MILTON, J.: Paradise Lost (Unabridged)

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Release date 12/1/2005
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 9
Disc: 1
1 Book 1 - The Argument: This first book proposes… 00:03:20 Lesser, Anton
2 Book 1: Of Mans first disobedience, and the fruit… 00:04:00 Lesser, Anton
3 There the companions of his fall… 00:04:09 Lesser, Anton
4 Whereto with speedy words th’Arch-Fiend replied… 00:03:22 Lesser, Anton
5 Forthwith upright he rears from off the pool… 00:03:34 Lesser, Anton
6 He scarce had ceased when the superior Fiend… 00:05:22 Lesser, Anton
7 The chief were those who, from the pit of Hell… 00:04:11 Lesser, Anton
8 Next came one Who mourned in earnest… 00:03:41 Lesser, Anton
9 All these and more came flocking… 00:03:43 Lesser, Anton
10 Thus far these beyond Compare of mortal prowess… 00:05:07 Lesser, Anton
11 There stood a hill not far, whose grisly top… 00:04:26 Lesser, Anton
12 Meanwhile the winged Heralds, by command… 00:02:43 Lesser, Anton
13 Book 2 - The Argument: The Consultation begun… 00:02:11 Lesser, Anton
14 Book 2: High on a throne of royal state… 00:05:48 Lesser, Anton
15 He ended frowning, and his look denounced… 00:04:39 Lesser, Anton
16 War, therefore, open or concealed, alike… 00:02:25 Lesser, Anton
17 Thus Belial, with words clothed in reason’s garb… 00:03:06 Lesser, Anton
18 He scarce had finished, when such murmur filled… 00:05:22 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 2
1 Thus Beelzebub Pleaded his devilish counsel… 00:02:18 Lesser, Anton
2 This said, he sat; and expectation held… 00:04:51 Lesser, Anton
3 The Stygian council thus dissolved; and forth… 00:04:34 Lesser, Anton
4 Beyond this flood a frozen continent… 00:02:36 Lesser, Anton
5 Meanwhile the Adversary of God and Man… 00:04:08 Lesser, Anton
6 So spake the grisly Terror, and in shape… 00:05:55 Lesser, Anton
7 She finished: and the subtle Fiend his lore Soon l 00:03:14 Lesser, Anton
8 Thus saying, from her side the fatal key… 00:05:53 Lesser, Anton
9 T’ whom Satan, turning boldly, thus: – Ye Powers… 00:05:24 Lesser, Anton
10 Book 3 - The Argument: God sitting on his Throne… 00:03:08 Lesser, Anton
11 Book 3: Hail, holy Light, offspring of Heaven firs 00:04:48 Lesser, Anton
12 Only begotten Son, seest thou what rage… 00:04:00 Lesser, Anton
13 O Father, gracious was that word which clos'd… 00:05:15 Lesser, Anton
14 Father, thy word is past, Man shall find grace… 00:03:28 Lesser, Anton
15 Thou, therefore, whom thou only canst redeem… 00:03:42 Lesser, Anton
16 No sooner had the Almighty ceased, but all… 00:03:54 Lesser, Anton
17 Mean while upon the firm opacous globe… 00:04:58 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 3
1 All this dark globe the Fiend found as he passed… 00:04:47 Lesser, Anton
2 There lands the Fiend, a spot like which perhaps… 00:03:52 Lesser, Anton
3 Uriel, for thou of those seven Spirits that stand… 00:05:25 Lesser, Anton
4 Book 4 - The Argument: Satan now in prospect of Ed 00:03:00 Lesser, Anton
5 Book 4: O, for that warning voice, which he, who s 00:05:12 Lesser, Anton
6 But say I could repent, and could obtain… 00:04:24 Lesser, Anton
7 Now to the ascent of that steep savage hill… 00:05:20 Lesser, Anton
8 Not that fair field Of Enna where Proserpine gathe 00:05:02 Lesser, Anton
9 O Hell! What do mine eyes with grief behold! 00:05:07 Lesser, Anton
10 To whom thus Eve replied. O thou for whom… 00:03:11 Lesser, Anton
11 So spake our general mother, and with eyes… 00:03:01 Lesser, Anton
12 So saying, his proud step he scornful turned… 00:03:26 Lesser, Anton
13 Now came still Evening on, and Twilight gray… 00:05:09 Lesser, Anton
