Lucie Žáková: Early Baroque Organ Music

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The young Czech organist Lucie Guerra Žáková (b. 1977) has compiled a program of popular Renaissance music, performed on one of the most treasured instruments of the world: the famed organ at Rozay-en-Brie, France. The addition of singing, drums and church bells in some of the tracks adds to the rich kaleidoscope of “easy listening” period performance. Ms. Žáková has performed in countries across the European continent. In addition to solo recitals and concerts, she regularly concertizes with a variety of instrumentalists, and often in duet with Spanish organist Carlos Arturo Guerra Parra.
Item number OR0011
Barcode 9120040730345
Release date 9/9/2014
Category Classical Music
Number of units 1
Classical Artist Zakova, Lucie
Disc: 1
1 Intrada 00:01:24 Zakova, Lucie
The Spanish Paven00:00:00
2 The Spanish Paven 00:05:14 Zakova, Lucie
Galliarda (1593)00:00:35
3 Galliarda (1593) 00:00:35 Zakova, Lucie
4 Galliarda 00:00:58 Zakova, Lucie
Branles de Champagne (arr. for organ)00:00:55
5 Branles de Champagne (Arr. for Organ) 00:00:55 Zakova, Lucie
Suite de Bransles00:00:00
6 Suite de Bransles: Bransle de Champagne 00:00:49 Zakova, Lucie
Bransle gay00:01:04
7 Bransle gay 00:01:04 Zakova, Lucie Lecossais, Philippe
Upon la mi re00:02:19
8 Upon la mi re 00:02:25 Zakova, Lucie
My Lady Careys Dompe00:01:28
9 My Lady Careys Dompe 00:01:31 Zakova, Lucie
Livre de danceries, Book 6 (arr. for organ)00:00:53
10 Livre de danceries, Book 6: Galliarde (Arr. for Or 00:00:53 Zakova, Lucie
Ein schoner Englischer Dantz00:01:46
11 Ein schöner Englischer Dantz 00:01:46 Zakova, Lucie
Tant que vivray00:01:22
12 Tant que vivray 00:01:32 Zakova, Lucie
Tant que vivray (Folk Song)00:02:35
13 Tant que vivray (Folk Song) 00:02:35 Parra, Carlos Arturo Guerra Lecossais, Philippe Zakova, Lucie Zakova, Lucie
Ungarescha and Saltarello00:01:13
14 Ungarescha and Saltarello 00:01:13 Zakova, Lucie
Basse danse - Tourdion00:03:02
15 Basse danse - Tourdion 00:02:28 Zakova, Lucie Lecossais, Philippe
A Toy00:01:06
16 A Toy 00:00:47 Zakova, Lucie
Giles Farnaby's Dreame00:03:30
17 Giles Farnaby's Dreame 00:01:04 Zakova, Lucie
His Rest (from The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)00:01:04
18 His Rest (From the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book) 00:00:58 Zakova, Lucie
His Humor (from The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)00:01:54
19 His Humor (From the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book) 00:01:54 Zakova, Lucie
Farnabye's Conceit (from The Fitzwilliam Virginal 00:00:58
20 Farnabye's Conceit (From the Fitzwilliam Virginal 00:00:58 Zakova, Lucie
21 Daunce 00:01:12 Zakova, Lucie
Der Juden Tanz00:00:00
22 Der Juden Tanz 00:01:23 Zakova, Lucie
The Bells00:06:22
23 The Bells 00:07:05 Zakova, Lucie
Pavane d'Angleterre et Gaillarde00:04:12
24 Pavane d'Angleterre et Gaillarde 00:04:12 Zakova, Lucie
Celle qui m'a le nom d'amy donne00:01:21
25 Celle qui m'a le nom d'amy donne 00:01:21 Zakova, Lucie
Basse danse a 4 mains00:01:42
26 Basse danse à 4 mains 00:01:42 Zakova, Lucie Lecossais, Philippe
27 Volte 00:00:58 Zakova, Lucie
28 Galliarde 00:01:10 Zakova, Lucie
29 Branle 00:01:20 Zakova, Lucie
Hexachord fantasia00:08:29
30 Hexachord fantasia 00:00:58 Zakova, Lucie
Te Deum Laudamus00:03:14
31 Te Deum Laudamus 00:03:14 Zakova, Lucie
Chi passa per questa strada00:01:11
32 Chi passa per questa strada 00:01:11 Zakova, Lucie
Ce moys de may (arr. for organ)00:00:00
33 Ce moys de may (Arr. for Organ) 00:01:18 Lecossais, Philippe
Wie schon Bluet uns der Maye00:01:00
34 Wie schön Bluet uns der Maye 00:01:00 Zakova, Lucie
Ronde et Saltarelle (arr. for organ and tambourine00:02:28
35 Ronde et Saltarelle (Arr. for Organ and Tambourine 00:02:28 Zakova, Lucie Parra, Carlos Arturo Guerra
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