Lecuona: The Piano Music

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Mention “Maleguena” to anyone and the chances are better than average that the name Lecouna will be the response. This universally popular piece is, however, far from atypical of the substantial body of work penned by Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona (1895-1963), which achieved widespread crossover popularity long before that term was heard. Find out what wonderful music you’re in store for by acquiring this 6-CD Lecuona Piano Music set.
Item number BIS-1854
Barcode 7318590018545
Release date 3/1/2013
Category Classical Music
Label BIS
Number of units 6
Classical Artist Various Artists
Disc: 1
1 Rapsodia Negra 00:10:32 Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Bartos, Michael Tirino, Thomas
2 Andalucia, "Suite espagnola": I. Cordoba 00:03:34 Tirino, Thomas
3 Andalucia, "Suite espagnola": II. Andaluza 00:02:14 Tirino, Thomas
4 Andalucia, "Suite espagnola": III. Alhambra 00:04:19 Tirino, Thomas
5 Andalucia, "Suite espagnola": IV. Gitanerias 00:01:42 Tirino, Thomas
6 Andalucia, "Suite espagnola": V. Guadalquivir 00:04:02 Tirino, Thomas
7 Andalucia, "Suite espagnola": VI. Malaguena 00:03:48 Tirino, Thomas
8 Ante el Escorial 00:04:37 Tirino, Thomas
9 Zambra gitana 00:03:01 Tirino, Thomas
10 Aragonesa 00:03:48 Tirino, Thomas
11 Granada 00:03:04 Tirino, Thomas
12 Zambra 00:02:07 Tirino, Thomas
13 San Francisco el Grande 00:05:01 Tirino, Thomas
14 Aragon, "Vals Espana": Aragon (Vals Espana) 00:03:18 Tirino, Thomas
15 Piezas Caracteristicas: Preludio en la Noche 00:02:34 Tirino, Thomas
16 Piezas Caracteristicas: El Sombero de yarey (The S 00:02:47 Tirino, Thomas
17 Piezas Caracteristicas: Mazurka en Glissando 00:01:43 Tirino, Thomas
18 Piezas Caracteristicas: Canto del Guajiro 00:02:18 Tirino, Thomas
19 3 Miniatures: No. 1, Bellflower 00:01:46 Tirino, Thomas
20 3 Miniatures: No. 2, Music Box 00:01:19 Tirino, Thomas
21 3 Miniatures: No. 3, Polchinella 00:01:29 Tirino, Thomas
22 Canto Siboney (Version for piano) 00:02:49 Tirino, Thomas
23 Noche Azul (Version for piano) 00:03:40 Tirino, Thomas
Disc: 2
1 Rapsodia Argentina (Arr. M. Bartos and T. Tirino f 00:10:45 Tirino, Thomas Bartos, Michael Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
2 Estampas Infantiles, "Diary of a Child" (Diario de 00:01:30 Tirino, Thomas
3 Estampas Infantiles, "Diary of a Child" (Diario de 00:01:42 Tirino, Thomas
4 Estampas Infantiles, "Diary of a Child" (Diario de 00:01:16 Tirino, Thomas
5 Estampas Infantiles, "Diary of a Child" (Diario de 00:03:11 Tirino, Thomas
6 Estampas Infantiles, "Diary of a Child" (Diario de 00:01:46 Tirino, Thomas
7 Adios a las Trincheras (One-Step) 00:01:04 Tirino, Thomas
8 Cuba and America (March and Two-Step) 00:02:13 Tirino, Thomas
9 Black Cat (One-Step) 00:01:03 Tirino, Thomas
10 Cuba at Arms (One-Step) 00:01:39 Tirino, Thomas
11 Crisantemo 00:05:08 Tirino, Thomas
12 Vals del Sena 00:02:21 Tirino, Thomas
13 Locura 00:04:31 Tirino, Thomas
14 Barba-Azul 00:01:00 Tirino, Thomas
15 Vals de los Mares 00:02:48 Tirino, Thomas
16 Ojos Triunfadores 00:03:27 Tirino, Thomas
