Murakami, H.: Elephant Vanishes (The) (Unabridged)

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Barcode 730099096126
Release date 6/1/2006
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 8
Disc: 1
1 The Wind Up Bird and Tuesday’s Women 00:04:21 Degas, Rupert
2 I wash up plate and pans while boiling a kettle... 00:03:58 Degas, Rupert
3 ‘Easy’ I say ‘now hold on just one minute.’ 00:03:56 Degas, Rupert
4 I go to the kitchen for that drink of water... 00:05:33 Degas, Rupert
5 At twelve-thirty I go out shopping as usual... 00:05:33 Degas, Rupert
6 ‘I’m in bed right now,’ the woman says... 00:03:16 Degas, Rupert
7 A little before two o’ clock... 00:04:27 Degas, Rupert
8 The homes that sandwich the passage are of two dis 00:05:16 Degas, Rupert
9 I turn around to look behind me, and there, in the 00:05:26 Degas, Rupert
10 I open the gate and step in, following the girl... 00:05:50 Degas, Rupert
11 The girl gets up from her deckchair and disappears 00:04:12 Degas, Rupert
12 For the time being there isn’t a sound... 00:05:50 Degas, Rupert
13 I awake to find I’m alone 00:06:31 Degas, Rupert
14 The Second Bakery Attack 00:06:27 Flavin, Tim
15 ‘I once attacked a bakery. Long time ago.’ 00:04:22 Flavin, Tim
16 Of course, it wasn’t true that nothing had happene 00:04:23 Flavin, Tim
Disc: 2
1 The Second Bakery Attack (continued) 00:04:48 Flavin, Tim
2 Altogether there were three McDonald’s workers 00:06:18 Flavin, Tim
3 The Kangaroo Communiqué 00:05:24 Peterson, Jeff
4 Actually I started to write you a letter... 00:04:45 Peterson, Jeff
5 Still and all, this imperfection business... 00:06:42 Peterson, Jeff
6 Let us now address the topic of sex 00:04:14 Peterson, Jeff
7 Let me say a little more about myself... 00:04:44 Peterson, Jeff
8 On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful Apri 00:05:32 Lewis, Walter
9 Now, of course, I know exactly what I should have 00:05:42 Lewis, Walter
10 Sleep 00:04:53 Gallagher, Teresa
11 In any case, what I have now is nothing like that. 00:04:35 Gallagher, Teresa
12 He drives his Sentra out of the condo parking gara 00:04:32 Gallagher, Teresa
13 After I’ve had my swim, I use the rest of my after 00:03:37 Gallagher, Teresa
14 I remember with perfect clarity that first night.. 00:05:42 Gallagher, Teresa
15 I got out of bed and went into the bathroom 00:04:11 Gallagher, Teresa
16 I shook my head. Stop thinking, I told myself 00:03:45 Gallagher, Teresa
Disc: 3
1 Sleep (continued) 00:04:06 Gallagher, Teresa
2 I went back to the sofa and started reading... 00:04:22 Gallagher, Teresa
3 While I cleared the table, my husband sat on the s 00:04:38 Gallagher, Teresa
4 At ten o’clock, I got into my bed... 00:04:14 Gallagher, Teresa
5 And so a week went by 00:03:09 Gallagher, Teresa
6 One afternoon I went to the library and read... 00:03:29 Gallagher, Teresa
7 Now my inability to sleep ceased to frighten me... 00:05:36 Gallagher, Teresa
8 One time I stood and stared at my sleeping husband 00:04:04 Gallagher, Teresa
9 I left the bedroom and went back to the living roo 00:05:30 Gallagher, Teresa
10 I’m taking off my pyjamas and putting on jeans... 00:06:05 Gallagher, Teresa
11 The Fall of the Roman Empire, The 1881 Indian Upri 00:03:36 Flavin, Tim
12 2. The 1881 Indian Uprising 00:01:58 Flavin, Tim
13 3. Hitler’s Invasion of Poland 00:01:01 Flavin, Tim
14 4. And the Realm of Raging Winds 00:04:34 Flavin, Tim
15 Lederhosen 00:03:52 Heenehan, Mark
16 ‘They weren’t really shorts,’ she says 00:05:34 Heenehan, Mark
