Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu and Other Stories (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0014
Barcode 9781843794257
Release date 10/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Non-Classical Artist Roberts, William
Disc: 1
1 1: The Horror in Clay 00:05:51 Roberts, William
2 The bas-relief was a rough rectangle… 00:06:01 Roberts, William
3 It was then that he began that rambling tale… 00:05:31 Roberts, William
4 Here the first part of the manuscript ended. 00:06:13 Roberts, William
5 2: The Tale of Inspector Legrasse 00:06:20 Roberts, William
6 And yet, as the members severally shook their head 00:05:14 Roberts, William
7 So a body of twenty police, filling two carriages… 00:06:15 Roberts, William
8 Actually, the horrified pause of the men… 00:04:13 Roberts, William
9 Old Castro remembered bits of hideous legend… 00:05:48 Roberts, William
10 The feverish interest aroused at the meeting… 00:08:31 Roberts, William
Disc: 2
1 3: The Madness from the Sea 00:08:21 Roberts, William
2 March 1st – or February 28th… 00:05:58 Roberts, William
3 It was a simple, rambling thing… 00:05:07 Roberts, William
4 Johansen and his men landed at a sloping mud-bank… 00:05:43 Roberts, William
5 Steam had not been suffered to go down entirely… 00:06:11 Roberts, William
6 The Hound 00:06:52 Roberts, William
7 By what malign fatality were we lured… 00:05:49 Roberts, William
8 Less than a week after our return to England… 00:06:04 Roberts, William
9 Being now afraid to live alone in the ancient hous 00:06:39 Roberts, William
10 Introduction 00:01:46 Roberts, William
11 1: When a traveller in North Central Massachusetts 00:05:54 Roberts, William
12 No one, even those who have the facts… 00:04:00 Roberts, William
13 2: It was in the township of Dunwich… 00:05:56 Roberts, William
14 In the spring after Wilbur's birth… 00:04:41 Roberts, William
Disc: 3
1 3: Meanwhile Old Whateley… 00:04:03 Roberts, William
2 The following months were void of visible events… 00:04:33 Roberts, William
3 4: For a decade the annals of the Whateleys sink… 00:05:52 Roberts, William
4 Wilbur was by this time a scholar… 00:03:51 Roberts, William
5 5: The following winter brought an event no less s 00:05:48 Roberts, William
6 Dr. Armitage, associating what he was reading… 00:05:42 Roberts, William
7 6: The Dunwich horror itself came… 00:07:16 Roberts, William
8 As the presence of the three men… 00:03:12 Roberts, William
9 7: Yet all this was only the prologue… 00:08:24 Roberts, William
10 By that noon… 00:05:33 Roberts, William
11 When night came again… 00:04:08 Roberts, William
Disc: 4
1 8: In the meantime… 00:08:10 Roberts, William
2 On the morning of September 4th… 00:06:30 Roberts, William
3 9: Friday morning Artmitage, Rice and Morgan… 00:04:59 Roberts, William
4 Morning came wanly… 00:06:14 Roberts, William
5 Armitage saw that the time for positive action had 00:05:32 Roberts, William
6 10: In the end the three men from Arkham… 00:05:29 Roberts, William
7 Suddenly the sunshine seemed to lessen… 00:05:30 Roberts, William
8 The stench left quickly… 00:05:18 Roberts, William
9 Dagon 00:05:55 Roberts, William
10 On the third morning… 00:05:24 Roberts, William
11 It was the pictorial carving… 00:06:28 Roberts, William
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