Malipiero: Complete Songs for Soprano and Piano

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Belonging to the generation of Respighi but dying several decades later, Gian Francesco Malipiero (1882-1973) is a far more varied composer than listeners to his post-Romantic chamber and orchestral music would guess. This album is both the most comprehensive publication ever issued of his song output on record, and a valuable opportunity to reappraise an often under-rated 20th-century composer. Malipiero wrote songs throughout his career, and in his late 20s found an affinity with the visionary and influential poet Gabriele d’Annunzio. Their artistic partnership began in 1909 with I sonetti delle fate, full of Wagnerian yearning in the spirit of Debussy’s incidental music to d’Annunzio’s St Sebastian play. The composer’s literary leanings and gifted word setting soon produced equally idiomatic settings of French poetry in a set of Cinq mélodies and an elliptical cycle of three poems (titled in English) by Georges Jean-Aubry, Keepsake. With Le stagioni italiche, however, Malipiero shows himself up to date and in sympathy with the latest developments in expressionist song writing from the pens of Mahler, Schoenberg and Webern, and with an ambition to match: a 40-minute cycle of four varied texts ranging from the 15th century to Malipiero’s own day. Like much else here, the cycle has previously been recorded but never in the context of Malipiero’s other songs which help us to understand the composer’s stylistic evolution. Three years later, there followed a through-composed drama based on the ancient legend of Philomel (immortalized by Ovid in the Metamorphoses) from which Malipiero extracted a cycle of three songs. He continued to refresh his style and innovate with Le sette allegrezze d’amore from 1945, but little in his music prepares the listener for the pointilliste precision of the Sette canzonette veneziane from 1960.
Item number BRI96153
Barcode 5028421961538
Release date 11/19/2021
Category Vocal
Number of units 3
Ensemble Vansìsiem Lied Duo
Disc: 1
I Sonetti delle Fate00:17:00
1 I. Eliana 00:03:32 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
2 II. Mirinda 00:02:19 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
3 III. Melusina 00:03:15 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
4 IV. Grasinda 00:03:12 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
5 V. Morgana 00:02:25 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
6 VI. Oriana - Oriana infedele 00:06:08 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
5 mélodies00:18:00
7 No. 1. Chanson Morave 00:03:38 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
8 No. 2. Les yeux couleur du temps 00:05:12 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
9 No. 3. Pégase 00:02:05 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
10 No. 4. Ariette 00:01:13 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
11 No. 5. L'Archet 00:05:40 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
12 No. 1. Light 00:01:44 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
13 No. 2. Song 00:01:20 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
14 No. 3. Stream 00:02:16 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
3 poesie di Angelo Poliziano00:06:00
15 No. 1. Inno a Maria nostra donna 00:02:59 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
16 No. 2. L'eco 00:01:08 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
17 No. 3. Ballata 00:01:52 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
4 Sonetti del Burchiello00:07:16
18 No. 1. Cacio stillato e olio pagonazzo 00:02:04 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
19 No. 2. Va in mercato, Giorgin 00:01:15 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
20 No. 3. Andando a uccellare 00:02:30 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
21 No. 4. Rose spinose e cavolo stantio 00:02:23 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
2 sonetti del Berni00:01:00
22 No. 1. Chiome d'argento fine 00:02:17 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
23 No. 2. Cancheri e beccafichi 00:01:13 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
2 Romanze00:05:00
24 No. 1. Fuga d'ale 00:02:08 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
25 No. 2. Onomasticon 00:02:33 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
La cavalcata della morte00:03:00
26 La cavalcata della morte 00:02:31 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
Vocalizzo per voce acuta00:03:00
27 Vocalizzo per voce acuta 00:02:50 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
Le stagioni italiche00:33:36
28 No. 1. Lauda per un Morto 00:11:47 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
29 No. 2. Canto della Neve 00:04:26 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
30 No. 3. Capriccio 00:07:31 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
31 No. 4. Ditirambo terzo 00:16:16 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
Tre canti di Filomela00:16:00
32 No. 1. Fortuna tutto può che dà il potere 00:04:30 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
33 No. 2. Se tu m'ami, se sospir 00:04:25 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
34 No. 3. Amore, Amore, che sì m'hai ferita 00:06:59 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
Le sette allegrezze d'amore (version for voice and00:12:00
35 Le sette allegrezze d'amore (version for voice and 00:12:22 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
Mondi celesti (version for voice and piano)00:07:00
36 Mondi celesti (version for voice and piano) 00:06:35 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
7 Canzonette veneziane00:10:00
37 No. 1. Fa nana, fantolini de la Madona 00:01:42 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
38 No. 2. Povero bernardon 00:01:13 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
39 No. 3. Soto quel sotoportego 00:01:05 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
40 No. 4. Come i zingari 00:01:14 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
41 No. 5. Voi sul ponte 00:00:41 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
42 No. 6. Cara ti ti xe proprio una bisona 00:00:50 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
43 No. 7. Roma xe granda e xe Venezia bela 00:00:52 Vansìsiem Lied Duo
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