17 Besame 00:01:41 Tirino, Thomas
18 Sonaba Contigo 00:01:21 Tirino, Thomas
19 Voila 00:02:24 Tirino, Thomas
20 El Sombrero de Yarey Suite (the Straw Hat Suite): 00:00:52 Tirino, Thomas
21 El Sombrero de Yarey Suite (the Straw Hat Suite): 00:05:20 Tirino, Thomas
22 El Sombrero de Yarey Suite (the Straw Hat Suite): 00:01:48 Tirino, Thomas
23 El Sombrero de Yarey Suite (the Straw Hat Suite): 00:02:49 Tirino, Thomas
24 El Sombrero de yarey Ssuite (The Straw Hat Suite): 00:01:43 Tirino, Thomas
25 Quasi Bolero (Version for piano) 00:01:23 Tirino, Thomas
26 Dame de tus Rosas, "2 Hearts That Pass in the Nigh 00:04:10 Tirino, Thomas
Disc: 3
1 Rapsodia Cubana (on Cuban Airs) [arr. T. Tirino fo 00:08:13 Tirino, Thomas Bartos, Michael Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
2 Danzas Afro-Cubanas: No. 1, La conga de media noch 00:02:55 Tirino, Thomas
3 Danzas Afro-Cubanas: No. 2, Danza negra 00:01:59 Tirino, Thomas
4 Danzas Afro-Cubanas: No. 3, ...Y la negra bailaba! 00:02:06 Tirino, Thomas
5 Danzas Afro-Cubanas: No. 4, Danza de los nanigos 00:02:26 Tirino, Thomas
6 Danzas Afro-Cubanas: No. 5, Danza lucumi 00:02:36 Tirino, Thomas
7 Danzas Afro-Cubanas: No. 6, La comparsa 00:02:03 Tirino, Thomas
8 7 Danzas Cubanas Tipicas: No. 1, Ni tu, ni yo 00:02:17 Tirino, Thomas
9 7 Danzas Cubanas Tipicas: No. 2, Mientras yo comia 00:03:04 Tirino, Thomas
10 7 Danzas Cubanas Tipicas: No. 3, Burlesca 00:01:44 Tirino, Thomas
11 7 Danzas Cubanas Tipicas: No. 4, Mis Tristezas 00:03:17 Tirino, Thomas
12 7 Danzas Cubanas Tipicas: No. 5, El mirinaque 00:02:00 Tirino, Thomas
13 7 Danzas Cubanas Tipicas: No. 6, La 32 00:02:38 Tirino, Thomas
14 7 Danzas Cubanas Tipicas: No. 7, Como baila el mun 00:02:06 Tirino, Thomas
15 Echate pa'alla, Maria 00:01:12 Tirino, Thomas
16 Valses Fantasticos: No. 1, Vals apasionado 00:01:52 Tirino, Thomas
17 Valses Fantasticos: No. 2, Vals romantico 00:04:25 Tirino, Thomas
18 Valses Fantasticos: No. 3, Vals poetico 00:02:58 Tirino, Thomas
19 Valses Fantasticos: No. 4, Vals arabesque 00:01:13 Tirino, Thomas
20 Valses Fantasticos: No. 5.Vals patetico 00:03:19 Tirino, Thomas
21 Valses Fantasticos: No. 6, Vals maravilloso 00:02:06 Tirino, Thomas
22 Valses Fantasticos: No. 7, Vals brillante 00:01:47 Tirino, Thomas
23 Vals del Nilo 00:05:30 Tirino, Thomas
24 Gardenia 00:02:11 Tirino, Thomas
25 Porcelana China (Danza de Munecos) 00:02:12 Tirino, Thomas
26 Polka de los Enanos: Polka de las Enanos 00:02:20 Tirino, Thomas
27 Noche de Estrellas (Version for piano) 00:01:26 Tirino, Thomas
28 Yo te Quiero Siempre (Version for piano) 00:02:36 Tirino, Thomas
Disc: 4
1 Rumba-Rhapsody (Arr. M. Bartos and T. Tirino for p 00:04:45 Tirino, Thomas Geissinger, Kate Montano, Alexandra Silesian Philharmonic Choir Bartos, Michael Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Farnum, Elizabeth
2 Danzas Cubanas: I. No hables mas! 00:01:18 Tirino, Thomas
3 Danzas Cubanas: II. No puedo contigo 00:02:18 Tirino, Thomas
4 Danzas Cubanas: III. Ahi viene el chino 00:03:04 Tirino, Thomas
5 Danzas Cubanas: IV. Por que te vas? 00:02:24 Tirino, Thomas
