MCNEILE, H.C. (Sapper): Bulldog Drummond (Unabridged)

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Barcode 9789626341292
Release date 1/1/2010
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 7
Booklet Author McMillan, Roy
Disc: 1
1 Prologue 00:07:48 McMillan, Roy
2 For a moment he stood motionless… 00:07:53 McMillan, Roy
3 'Gentlemen,' he remarked… 00:06:10 McMillan, Roy
4 Suddenly the American removed the toothpick… 00:08:41 McMillan, Roy
5 Chapter 1: In Which He Takes Tea at the Carlton an 00:05:34 McMillan, Roy
6 He propped the letter up against the toast-rack… 00:05:02 McMillan, Roy
7 II: At four o'clock exactly Hugh Drummond stepped 00:07:31 McMillan, Roy
8 'What's the matter, old thing?' he asked… 00:05:39 McMillan, Roy
9 'Do you remember the theft of the celebrated minia 00:06:18 McMillan, Roy
10 'And what is it that makes you think there's misch 00:05:11 McMillan, Roy
11 Chapter 2: In Which He Journeys to Godalming and t 00:06:07 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 2
1 II: The 30 h.p. two-seater made short work… 00:05:20 McMillan, Roy
2 'I hope he avoided the crash alright,' murmured Dr 00:04:03 McMillan, Roy
3 III: At half-past five he stopped… 00:06:21 McMillan, Roy
4 'Mr. Hiram C. Potts – the celebrated American mill 00:07:02 McMillan, Roy
5 It was with almost a look of relief… 00:06:31 McMillan, Roy
6 The document was still lying on the table… 00:05:05 McMillan, Roy
7 Chapter 3: In Which Things Happen in Half Moon Str 00:05:47 McMillan, Roy
8 Meanwhile, unconscious of this sudden solicitude… 00:05:44 McMillan, Roy
9 II: At twelve o'clock precisely the bell rang… 00:04:26 McMillan, Roy
10 Peterson's face was absolutely impassive… 00:05:06 McMillan, Roy
11 III: Hugh turned back into his own room… 00:06:03 McMillan, Roy
12 For ten minutes he spoke… 00:06:10 McMillan, Roy
13 Then further interior activity took place… 00:06:31 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 4: In Which He Spends a Quiet Night at The 00:05:39 McMillan, Roy
2 A sudden sound outside in the garden… 00:06:27 McMillan, Roy
3 II: In the days when Drummond had been a platoon c 00:08:54 McMillan, Roy
4 III: At eight o'clock the next morning… 00:05:02 McMillan, Roy
5 Peterson, with his coffee cup in hand, was staring 00:05:43 McMillan, Roy
6 IV: 'I heard you were down here,' she said… 00:05:30 McMillan, Roy
7 Chapter 5: In Which There is Trouble at Goring 00:06:44 McMillan, Roy
8 II: Inside the Junior Sports Club, Hugh Drummond… 00:08:16 McMillan, Roy
9 'Mr. Potts will see no one, sir,' remarked the man 00:07:16 McMillan, Roy
10 'You're not very clever at it are you?' said Hugh… 00:07:07 McMillan, Roy
11 III: 'I'm glad you two fellows came down…' 00:07:55 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 4
1 Chapter 6: In Which a Very Old Game Takes Place on 00:07:52 McMillan, Roy
2 II: 'Has it struck you fellows,' remarked Hugh… 00:07:41 McMillan, Roy
3 III: Hugh stopped his car at Guildford station… 00:06:52 McMillan, Roy
4 'I suppose,' he remarked resignedly… 00:04:04 McMillan, Roy
5 IV: At a quarter to ten he backed his car… 00:06:04 McMillan, Roy
6 Everything had fallen out exactly as he had hoped… 00:06:24 McMillan, Roy
7 Chapter 7: In Which He Spends an Hour or Two on a 00:07:55 McMillan, Roy
8 'A truce to all this fooling,' he burst forth… 00:08:09 McMillan, Roy
9 II: The darkness could be felt, as real darkness… 00:04:33 McMillan, Roy
10 A faint, watery moon showed him a twenty-foot drop 00:04:37 McMillan, Roy
11 III: It was half an hour before Drummond decided… 00:04:44 McMillan, Roy
12 'Are you ready?' he said, taking off his coat… 00:04:50 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 5
1 The sound of the door opening made both men… 00:06:19 McMillan, Roy
2 'Make the fool sign,' The words echoed through… 00:05:40 McMillan, Roy
3 Chapter 8: In Which He Goes to Paris for a Night 00:07:00 McMillan, Roy
4 'Peterson,' he called out affably… 00:06:51 McMillan, Roy
5 II: 'Go away,' said Toby, looking up… 00:04:34 McMillan, Roy
6 III: 'Have you got him all right, Ted?' 00:06:39 McMillan, Roy
7 'Now listen – all of you. Ted – off you go…' 00:06:19 McMillan, Roy
8 IV: 'My dear fellow, I told you we'd get here some 00:04:45 McMillan, Roy
9 'I guess I've sort of taken to you,' he remarked… 00:04:57 McMillan, Roy
10 Chapter 9: In Which He Has a Near Shave 00:05:10 McMillan, Roy
11 'Crude!' he murmured, 'crude! If you and your pals 00:05:16 McMillan, Roy
12 II: But on that particular evening the detective… 00:07:09 McMillan, Roy
13 The light flashed out, darting round the room… 00:06:53 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 6
1 III: It was the Comte de Guy who boarded… 00:06:56 McMillan, Roy
2 IV: 'Walk right in, Mr. Green,' said Hugh… 00:07:03 McMillan, Roy
3 Chapter 10: In Which the Hun Nation Decreases by O 00:06:38 McMillan, Roy
4 'Feeling better, my friend?' 00:07:48 McMillan, Roy
5 II: 'We appear,' remarked Hugh quietly… 00:06:32 McMillan, Roy
6 Algy's warning cry rang out simultaneously… 00:08:17 McMillan, Roy
7 III: Even in his wildest dreams Hugh had never… 00:06:00 McMillan, Roy
8 For a while the three men studied him in silence… 00:06:13 McMillan, Roy
9 Chapter 11: In Which Lakington Plays his Last 'Cou 00:07:52 McMillan, Roy
10 II: Laidley Towers was en fete. 00:04:39 McMillan, Roy
11 And it was at that moment that the intent watcher… 00:05:03 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 7
1 Then a peculiar look came over the Indian's face… 00:06:02 McMillan, Roy
2 But apparently by this time the Great Brooding Spi 00:07:11 McMillan, Roy
3 III: Drummond, hunched low over the wheel… 00:07:54 McMillan, Roy
4 'And since I have to deal with him later…' 00:06:56 McMillan, Roy
5 Chapter 12: In Which the Last Round Takes Place 00:05:54 McMillan, Roy
6 'Why,' he spluttered after a moment… 00:06:46 McMillan, Roy
7 II: It was a couple of hours later that Hugh rang 00:04:13 McMillan, Roy
8 'Lakington! That was the name of the man I met…' 00:05:01 McMillan, Roy
9 III: 'What's troubling me,' remarked Hugh… 00:06:19 McMillan, Roy
10 'He should be here at any moment,' he answered… 00:06:39 McMillan, Roy
11 'And now, Carl Peterson,' he remarked… 00:05:23 McMillan, Roy
12 Epilogue 00:04:36 McMillan, Roy
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