LAWRENCE, D.H.: Sons and Lovers (Abridged)

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Item number NA487212
Barcode 9789626348727
Release date 6/1/2008
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Non-Classical Artist Slack, Paul
Disc: 1
1 Sons and Lovers 00:05:12 Slack, Paul
2 She herself was opposite. 00:05:00 Slack, Paul
3 The next day she went down… 00:04:58 Slack, Paul
4 William was only one year old… 00:04:55 Slack, Paul
5 One evening, late… 00:05:25 Slack, Paul
6 The thought of being the mother… 00:04:35 Slack, Paul
7 Walter Morel was, at this time… 00:05:56 Slack, Paul
8 On the Wednesday following… 00:05:11 Slack, Paul
9 During his recuperation… 00:05:54 Slack, Paul
10 There ended the altercation. 00:05:39 Slack, Paul
11 Paul would be built like his mother… 00:05:56 Slack, Paul
12 They were very poor that autumn… 00:05:00 Slack, Paul
13 Meanwhile the parents were getting… 00:04:43 Slack, Paul
14 About a year after William… 00:06:33 Slack, Paul
Disc: 2
1 In the morning, when Annie and Arthur… 00:04:55 Slack, Paul
2 Suddenly they spied a big, dark archway… 00:05:36 Slack, Paul
3 William asked the girl… 00:05:05 Slack, Paul
4 He sprang off his stool… 00:05:03 Slack, Paul
5 Arthur Morel was growing up… 00:05:52 Slack, Paul
6 They had tea together… 00:04:51 Slack, Paul
7 At last, on December 23rd… 00:05:08 Slack, Paul
8 Miriam was her mother's daughter… 00:05:06 Slack, Paul
9 It was very still… 00:05:15 Slack, Paul
10 That there was any love growing… 00:05:01 Slack, Paul
11 One day, as Paul was going up Castle Gate… 00:06:05 Slack, Paul
12 There was silence in the room for a time… 00:05:15 Slack, Paul
13 Paul was dissatisfied with himself… 00:05:19 Slack, Paul
14 He hated her bitterly at that moment… 00:05:16 Slack, Paul
Disc: 3
1 Paul felt life changing around him… 00:05:39 Slack, Paul
2 They found a cottage, where they sat… 00:06:55 Slack, Paul
3 She felt she could bear anything… 00:05:19 Slack, Paul
4 After a week of love… 00:06:08 Slack, Paul
5 He sat silent in bitterness… 00:05:01 Slack, Paul
6 He dressed at Jordan's… 00:05:24 Slack, Paul
7 Soon the supper was finished… 00:05:47 Slack, Paul
8 She could not bear the suffering… 00:05:10 Slack, Paul
9 It was known in Nottingham that Paul Morel… 00:05:02 Slack, Paul
10 Then, startled by his own unconscious… 00:06:06 Slack, Paul
11 So there went on a battle between them… 00:05:08 Slack, Paul
12 Up came the tears again. 00:04:28 Slack, Paul
13 'But,' she panted, 'it'll go off.' 00:03:52 Slack, Paul
Disc: 4
1 In the afternoon he went… 00:04:57 Slack, Paul
2 Paul and she were afraid of each other… 00:05:09 Slack, Paul
3 Then, again, for a whole evening… 00:05:09 Slack, Paul
4 He followed her down the darkness… 00:05:24 Slack, Paul
5 He stood looking out of the window… 00:05:19 Slack, Paul
6 Nurse did not come… 00:05:47 Slack, Paul
7 Yes, he could see the houses… 00:05:15 Slack, Paul
8 After a while Paul went out of the house… 00:05:06 Slack, Paul
9 So he was always in the town… 00:05:01 Slack, Paul
10 Something felt sulky, as if it… 00:05:18 Slack, Paul
11 They scarcely spoke while they were… 00:04:52 Slack, Paul
12 Her brown, nervous hands… 00:05:37 Slack, Paul
13 It was the end then between them… 00:06:10 Slack, Paul
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