Mademoiselle: Première audience – Unknown Music of Nadia Boulanger

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Delos has the tremendous honor of issuing the first-ever album devoted to the wonderful compositions of Nadia Boulanger: truly a release of great historical importance. None dispute that Boulanger was by far the twentieth century’s most influential composition teacher. Yet “Mademoiselle,” as she has long been known in the music world, dismissed her own works as “useless,” with the result that they are almost completely unknown to the musical public today. But not anymore. Music lovers everywhere can now hear Boulanger’s complete works, published and unpublished (including 13 world premieres), in the genres of the art song, solo piano, cello and piano, and organ, as performed by an all-star array of musicians. Mademoiselle’s music, with its beauty and originality, will amaze listeners everywhere.
Item number DE 3496
Barcode 013491349626
Release date 3/10/2017
Category Classical Music
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Various Artists
Disc: 1
1 Versailles 00:03:05 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
J'ai frappé00:02:00
2 J'ai frappé 00:01:59 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
3 Chanson (1909) 00:01:26 Mauro, Lucy Shrader, Alek
4 Chanson (1922) 00:02:02 Mauro, Lucy Shrader, Alek
Heures ternes00:03:00
5 Heures ternes 00:02:49 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
Le beau navire00:03:00
6 Le beau navire 00:03:04 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
Mon coeur00:03:00
7 Mon coeur 00:03:05 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
8 Doute 00:02:47 Crossley-Mercer, Edwin Mauro, Lucy
Un grand sommeil noir00:02:00
9 Un grand sommeil noir 00:02:02 Crossley-Mercer, Edwin Mauro, Lucy
10 L'échange 00:03:24 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
Soir d'hiver00:03:00
11 Soir d'hiver 00:03:40 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
12 Ilda 00:03:29 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
13 Prière 00:03:38 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
14 Cantique 00:02:03 Mauro, Lucy Shrader, Alek
Poéme d'amour00:04:00
15 Poème d'amour 00:03:50 Mauro, Lucy Shrader, Alek
16 Extase 00:03:36 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
La mer00:03:00
17 La mer 00:02:53 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
18 Aubade 00:02:00 Crossley-Mercer, Edwin Mauro, Lucy
Au bord de la nuit00:02:00
19 Au bord de la nuit 00:02:18 Crossley-Mercer, Edwin Mauro, Lucy
Le couteau00:02:00
20 Le couteau 00:01:57 Crossley-Mercer, Edwin Mauro, Lucy
Disc: 2
Soleils couchants00:03:00
1 Soleils couchants 00:02:24 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
2 Élégie 00:03:30 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
O schwöre nicht00:02:00
3 O schwöre nicht 00:02:03 Mauro, Lucy Shrader, Alek
Was will die einsame Thräne00:03:00
4 /Was will die einsäme Thräne? 00:02:32 Mauro, Lucy Shrader, Alek
Ach, die Augen sind es wieder00:02:00
5 Ach, die Augen sind es wieder 00:02:09 Mauro, Lucy Shrader, Alek
Ecoutez la chanson bien douce00:06:00
6 Écoutez la chanson bien douce 00:06:03 Cabell, Nicole Mauro, Lucy
Vers la vie nouvelle00:04:00
7 Vers la vie nouvelle 00:04:30 Mauro, Lucy
3 Piano Pièces00:03:00
8 3 Piano Pieces: No. 1 in D Minor 00:01:05 Mauro, Lucy
9 3 Piano Pieces: No. 2 in D Minor 00:01:26 Mauro, Lucy
10 3 Piano Pieces: No. 3 in B Minor 00:00:51 Mauro, Lucy
3 Pieces for Cello and Piano00:09:00
11 3 Pieces for Cello & Piano: No. 1, Modéré 00:03:14 Peled, Amit Mauro, Lucy
12 3 Pieces for Cello & Piano: No. 2, Sans vitesse et 00:02:21 Peled, Amit Mauro, Lucy
13 3 Pieces for Cello & Piano: No. 3, Vite et nerveus 00:02:58 Peled, Amit Mauro, Lucy
3 Pieces for Organ00:09:00
14 3 Pieces for Organ: No. 1, Prélude 00:05:22 Houbart, Francois-Henri
15 3 Pieces for Organ: No. 2, Petit canon 00:02:32 Houbart, Francois-Henri
16 3 Pieces for Organ: No. 3, Improvisation 00:03:57 Houbart, Francois-Henri
Pièce sur des airs populaires flamands00:07:00
17 Pièce sur des airs populaires flamands 00:07:18 Houbart, Francois-Henri
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