Limones van por el río

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This recording has selected almost all of the piano-voice songs by Ángel Barja, based on ancient Galician folklore, where the melody tames a very accomplished popular style, slenderized in a subtle and coloristic piano accompaniment that scrupulously observes the conventions of popular roots voice writing. Barja preserves the syllabic nature of the melodies and insists on maintaining the accentuations against the verse. He alternates in them the strophic song, with turns and repetitions, with the simplicity of the popular tune, in many cases with medieval roots, as happens in the Cantiga “Those who know how to love” with a 13th century melody. Another bloc groups exuberant Christmas songs and, last, a third and eclectic group, assembles songs of different styles and subjects. The poetic anthology used by Barja in his songs is very successful regarding the rhythm and musicality of these verses. It is no coincidence that, despite the apparent aesthetical and geographical remoteness of Galicia and Granada, our composer chose Federico García Lorca to compose five of his songs. José María Pemán was the poet chosen by the composer to set two of his most beautiful and brilliant songs. This sample of the best of his legacy clearly showcases his music, his talent as melody composer, and his mastery to combine sonorities and tradition.
Item number IBS142018
Barcode 8436556422119
Release date 9/7/2018
Category Vocal
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Guerrero, Héctor
Bernal, Miguel
Disc: 1
1 Canción 00:01:29 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
2 Cazador 00:01:07 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
3 Caracola 00:01:08 Guerrero, Héctor Gómez, Blanca
Se ha puesto el sol00:03:00
4 Se Ha Puesto el Sol 00:03:00 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Quedito, pasito …00:02:00
5 Quedito, Pasito... 00:02:00 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Del rosal vengo mi madre00:02:00
6 Del Rosal Vengo Mi Madre 00:02:10 Guerrero, Héctor Gómez, Blanca
Zagalejo de perlas00:02:00
7 Zagalejo de Perlas 00:03:04 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
¡Niño Dios!00:04:00
8 ¡Niño Dios! 00:03:50 Guerrero, Héctor Gómez, Blanca
Canción del ruiseñor00:02:00
9 Canción del Ruiseñor 00:02:08 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Tan sola estoy00:02:00
10 Tan Sola Estoy 00:02:20 Gómez, Blanca Guerrero, Héctor
O que casa con morena00:02:00
11 O Que Casa con Morena 00:01:44 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
12 Alalá 00:00:48 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Alalá de Padrón00:01:00
13 Alalá de Padrón 00:01:28 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
14 Cantiga 00:00:45 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
15 Romance 00:01:13 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Prende, Salgueiriño00:01:00
16 Prende, Salgueiriño 00:01:32 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Ruiseñor de la noche00:05:00
17 Ruiseñor de la Noche 00:05:03 Guerrero, Héctor Gómez, Blanca
Limones van por el río00:02:00
18 Limones Van por el Río 00:01:46 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
19 Canción 00:01:32 Guerrero, Héctor Gómez, Blanca
Fino cristal00:02:00
20 Fino Cristal 00:01:48 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Me nación un amor00:03:00
21 Me Nación un Amor 00:03:22 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Verde Verderol00:03:00
22 Verde Verderol 00:02:41 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
¡Terra, Terriña!00:01:00
23 ¡Terra, Terriña! 00:00:57 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Canto de Berce00:01:00
24 Canto de Berce 00:01:00 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Cuantas Savedes Amar. S.XIII00:01:00
25 Cuantas Savedes Amar. S.XIII 00:00:52 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Cantar De Arrieros I00:01:00
26 Cantar de Arrieros I 00:01:08 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Cantar De Arrieros II00:01:00
27 Cantar de Arrieros II 00:01:13 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
28 Barcala 00:01:23 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
Romance de la Luna Luna00:08:00
29 Romance de la Luna Luna 00:07:50 Bernal, Miguel Guerrero, Héctor
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