Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)

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Mary Elizabeth Braddon published Lady Audley’s Secret in 1862. It went on to be Braddon’s most well-known novel. John Sutherland, literary critic, wrote of the work in 1989, “the most sensationally successful of all the sensation novels.” The plot follows the heroine who abandons her child, throws her husband down a well, considers poisoning her second husband, and burns down a hotel where her other male ‘acquaintances’ are staying. Pieces of the novel seem to be drawn from the Constance Kent case of June 1860 which riveted the nation for years to follow. The work is a play on Victorian anxieties centered on the domestic sphere, in which the home is supposed to be a refuge, but here a domestic lady turns out to be a violent criminal. Kim Hicks gives a charming and insightful reading of this novel.
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Barcode 9781843799702
Release date 7/8/2016
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 13
Non-Classical Artist Hicks, Kim
Disc: 1
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 Lady Audley's Secret 00:08:00 Hicks, Kim
2 For seventeen years he had been a widower… 00:07:39 Hicks, Kim
3 She was so used to admiration from every one… 00:05:07 Hicks, Kim
4 Lucy Graham was not looking at Sir Michael… 00:05:58 Hicks, Kim
5 Chapter 2: On Board the Argus 00:07:26 Hicks, Kim
6 He started as if he had been struck… 00:08:29 Hicks, Kim
7 'I listened to these men for upwards of an hour…' 00:07:04 Hicks, Kim
8 Chapter 3: Hidden Relics 00:08:08 Hicks, Kim
9 The girl still sat with her face averted… 00:07:27 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 2
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 Chapter 4: In the First Page of The Times 00:07:54 Hicks, Kim
2 As they dashed through Ludgate Hill… 00:02:57 Hicks, Kim
3 Chapter 5: The Headstone at Ventnor 00:05:25 Hicks, Kim
4 Early the next morning he was seated opposite… 00:04:31 Hicks, Kim
5 'Did she speak of me?' he asked… 00:02:54 Hicks, Kim
6 Chapter 6: Anywhere, Anywhere… 00:11:05 Hicks, Kim
7 Chapter 7: After a Year 00:07:18 Hicks, Kim
8 In her better fortunes, as in her old days… 00:07:39 Hicks, Kim
9 'It's a wonder she didn't treat…' 00:09:31 Hicks, Kim
10 Chapter 8: Before the Storm 00:05:18 Hicks, Kim
11 They met Alicia Audley on her mare about half… 00:05:56 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 3
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 They found Alicia in the lime-walk… 00:08:08 Hicks, Kim
2 George fell back immediately. 00:05:11 Hicks, Kim
3 Chapter 9: After the Storm 00:07:50 Hicks, Kim
4 She stood on tiptoe to kiss him… 00:06:32 Hicks, Kim
5 Chapter 10: Missing 00:08:03 Hicks, Kim
6 Chapter 11: The Mark upon My Lady's Wrist 00:06:12 Hicks, Kim
7 Lady Audley noticed his abstraction… 00:05:21 Hicks, Kim
8 Chapter 12: Still Missing 00:05:43 Hicks, Kim
9 'He ought,' said Robert gravely… 00:05:19 Hicks, Kim
10 Chapter 13: Troubled Dreams 00:06:38 Hicks, Kim
11 It was eight o'clock in the evening… 00:07:21 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 4
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 Chapter 14: Phoebe's Suitor 00:07:44 Hicks, Kim
2 'Do you remember, Phoebe,' she said presently… 00:08:46 Hicks, Kim
3 Chapter 15: On the Watch 00:05:28 Hicks, Kim
4 A new maid was brought from London… 00:05:26 Hicks, Kim
5 'Yes,' she repeated, 'your stupid, inanimate…' 00:05:56 Hicks, Kim
6 Robert Audley was tenderly coaxing… 00:05:32 Hicks, Kim
7 Chapter 16: Robert Audley Gets His Congé 00:03:04 Hicks, Kim