14 Thus talking, hand in hand alone they passed… 00:04:51 Lesser, Anton
15 These, lulled by nightingales, embracing slept… 00:05:09 Lesser, Anton
16 The Fiend replied not, overcome with rage… 00:05:03 Lesser, Anton
17 To whom the warrior Angel soon replied 00:04:43 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 4
1 Book 5 - The Argument: Morning approacht, Eve rela 00:02:08 Lesser, Anton
2 Book 5: Now Morn, her rosy steps in the eastern cl 00:05:25 Lesser, Anton
3 Thus Eve her night Related, and thus Adam answered 00:03:20 Lesser, Anton
4 These are thy glorious works, Parent of good… 00:03:13 Lesser, Anton
5 On to their morning's rural work they haste… 00:04:51 Lesser, Anton
6 Him through the spicy forest onward come… 00:04:59 Lesser, Anton
7 Hail, Mother of Mankind, whose fruitful womb… 00:04:28 Lesser, Anton
8 O Adam, One Almighty, is, from whom… 00:05:18 Lesser, Anton
9 High matter thou enjoinest me, O prime of men… 00:04:25 Lesser, Anton
10 Now when ambrosial night with clouds exhaled… 00:03:57 Lesser, Anton
11 Mean while the Eternal eye, whose sight discerns… 00:03:14 Lesser, Anton
12 Thrones, Dominations, Princedoms, Virtues, Powers… 00:04:11 Lesser, Anton
13 So spake the fervent Angel; but his zeal… 00:03:33 Lesser, Anton
14 Book 6 - The Argument: Raphael continues to relate 00:02:05 Lesser, Anton
15 Book 6: All night the dreadless Angel, unpursued… 00:03:05 Lesser, Anton
16 So spake the Sovran Voice, and clouds began… 00:03:44 Lesser, Anton
17 So pondering, and from his armed peers… 00:04:29 Lesser, Anton
18 Now storming fury rose… 00:03:49 Lesser, Anton
19 So spake the Prince of Angels; to whom thus… 00:04:30 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 5
1 Mean while in other parts like deeds deserved… 00:05:34 Lesser, Anton
2 He sat; and in the assembly next upstood… 00:04:26 Lesser, Anton
3 Now when fair morn orient in Heaven appeared… 00:04:33 Lesser, Anton
4 Satan beheld their plight… 00:04:00 Lesser, Anton
5 Effulgence of my glory, Son beloved… 00:03:48 Lesser, Anton
6 So said he, o’er his scepter bowing, rose… 00:04:20 Lesser, Anton
7 So spake the son and into terrour changed… 00:05:44 Lesser, Anton
8 Book 7 - The Argument: Raphael at the request of A 00:01:25 Lesser, Anton
9 Book 7: Descend from Heaven, Urania, by that name… 00:03:42 Lesser, Anton
10 Great things, and full of wonder in our ears… 00:03:28 Lesser, Anton
11 At least our envious Foe hath failed, who thought… 00:04:33 Lesser, Anton
12 Then staid the fervid wheels, and in his hand… 00:04:39 Lesser, Anton
13 He scarce had said, when the bare Earth, till then 00:03:56 Lesser, Anton
14 And God said, Let the waters generate… 00:03:26 Lesser, Anton
15 The sixth, and of creation last arose… 00:05:37 Lesser, Anton
16 Here finished he, and all that he had made… 00:05:25 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 6
1 Book 8 - The Argument: Adam inquires concerning ce 00:01:25 Lesser, Anton
2 Book 8: The Angel ended, and in Adam’s ear… 00:03:40 Lesser, Anton
3 And Raphael now to Adam’s doubt proposed… 00:05:10 Lesser, Anton
4 But whether thus these things, or whether not… 00:05:17 Lesser, Anton
5 For Man to tell how human life began… 00:04:56 Lesser, Anton
6 Sternly he pronounced The rigid interdiction… 00:04:20 Lesser, Anton
7 He ceased; I lowly answered. To attain… 00:04:59 Lesser, Anton
8 She heard me thus; and though divinely brought… 00:05:29 Lesser, Anton
9 To whom thus, half abashed, Adam replied 00:03:41 Lesser, Anton
10 Book 9 - The Argument: Satan having compast the Ea 00:02:57 Lesser, Anton
11 Book 9: No more of talk where God or Angel guest… 00:05:15 Lesser, Anton
12 More justly, seat worthier of Gods, as built… 00:05:26 Lesser, Anton
