LONDON, J.: Call of the Wild (The) (Unabridged)

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Item number NA392312
Barcode 9789626349236
Release date 2/1/2009
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Non-Classical Artist Roberts, William
Disc: 1
1 The Call Of The Wild (start) 00:06:25 Roberts, William
2 The Judge was at a meeting… 00:08:05 Roberts, William
3 Four men gingerly carried the crate… 00:06:05 Roberts, William
4 As the days went by, other dogs came… 00:06:38 Roberts, William
5 2: The Law Of Club and Fang 00:05:30 Roberts, William
6 By afternoon, Perrault, who was in a hurry… 00:07:36 Roberts, William
7 Three more huskies were added to the team… 00:05:54 Roberts, William
8 This first theft marked Buck as fit to… 00:05:07 Roberts, William
9 3: The Dominant Primordial Beast 00:06:19 Roberts, William
10 Perrault And Francois, having cleaned out… 00:07:11 Roberts, William
11 At the Pelly one morning… 00:09:24 Roberts, William
Disc: 2
1 Seven days from the time they pulled into… 00:05:58 Roberts, William
2 But Spitz, cold and calculating… 00:06:44 Roberts, William
3 4: Who Has Won To Mastership 00:06:11 Roberts, William
4 The general tone of the team picked up… 00:08:02 Roberts, William
5 It was a hard trip, with the mail behind… 00:07:39 Roberts, William
6 5: The Toil of Trace and Trail 00:06:55 Roberts, William
7 The dogs sprang against the breast bands… 00:07:55 Roberts, William
8 Late next morning, Buck led… 00:06:31 Roberts, William
9 Mercedes nursed a special grievance – 00:05:29 Roberts, William
10 It was beautiful spring weather… 00:04:54 Roberts, William
11 This was the first time Buck had failed… 00:04:52 Roberts, William
Disc: 3
1 6: For the Love of a Man 00:06:39 Roberts, William
2 But in spite of this great love he bore… 00:08:06 Roberts, William
3 Later on, in the fall of the year… 00:05:58 Roberts, William
4 That winter, at Dawson, Buck performed… 00:07:36 Roberts, William
5 The crowd was watching curiously… 00:04:04 Roberts, William
6 7: The Sounding of the Call 00:06:04 Roberts, William
7 There was nothing for the dogs to do… 00:07:11 Roberts, William
8 On the opposite side of the watershed… 00:06:54 Roberts, William
9 'Never was there such a dog' said John Thornton… 00:07:41 Roberts, William
10 At last, at the end of the fourth day… 00:07:13 Roberts, William
11 Night came on, and a full moon rose high… 00:07:14 Roberts, William
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