8 Before the last of the young sportsmen departed… 00:04:55 Hicks, Kim
9 'My poor little Alicia,' said Robert, as tenderly… 00:05:31 Hicks, Kim
10 So when Alicia said 'No,' or rather… 00:05:14 Hicks, Kim
11 Chapter 17: At the Castle Inn 00:06:59 Hicks, Kim
12 He waited till the few visitors to the Castle… 00:05:00 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 5
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 Chapter 18: Robert Receives a Visitor… 00:06:26 Hicks, Kim
2 'A week after my friend disappeared,'… 00:06:00 Hicks, Kim
3 Chapter 19: The Blacksmith's Mistake 00:06:33 Hicks, Kim
4 Robert lifted his eyebrows in mute despair. 00:08:51 Hicks, Kim
5 Volume II: Chapter 1: The Writing in the Book 00:05:46 Hicks, Kim
6 He rested his elbows on his knees… 00:05:11 Hicks, Kim
7 Chapter 2: Mrs. Plowson 00:05:35 Hicks, Kim
8 Robert Audley looked about him with a shudder… 00:05:28 Hicks, Kim
9 She had her long thin arms about the boy… 00:05:20 Hicks, Kim
10 Chapter 3: Little Georgey Leaves… 00:06:49 Hicks, Kim
11 'You have no right to come here and terrify…' 00:05:57 Hicks, Kim
12 'I declare to you that I do not understand you,'… 00:05:21 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 6
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 'You do not object, Mr. Maldon?' 00:06:09 Hicks, Kim
2 He found the little man on intimate terms… 00:05:15 Hicks, Kim
3 Chapter 4: Coming to a Standstill 00:04:42 Hicks, Kim
4 I believe that Harcourt Talboys hugged himself… 00:04:47 Hicks, Kim
5 I don't know whether Junius Brutus… 00:06:53 Hicks, Kim
6 'You may remain, Wilson,' said Mr. Talboys… 00:06:20 Hicks, Kim
7 Harcourt Talboys delivered himself… 00:07:25 Hicks, Kim
8 Chapter 5: Clara 00:04:13 Hicks, Kim
9 Robert Audley now saw her face clearly… 00:06:19 Hicks, Kim
10 'What if I answer no?' 00:07:41 Hicks, Kim
11 Chapter 6: George's Letters 00:05:43 Hicks, Kim
12 Robert had directed the cabman… 00:05:04 Hicks, Kim
13 Mr. Audley pushed his hands through the thick… 00:05:15 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 7
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 Chapter 7: Retrograde Investigation 00:08:23 Hicks, Kim
2 Only one solitary light was visible… 00:07:30 Hicks, Kim
3 Lucy Audley made a little grimace… 00:05:31 Hicks, Kim
4 Mr. Dawson was silent for some minutes. 00:06:36 Hicks, Kim
5 He seated himself at the little table and looked… 00:05:27 Hicks, Kim
6 Chapter 8: So Far and No Further 00:04:23 Hicks, Kim
7 Robert Audley shrugged his shoulders… 00:04:13 Hicks, Kim
8 He lifted his hat, bowed to the little dressmaker… 00:05:55 Hicks, Kim
9 'May I ask if you sent a telegraphic despatch…' 00:06:09 Hicks, Kim
10 But Miss Tonks appeared to know nothing… 00:04:12 Hicks, Kim
11 Chapter 9: Beginning at the Other End 00:05:30 Hicks, Kim
12 He called to one of the officials… 00:06:45 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 8
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 In those troublesome dreams he saw Audley… 00:05:58 Hicks, Kim
2 'You are aware that Mrs. Talboys…' 00:06:15 Hicks, Kim
3 Chapter 10: Hidden in the Grave 00:05:59 Hicks, Kim
4 He avoided the village, still keeping… 00:07:39 Hicks, Kim
5 'You have been ill since I saw you last…' 00:06:36 Hicks, Kim
6 Chapter 11: In the Lime-Walk 00:05:13 Hicks, Kim
7 There was a painful piteousness in her tone… 00:04:31 Hicks, Kim
8 'The thought that was uppermost in his mind…' 00:07:45 Hicks, Kim
9 'Shall I tell you whose handwriting…?' 00:07:49 Hicks, Kim
10 I do not say that Robert Audley was a coward… 00:06:14 Hicks, Kim
11 The young man started at the sound… 00:05:33 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 9