6 Danzas Cubanas: V. Lola esta de fiesta 00:02:29 Tirino, Thomas
7 Danzas Cubanas: VI. En tres por cuatro 00:01:43 Tirino, Thomas
8 Amorosa 00:01:22 Tirino, Thomas
9 Futurista: Futurista (original 1928 version) [Orig 00:02:36 Tirino, Thomas
10 19th-Century Cuban Dances: I. La primera en la fre 00:01:37 Tirino, Thomas
11 19th-Century Cuban Dances: II. A la antigua (el ta 00:02:00 Tirino, Thomas
12 19th-Century Cuban Dances: III. Impromptu 00:01:27 Tirino, Thomas
13 19th-Century Cuban Dances: IV. La danza interrumpi 00:01:48 Tirino, Thomas
14 19th-Century Cuban Dances: V. La mulata 00:01:02 Tirino, Thomas
15 19th-Century Cuban Dances: VI. Arabesque 00:01:16 Tirino, Thomas
16 19th-Century Cuban Dances: VII. Ella y yo 00:01:24 Tirino, Thomas
17 19th-Century Cuban Dances: VIII. La cardenense 00:01:48 Tirino, Thomas
18 19th-Century Cuban Dances: IX. Al fin te vi! 00:01:10 Tirino, Thomas
19 19th-Century Cuban Dances: X. Los minstrels 00:01:25 Tirino, Thomas
20 Vals Gitano 00:02:07 Tirino, Thomas
21 A media noche 00:01:49 Tirino, Thomas
22 Parisiana 00:02:10 Tirino, Thomas
23 Musetta 00:01:53 Tirino, Thomas
24 Vals de Danubio 00:02:39 Tirino, Thomas
25 Broken Blossoms 00:02:10 Tirino, Thomas
26 Noches de Primavera 00:03:23 Tirino, Thomas
27 Vals de la Mariposa 00:02:25 Tirino, Thomas
28 Lola Cruz, Act I: Vals azul (Arr. T. Tirino for fl 00:02:27 Tirino, Thomas Valiente, Jessica
29 Paso doble de los mantones (Arr. T. Tirino for 2 t 00:02:18 Tirino, Thomas Engel, Bruce
Disc: 5
1 Danza Afro-Cubanas: I. Negra merse (Arr. T. Tirino 00:02:35 Tirino, Thomas Sterman, Andrew Engel, Bruce Witmer, Lawrence Hoff, Denise Ricciatelli, Vincent Marks, Steven Silverman, Alan Kocher, Gerald
2 Danza Afro-Cubanas: II. La negra lucumi (Arr. T. T 00:01:59 Tirino, Thomas Engel, Bruce Witmer, Lawrence Sternberg, Joanne Ricciatelli, Vincent Marks, Steven Silverman, Alan Kocher, Gerald
3 Danza Afro-Cubanas: III. La conga se va (Arr. T. T 00:02:11 Tirino, Thomas Engel, Bruce Witmer, Lawrence Hoff, Denise Ricciatelli, Vincent Marks, Steven Silverman, Alan Kocher, Gerald
4 Danzas Cubanas: I. Dame tu amor (Arr. T. Tirino fo 00:01:25 Tirino, Thomas Jolles, Renée Silverman, Alan
5 Danzas Cubanas: II. Lloraba en suenos (Arr. T. Tir 00:02:11 Tirino, Thomas Jolles, Renée
6 Danzas Cubanas: III. Aqui esta (Arr. T. Tirino for 00:01:51 Tirino, Thomas Engel, Bruce Silverman, Alan
7 Danzas Cubanas: IV. Andar (Arr. T. Tirino for wind 00:01:22 Tirino, Thomas Jolles, Renée Fleishaker, Vivian
8 Danzas Cubanas: V. Tu seras (Arr. T. Tirino for wi 00:02:03 Tirino, Thomas Ricciatelli, Vincent Silverman, Alan
9 Danzas Cubanas: VI. Melancolia (Arr. T. Tirino for 00:02:11 Tirino, Thomas Hoff, Denise
10 Danzas Cubanas: VII. Negrita (Arr. T. Tirino for w 00:01:49 Tirino, Thomas Jolles, Renée Silverman, Alan
11 Danzas Cubanas: VIII. Munequita (Arr. T. Tirino fo 00:02:06 Tirino, Thomas Hoff, Denise Larson, Mary
12 3 Valses: No. 1, Rococo (Waltz in B-Flat Major) 00:02:23 Tirino, Thomas
13 3 Valses: No. 2, Azul (Waltz in A-Flat Major) 00:02:08 Tirino, Thomas
14 3 Valses: No. 3, Encantamiento (Waltz in D-Flat Ma 00:03:18 Tirino, Thomas
