More Great Inventors and Their Inventions (Unabridged)

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One thing that hasn’t changed much at all in the last 10,000 years is the human brain. The relentless curiosity of the human mind, combined with our ability to solve problems, has resulted in huge innovation and change. Here then, are some of the most revolutionary ideas of the last 300 years. From James Watt and the invention of the steam engine, and the motorcars of Daimler and Benz, to the invention of cinema and television, More Great Inventors and Their Inventions explores the creation of seven great innovations, and the minds behind them. This release is a marvelous snapshot of seven of the world’s greatest inventions, written and narrated so as to spark the interest of a junior audience in the fascinating topic of science. The album is part of the popular non-fiction Naxos AudioBooks series aimed at informing and entertaining younger listeners and their parents, and is a follow-up to the well-received Naxos AudioBooks title, Great Inventors and Their Inventions.
Item number NA0281
Barcode 9781781980750
Release date 10/13/2017
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Soames, Benjamin
Disc: 1
More Great Inventors and Their Inventions (Unabrid02:37:00
1 Introduction 00:03:48 Soames, Benjamin
2 The Hot Air Balloon Montgolfier Brothers 00:10:20 Soames, Benjamin
3 The flight caused a sensation in the press … 00:10:07 Soames, Benjamin
4 The Steam Engine James Watt 00:10:53 Soames, Benjamin
5 Watt's real genius was in improving things. 00:08:53 Soames, Benjamin
6 In 1766 he accepted a job as a surveyor for a new 00:10:03 Soames, Benjamin
7 Teaching the Blind to Read Louis Braille 00:07:11 Soames, Benjamin
8 In 1821, when he was twelve years old … 00:08:03 Soames, Benjamin
9 Photography William Henry Fox Talbot 00:09:49 Soames, Benjamin
Disc: 2
More Great Inventors and Their Inventions (Unabrid02:37:00
1 William decided to try gallic acid on his photogen 00:03:10 Soames, Benjamin
2 Cinema The Lumière Brothers 00:12:05 Soames, Benjamin
3 The Motor Car Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz 00:14:11 Soames, Benjamin
4 Meanwhile Karl Benz had also set up his own busine 00:12:32 Soames, Benjamin
5 Television John Logie Baird 00:13:14 Soames, Benjamin
6 The Jet Engine Frank Whittle 00:11:19 Soames, Benjamin
7 In 1936 Frank graduated from Cambridge … 00:11:08 Soames, Benjamin
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