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 Chapter 12: Preparing the Ground 00:07:38 Hicks, Kim
2 Lady Audley tried to speak, but the words… 00:08:19 Hicks, Kim
3 Robert Audley is mad,' she said, decisively. 00:05:15 Hicks, Kim
4 My lady sighed piteously. 00:03:46 Hicks, Kim
5 Chapter 13: Phoebe's Petition 00:06:09 Hicks, Kim
6 Amid all this lamplight, gilding, colour… 00:04:15 Hicks, Kim
7 My lady, brooding by the fire in her lonely… 00:06:44 Hicks, Kim
8 My lady shivered, and looked round… 00:08:01 Hicks, Kim
9 She put her hands to her forehead… 00:06:44 Hicks, Kim
10 Volume III: Chapter 1: The Red Light… 00:06:28 Hicks, Kim
11 Lady Audley did not answer. 00:04:41 Hicks, Kim
12 She went back into her dressing-room… 00:05:07 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 10
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 'I feel as if I was running away,' she thought. 00:07:52 Hicks, Kim
2 'My lady has promised to settle the business…' 00:08:09 Hicks, Kim
3 Phoebe waited anxiously by the inn door… 00:06:50 Hicks, Kim
4 Chapter 2: The Bearer of the Tidings 00:05:48 Hicks, Kim
5 His wife – the woman he best loved… 00:05:53 Hicks, Kim
6 Alas, my pretty Alicia, your cousin did not love y 00:06:40 Hicks, Kim
7 The girl with the rose-coloured ribbons… 00:08:51 Hicks, Kim
8 'They have been afraid to come and tell him,'… 00:05:54 Hicks, Kim
9 Chapter 3: My Lady Tells the Truth 00:09:10 Hicks, Kim
10 There was a sudden fury in his voice… 00:07:04 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 11
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 'I went away with the knowledge of this…' 00:07:50 Hicks, Kim
2 'I had seen an advertisement in The Times…' 00:06:03 Hicks, Kim
3 'I was anxious to know how the boy was treated…' 00:04:54 Hicks, Kim
4 Chapter 4: The Hush that Succeeds… 00:07:26 Hicks, Kim
5 'You will naturally avoid all mention of Lady…' 00:08:19 Hicks, Kim
6 She went away, quietly leaning upon… 00:09:46 Hicks, Kim
7 Chapter 5: Dr. Mosgrave's Advice 00:07:30 Hicks, Kim
8 The business-like attention in Dr. Mosgrave's… 00:06:10 Hicks, Kim
9 He asked this question in a decisive tone. 00:07:08 Hicks, Kim
10 Chapter 6: Buried Alive 00:06:23 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 12
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 She looked up at last as the vehicle jolted… 00:07:48 Hicks, Kim
2 The English physician had informed his Belgian… 00:08:09 Hicks, Kim
3 She was silent for a little while… 00:06:08 Hicks, Kim
4 Chapter 7: Ghost-Haunted 00:05:41 Hicks, Kim
5 Alicia's letter told him that Sir Michael… 00:06:53 Hicks, Kim
6 He had a long time to wait before it would… 00:06:56 Hicks, Kim
7 Who can forget that almost terrible picture… 00:08:19 Hicks, Kim
8 'He was not much burnt. Had he been…' 00:08:30 Hicks, Kim
9 Luke's voice, husky and feeble… 00:04:35 Hicks, Kim
10 'Listen to me, Marks,' he said, earnestly… 00:05:35 Hicks, Kim
Disc: 13
Lady Audley's Secret (Unabridged)15:18:37
1 Chapter 8: That Which the Dying Man… 00:07:57 Hicks, Kim
2 They were two leaves torn out of a pocket-book… 00:08:22 Hicks, Kim
3 'He made no answer to my question…' 00:06:02 Hicks, Kim
4 Robert Audley started. A circumstance… 00:06:47 Hicks, Kim
5 'Well,' she says, 'I ain't quite myself this eveni 00:08:39 Hicks, Kim
6 Chapter 9: Restored 00:06:16 Hicks, Kim
7 The dull life in the square-built house… 00:08:24 Hicks, Kim
8 She turned her face away from Robert… 00:05:45 Hicks, Kim
9 He opened the door of his sitting-room… 00:03:27 Hicks, Kim
10 Chapter 10: At Peace 00:04:49 Hicks, Kim
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