: The Siege of the Round-House 00:09:03 Rintoul, David
10 The round-house was like a shambles… 00:05:13 Rintoul, David
Disc: 3
Kidnapped (Unabridged)08:00:00
1 Chapter 11: The Captain Knuckles Under 00:09:00 Rintoul, David
2 Chapter 12: I Hear of the 'Red Fox' 00:08:48 Rintoul, David
3 This was the first time I heard the name… 00:10:04 Rintoul, David
4 Chapter 13: The Loss of the Brig 00:11:42 Rintoul, David
5 Chapter 14: The Islet 00:09:25 Rintoul, David
6 Charles the Second declared a man could… 00:10:23 Rintoul, David
Disc: 4
Kidnapped (Unabridged)08:00:00
1 Chapter 15: The Lad with the Silver Button… 00:07:56 Rintoul, David
2 Next day (the fourth of my travels)… 00:09:10 Rintoul, David
3 Chapter 16: The Lad with the Silver Button… 00:06:35 Rintoul, David
4 Early in my next day's journey… 00:09:31 Rintoul, David
5 Chapter 17: The Death of the Red Fox 00:11:59 Rintoul, David
6 Chapter 18: I Talk with Alan in the Wood… 00:10:51 Rintoul, David
7 Looking out between the trees… 00:06:29 Rintoul, David
Disc: 5
Kidnapped (Unabridged)08:00:00
1 Chapter 19: The House of Fear 00:06:28 Rintoul, David
2 By the time I came back… 00:07:29 Rintoul, David
3 Chapter 20: The Flight in the Heather: The Rocks 00:08:22 Rintoul, David
4 I dare say it would be nine in the morning… 00:10:26 Rintoul, David
5 Chapter 21: The Flight in the Heather… 00:07:50 Rintoul, David
6 About noon a man was to be spied… 00:07:48 Rintoul, David
7 Chapter 22: The Flight in the Heather: The Moor 00:07:48 Rintoul, David
8 The aching and faintness of my body… 00:09:14 Rintoul, David
Disc: 6
Kidnapped (Unabridged)08:00:00
1 Chapter 23: Cluny's Cage 00:07:46 Rintoul, David
2 We were no sooner done eating… 00:10:35 Rintoul, David
3 Chapter 24: The Flight in the Heather: The Quarrel 00:10:09 Rintoul, David
4 During all these horrid wanderings… 00:12:43 Rintoul, David
5 Chapter 25: In Balquhidder 00:06:48 Rintoul, David
6 Robin told me shortly he was sorry… 00:08:02 Rintoul, David
7 Chapter 26: End of the Flight: We Pass the Forth 00:08:07 Rintoul, David
8 All night, then, we walked through the north side… 00:06:08 Rintoul, David
Disc: 7
Kidnapped (Unabridged)08:00:00
1 I was all this while chafing at the part I played… 00:09:42 Rintoul, David
2 Chapter 27: I Come to Mr. Rankeillor 00:09:17 Rintoul, David
3 All this while I had been gaining ground… 00:08:12 Rintoul, David
4 Chapter 28: I Go in Quest of My Inheritance 00:05:31 Rintoul, David
5 'Well, sir,' said I, 'and in all this, what is my 00:10:39 Rintoul, David
6 Chapter 29: I Come into My Kingdom 00:06:52 Rintoul, David
7 'Come, sir,' cried Alan. 'I would have you to ken… 00:08:02 Rintoul, David
8 Chapter 30: Goodbye 00:08:31 Rintoul, David
9 Dedication. My Dear Charles Baxter… 00:03:04 Rintoul, David
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