15 Album de Valses: I. Bon ton 00:02:11 Tirino, Thomas
16 Album de Valses: II. Vals de las sombras (Original 00:04:31 Tirino, Thomas
17 Album de Valses: III. Vals del ensueno 00:03:39 Tirino, Thomas
18 Album de Valses: IV. Vals del yumuri 00:02:32 Tirino, Thomas
19 Album de Valses: V. Vals del ebro 00:03:05 Tirino, Thomas
20 Album de Valses: VI. Vals de las flores 00:02:41 Tirino, Thomas
21 Vals Rosa 00:02:14 Tirino, Thomas
22 Vals del Rhin (Arr. T. Tirino for violin and piano 00:02:38 Steinberg, Mark Tirino, Thomas
23 Vals de Pierrot (Arr. T. Tirino for violin and pia 00:01:43 Steinberg, Mark Tirino, Thomas
24 Carnival in Costa Rica: Carnival in Costa Rica: Pa 00:01:26 Tirino, Thomas
25 El cafetal: Lamento Africano (Arr. T. Tirino for o 00:04:30 Tirino, Thomas Silverman, Alan Fleishaker, Vivian Perkins, Gloria
26 Maria la O: La ronda del amor (Arr. T. Tirino for 00:02:18 Tirino, Thomas Silverman, Alan Perkins, Gloria
27 Maria la O: La mulata chancletera (Arr. T. Tirino 00:02:53 Tirino, Thomas Silverman, Alan Perkins, Gloria
Disc: 6
1 Siempre en mi corazon (Always in my heart) 00:03:35 Farley, Carole Constable, John
2 Como presiento (the feeling I have) 00:02:17 Farley, Carole Constable, John
3 Alla en la sierra (There in the mountains): Cordob 00:02:28 Farley, Carole Constable, John
4 Tu no tienes corazon (You have no heart) 00:02:48 Farley, Carole Constable, John
5 Mi corazon se fue (I lost my heart) 00:03:20 Farley, Carole Constable, John
6 Dame de tus rosas (Give me of your roses) 00:03:44 Farley, Carole Constable, John
7 No es por ti! (It's not because of you!) 00:02:31 Farley, Carole Constable, John
8 Mira! (Look!) 00:03:02 Farley, Carole Constable, John
9 Dame el amor (Give me your love) 00:02:53 Farley, Carole Constable, John
10 Que risa me da (Oh what a laugh) 00:01:16 Farley, Carole Constable, John
11 La comparsa (the procession) 00:02:33 Farley, Carole Constable, John
12 Al fin (Finally) 00:03:38 Farley, Carole Constable, John
13 Se abrieron las flores (the flowers opened) 00:03:28 Farley, Carole Constable, John
14 Conga Cuba 00:01:30 Farley, Carole Constable, John
15 Amor tardio (Belated love) 00:01:55 Farley, Carole Constable, John
16 Carnival in Costa Rica: En una noche asi (On a nig 00:03:19 Farley, Carole Constable, John
17 Devuelveme el corazon (Give me back my heart) 00:02:28 Farley, Carole Constable, John
18 Primavera de ilusion (Spring of illusion) 00:02:46 Farley, Carole Constable, John
19 Carnival in Costa Rica: Un amor vendra (a love wil 00:03:03 Farley, Carole Constable, John
20 Me has dejado (You have left me) 00:02:38 Farley, Carole Constable, John
21 No me enganaras (You won't deceive me) 00:02:47 Farley, Carole Constable, John
22 Rumba mejoral (Pronouncing rumba) 00:01:01 Farley, Carole Constable, John
23 No me mires ni me hables (Don't look at me or spea 00:02:52 Farley, Carole Constable, John
24 Mi amor fue una flor (My love was a flower) 00:02:28 Farley, Carole Constable, John
25 Cancion del amor triste (Song of sad love) 00:03:55 Farley, Carole Constable, John
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