Le coeur & l'oreille: Manuscript Bauyn

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The Bauyn Manuscript, a key collection of seventeenth century harpsichord and other music, displays the influence of various schools of composition on the writing and performance of the great clavecinistes of the mid-seventeenth century. The recording includes works of Chambonnieres and Louis Couperin, displaying their different styles which led Le Gallois to write that ''one touched the heart and the other touched the ear'', as well as other contemporary composers such as Hardel and d'Anglebert. The Denis harpsichord of 1658 is the extraordinary protagonist of this recording, in which Giulia Nuti explores the expressive capacities of one of the earliest extant French double-manual harpsichords, displaying how instrumental refinement enables performance choies. The approach is that of Giulia Nuti's award-winning first solo recording of eighteenth-century French harpsichord music, Les Sauvages, recorded on the Taskin of 1788, which received a Diapason d'Or.
Item number A434
Barcode 3760195734346
Release date 8/25/2017
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Nuti, Giulia
Disc: 1
Prelude in F Major00:02:28
1 Prelude in F Major 00:03:01 Nuti, Giulia
Suite in F Major [Bauyn Manuscript]00:12:11
2 Suite in F Major: I. Allemande 00:03:27 Nuti, Giulia
3 Suite in F Major: II. Courante 00:01:25 Nuti, Giulia
4 Suite in F Major: III. Autre courante 00:01:23 Nuti, Giulia
5 Suite in F Major: IV. Rondeau 00:02:12 Nuti, Giulia
6 Suite in F Major: V. Sarabande 00:02:28 Nuti, Giulia
7 Suite in F Major: VI. Chaconne 00:03:22 Nuti, Giulia
Suite in D Minor [Bauyn Manuscript]00:07:23
8 Suite in D Minor: I. Allemande 00:02:51 Nuti, Giulia
9 Suite in D Minor: II. Courante 00:01:19 Nuti, Giulia
10 Suite in D Minor: III. Autre courante 00:01:22 Nuti, Giulia
11 Suite in D Minor: IV. Sarabande 00:02:47 Nuti, Giulia
12 Suite in D Minor: V. Gigue 00:00:38 Nuti, Giulia
13 Suite in D Minor: VI. Gavotte avec double par M. C 00:02:19 Nuti, Giulia
Sarabande grave00:00:00
14 Sarabande grave 00:03:50 Nuti, Giulia
Toccata in A Minor [Bauyn Manuscript]00:03:45
15 Toccata in A Minor 00:04:11 Nuti, Giulia
16 Sarabande 00:02:32 Nuti, Giulia
Tombeau de M. de Blancrocher00:04:08
17 Tombeau de Mr. Blancrocher 00:04:54 Nuti, Giulia
Sarabande in C Major00:00:00
18 Sarabande in C Major 00:01:36 Nuti, Giulia
Suite in C Major00:00:00
19 Suite in C Major: I. Allemande 00:03:03 Nuti, Giulia
20 Suite in C Major: II. Courante 00:01:11 Nuti, Giulia
21 Suite in C Major: III. Autre courante 00:01:29 Nuti, Giulia
22 Suite in C Major: IV. Sarabande 00:02:57 Nuti, Giulia
23 Suite in C Major: V. Gigue 00:01:39 Nuti, Giulia
24 Suite in C Major: VI. Chaconne 00:01:38 Nuti, Giulia
Suite in G Minor00:11:07
25 Suite in G Minor: I. Prélude 00:04:10 Nuti, Giulia
26 Suite in G Minor: II. Allemande 00:03:44 Nuti, Giulia
27 Suite in G Minor: III. Courante 00:01:48 Nuti, Giulia
28 Suite in G Minor: IV. Sarabande 00:02:16 Nuti, Giulia
29 Suite in G Minor: V. Passacaille 00:04:38 Nuti, Giulia
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