13 Now, when as sacred light began to dawn… 00:04:20 Lesser, Anton
14 Offspring of Heaven and Earth, and all Earth’s Lor 00:03:50 Lesser, Anton
15 To whom thus Adam fervently replied 00:04:34 Lesser, Anton
16 For now, and since first break of dawn, the Fiend… 00:05:18 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 7
1 So spake the enemy of mankind, enclosed… 00:03:32 Lesser, Anton
2 So glozed the Tempter and his proem tuned… 00:04:49 Lesser, Anton
3 Lead then, said Eve. He, leading, swiftly rolled… 00:04:14 Lesser, Anton
4 Of good, how just? of evil, if what is evil… 00:02:55 Lesser, Anton
5 He ended; and his words replete with guile… 00:03:22 Lesser, Anton
6 Earth felt the wound; and Nature from her seat… 00:03:57 Lesser, Anton
7 To him she hasted; in her face excuse… 00:03:53 Lesser, Anton
8 Bold deed thou hast presumed, adventurous Eve… 00:05:28 Lesser, Anton
9 Eve, now I see thou art exact of taste… 00:04:46 Lesser, Anton
10 So counselled he, and both together went… 00:05:03 Lesser, Anton
11 Book 10 - The Argument: Mans transgression known… 00:03:16 Lesser, Anton
12 Book 10: Mean while the heinous and despiteful act 00:04:40 Lesser, Anton
13 Thus saying, from his radiant seat he rose… 00:04:41 Lesser, Anton
14 Which when the Lord God heard, without delay… 00:03:40 Lesser, Anton
15 Mean while, ere thus was sinned and judged on Eart 00:04:17 Lesser, Anton
16 So, if great things to small may be compared… 00:06:11 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 8
1 So saying he dismissed them; they with speed… 00:05:47 Lesser, Anton
2 So having said, a while he stood, expecting… 00:04:40 Lesser, Anton
3 Mean while in Paradise the hellish pair… 00:03:40 Lesser, Anton
4 Such was their song… 00:03:41 Lesser, Anton
5 O miserable of happy! Is this the end… 00:03:22 Lesser, Anton
6 Yet one doubt Pursues me still, lest all I cannot 00:03:51 Lesser, Anton
7 Thus Adam to himself lamented loud… 00:03:41 Lesser, Anton
8 Forsake me not thus, Adam! witness Heaven… 00:05:36 Lesser, Anton
9 But Adam, with such counsel nothing swayed… 00:05:04 Lesser, Anton
10 Book 11 - The Argument: The Son of God presents to 00:01:38 Lesser, Anton
11 Book 11: Thus they, in lowliest plight, repentant 00:04:55 Lesser, Anton
12 O Sons, like one of us Man is become… 00:05:31 Lesser, Anton
13 So spake, so wished much humbled Eve; but Fate… 00:05:02 Lesser, Anton
14 O unexpected stroke, worse than of Death! 00:04:35 Lesser, Anton
15 But this pre-eminence thou hast lost, brought down 00:04:14 Lesser, Anton
16 But him the gentle Angel by the hand… 00:03:39 Lesser, Anton
Disc: 9
1 Immediately a place Before his eyes appeared… 00:05:04 Lesser, Anton
2 He looked, and saw a spacious plain whereon… 00:04:47 Lesser, Anton
3 He looked, and saw wide territory spread… 00:04:26 Lesser, Anton
4 He looked, and saw the face of things quite change 00:04:34 Lesser, Anton
5 To whom thus Michael 00:03:41 Lesser, Anton
6 The ark no more now floats, but seems on ground… 00:03:14 Lesser, Anton
7 Book 12 - The Argument: The Angel Michael continue 00:01:42 Lesser, Anton
8 Book 12: As one who in his journey bates at noon… 00:04:24 Lesser, Anton
9 To whom thus Michael 00:05:03 Lesser, Anton
10 But first the lawless tyrant who denies… 00:05:29 Lesser, Anton
11 Here Adam interposed. O sent from Heaven… 00:04:16 Lesser, Anton
12 There in captivity he lets them dwell… 00:03:59 Lesser, Anton
13 For this he shall live hated, be blasphemed… 00:03:14 Lesser, Anton
14 So spake the Arch-Angel Michael; then paused… 00:04:56 Lesser, Anton
15 How soon hath thy prediction, Seer blest… 00:06:31 Lesser, Anton
16 [Music] Jenkins: Fantasia in E Minor 00:04:08 Lesser, Anton
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