Meyerbeer: Vasco de gama

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Giacomo Meyerbeer worked on L'Africaine, later Vasco de Gama, from 1837 until shortly before his death in 1864. +Following his passing, an examination of the existing material introduced changes and greatly abridged the work, subsequently staged as L'Africaine. +The modern critical edition by scholar Jürgen Schläder formed the basis of this studio production of the acclaimed 2013 Vasco de Gama production and now for the first time enables a hearing of the composer's true intentions.
Item number 777828-2
Barcode 761203782826
Release date 6/10/2014
Category Opera
Label CPO
Number of units 4
Conductor Beermann, Frank
Disc: 1
1 Overture 00:04:17
2 Act I: Scene and Romance: Anna, qu'entends-je (Ine 00:09:14
3 Act I: Scene, Trio and Recitative: Mon pere, par v 00:07:16
4 Act I: Ensemble Piece and Finale: Dieu que le mond 00:05:52
5 Act I: J'ai vu, nobles seigneurs (Vasco, Don Alvar 00:05:23
6 Act I: Un mot encore (Vasco, The Inquisitor, Don D 00:01:07
7 Act I: Esclaves, approchez! (Don Pedro, Don Diego, 00:01:30
8 Act I: Mais parle donc (Vasco, Selika, Nelusko, Do 00:03:54
9 Act I: Il faut avec ardeur seconder sa vaillance! 00:03:54
10 Act I: Le conseil souverain (Don Pedro, Vasco, The 00:08:04
11 Act II: Entr'acte and Scene: Vogue, mon beau navir 00:05:17
12 Act II: Slumber Aria: Sur mes genoux, fils du sole 00:06:17
13 Act II: Scene and Air: Nelusko! (Selika, Nelusko, 00:12:21
Disc: 2
1 Act II: Recitative and Duet: Le maitre a-t-il faim 00:09:38
2 Act II: Finale (Septett): On nous l'avait bien dit 00:05:41
3 Act II: Marche conclu! (Don Pedro, Selika, Anna, D 00:07:59
4 Act III: Entr'acte 00:03:47
5 Act III: Le rapide et leger navire (Companions of 00:03:30
6 Act III: Quartet: Debout matelots (Sailors) 00:02:34
7 Act III: Prayer of the Sailors: O grand Saint Domi 00:03:58
8 Act III: Call to the Morning Meal and Drinking Rou 00:03:27
9 Act III: Scene and Recitative: Ah! c'est vous Don 00:02:47
10 Act III: Hola! matelots, le vent change! (Nelusko, 00:06:06
11 Act III: Ballade: Tralalala! Ecoutez! (Nelusko, Sa 00:04:42
12 Act III: Scene and Duet: Un navire, portant pavill 00:10:25
13 Act III: Recitative, Septet, and Final Scene: Au m 00:04:15
14 Act III: Scene: Qu'on l'entraine a l'instant au fo 00:03:39
15 Act III: Duet: Ah! s'il ne fallait que donner ma v 00:03:01
16 Act III: A moi, fils de Shiva! (Nelusko, Indians) 00:02:39
Disc: 3
1 Act IV: Entre'acte and Indian March 00:08:48
2 Act IV: Nous jurons par Brama, par Vishnou, par Sh 00:05:40
3 Act IV: Aria: O ciel! que vois-je? (Vasco, Indians 00:07:15
4 Act IV: Arretez! (Selika, Vasco, Nelusko, The Gran 00:03:37
5 Act IV: Cavatina: L'avoir tant adoree! (Nelusko, I 00:03:37
6 Act IV: Finale: Brahma! (The Grand Priest of Brahm 00:04:03
7 Act IV: Duet: L'hymen que ton salut me force de so 00:11:38
8 Act IV: Finale: Triple divinite, redoutable au par 00:07:15
Disc: 4
1 Act V: Entr'acte, Recitative and Aria: La-bas, sou 00:03:03
2 Act V: Aria of Ines: Fleurs nouvelles, arbres nouv 00:03:35
3 Act V: Scene: Ne m'abuse-je pas? (Ines, Vasco, Sel 00:03:15
4 Act V: Duet: Avant que ma vengeance ordonne ton su 00:12:27
5 Act V: Scene and Aria of Selika: D'ici je vois la 00:14:19
6 Act V: Recitave and Aria of Selika: Vasco! te voil 00:06:12
7 Act V: C'est ici le sejour (Chorus of the Breezes, 00:01:26
8 Act V: Final Scene 00:02:36
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