Lady of the Lake

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This new release is the debut album of soprano Maureen Batt, and features a rare recording of Schubert’s “Op. 52 Lady of the Lake” song cycle and a newly commissioned work on the same epic Walter Scott poem by Nova Scotian composer Fiona Ryan. Sir Walter Scott’s Lady of the Lake is set during an uprising of the Highland clans against the Lowland Scots who are loyal to King James V. The story focuses on Ellen Douglas, a young woman who lives in exile with her father, an outlaw who has fallen out of favor with the royal court and fled to an island in Loch Katrine with his daughter. Today, the work is not that widely known but in the nineteenth century it was a bestselling book throughout Europe. It was translated into several languages, including German which Schubert used for his song texts. Fiona Ryan writes about her contributions to this album: “I draw upon Scottish (and Nova Scotian) folk music traditions in my songs. Some movements are very obviously influenced by Scottish folksongs…and others draw inspiration from rhythmic patterns, ornamentation, and droning sounds found in Scottish bagpipe music. In a way, this project is about bringing people and ideas together… Although this is a story of a different and dangerous time, it gives an affirmative answer to the eternal question of whether people who are enemies can eventually reconcile.”
Item number LM213
Barcode 714983549899
Release date 6/23/2017
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Batt, Maureen
Disc: 1
Ellens Gesang I (Raste, Krieger), Op. 52, No. 1, D00:08:24
1 Ellens Gesang I, Op 52 No. 1, D. 837 00:07:28 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen
Ellens Gesang II (Jäger, ruhe von der Jagd!), Op. 00:02:52
2 Ellens Gesang II, Op 52 No. 2, D. 838 00:03:16 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen
Bootgesang, D. 83500:04:04
3 Bootgesang, Op 52 No. 3, D. 835 00:01:38 Docking, Simon Mendoza, Leander Simard, Justin Pierre O'Quinn, Robert Levesque, James
Coronach (Totengesang der Frauen und Madchen), Op.00:05:20
4 Coronach, Op 52 No. 4, D. 836 "Todtengesang der Fr 00:05:41 Halifax Camerata Singers Joudrey, Jeff Wahlstrom, Lynette
Normans Gesang, Op. 52, No. 5, D. 84600:03:00
5 Normans Gesang, Op 52 No. 5, D. 846 00:03:00 Docking, Simon Décosse, Jon-Paul
Ellens Gesang III, Op. 52 No. 6, D. 839 "Ave Maria00:05:26
6 Ellens Gesang III, Op 52 No. 6, D. 839 "Ave Maria 00:05:49 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen
Lied des gefangenen Jagers, D. 84300:02:59
7 Lied des gefangenen Jägers, Op 52 No. 7, D. 843 00:02:54 Docking, Simon Décosse, Jon-Paul
Lady of the Lake00:33:00
8 Lady of the Lake: No. 1, Soldier Rest - Hunter Res 00:04:55 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen
9 Lady of the Lake: No. 2, Prayer 00:05:12 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen
10 Lady of the Lake: No. 3, Battle Cries and Prophesi 00:01:47 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen Décosse, Jon-Paul
11 Lady of the Lake: No. 4, Battle Vignette "A Warrio 00:04:08 Docking, Simon Décosse, Jon-Paul
12 Lady of the Lake: No. 5, Battle Cries and Prophesi 00:02:04 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen Décosse, Jon-Paul
13 Lady of the Lake: No. 6, Song of a Warrior Woman 00:04:25 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen
14 Lady of the Lake: No. 7, Battle Cries and Prophesi 00:01:54 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen Décosse, Jon-Paul
15 Lady of the Lake: No. 8, The Prisoner's Lament 00:04:28 Docking, Simon Décosse, Jon-Paul
16 Lady of the Lake: No. 9, Reconciliation - Mémoire 00:04:21 Docking, Simon Batt, Maureen Décosse, Jon-Paul
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