17 The shop that sold the lederhosen was in a small t 00:05:52 Heenehan, Mark
18 She – the daughter who’s telling me this story... 00:03:28 Heenehan, Mark
19 Barn Burning 00:04:17 Chancer, John
Disc: 4
1 Barn Burning (continued) 00:04:59 Chancer, John
2 Thereafter I met up with the guy a number of times 00:03:59 Chancer, John
3 Midway through the feast, having polished off the 00:04:08 Chancer, John
4 ‘I’d like to hear about this barn thing,’ I said 00:04:13 Chancer, John
5 I nodded. Just how was I to accept this at face va 00:06:27 Chancer, John
6 The following day, I went to a bookstore... 00:05:00 Chancer, John
7 The next time I met the guy was in the middle of D 00:06:31 Chancer, John
8 The Little Green Monster 00:05:03 Gallagher, Teresa
9 Of course not, it said to me, cocking its head 00:05:14 Gallagher, Teresa
10 Family Affair 00:04:37 Peterson, Jeff
11 Why had her attitude toward me changed so much... 00:05:20 Peterson, Jeff
12 I had started living with my sister five years ear 00:04:15 Peterson, Jeff
13 Then she showed me his picture 00:03:35 Peterson, Jeff
14 Finally though, I had no choice but to meet... 00:04:57 Peterson, Jeff
15 The day after the spaghetti argument with my siste 00:04:07 Peterson, Jeff
16 My sister woke me at eight o'clock on Sunday morni 00:06:59 Peterson, Jeff
Disc: 5
1 Family Affair (continued) 00:06:00 Peterson, Jeff
2 When dinner was over, we moved to the living room 00:04:38 Peterson, Jeff
3 It was after midnight by the time I got home 00:06:55 Peterson, Jeff
4 A Window 00:03:42 Flavin, Tim
5 I kept this part-time job going for a year 00:04:09 Flavin, Tim
6 Hamburger steak. I did actually have the opportuni 00:06:47 Flavin, Tim
7 TV People 00:03:45 Peterson, Jeff
8 There were three of them altogether. They don’t kn 00:04:38 Peterson, Jeff
9 Everything gets removed from the sideboard to make 00:05:22 Peterson, Jeff
10 Curiously, the wife makes no mention of the appear 00:04:14 Peterson, Jeff
11 I wake at half past two in the morning to find the 00:04:08 Peterson, Jeff
12 At work, the day is solid with meetings from the m 00:03:46 Peterson, Jeff
13 At one of the afternoon meetings, I see TV people 00:03:06 Peterson, Jeff
14 When I get home from work, the apartment is dark.. 00:04:24 Peterson, Jeff
15 I dream about a meeting. I’m standing up... 00:05:00 Peterson, Jeff
16 The two TV people on the screen keep working away 00:04:09 Peterson, Jeff
17 The two TV people in the television continue build 00:03:57 Peterson, Jeff
Disc: 6
1 A Slow Boat to China 00:05:26 Chancer, John
2 2. There was an elementary school for Chinese up t 00:03:55 Chancer, John
3 It was nearly fifteen minutes later when the proct 00:05:45 Chancer, John
4 3. The town where I went to high school was a port 00:04:18 Chancer, John
5 Where we worked was a tiny, dark, small-time... 00:03:27 Chancer, John
6 When we’d finally danced ourselves out, we left... 00:03:47 Chancer, John
7 It was ten after eleven when she finally got off.. 00:05:10 Chancer, John
8 4. Now the story of my third Chinese 00:05:02 Chancer, John
9 His coffee arrived and he drank it slowly 00:04:02 Chancer, John
10 Suddenly there was a click in my head 00:03:48 Chancer, John
11 5. Supposing I found myself chasing another fly ba 00:04:54 Chancer, John
12 The Dancing Dwarf 00:06:52 Lewis, Walter
13 I woke up alone. Facedown in bed... 00:04:44 Lewis, Walter
14 My partner and I in the ear shop like the second a 00:03:20 Lewis, Walter
15 As soon as the bell rang at quitting time... 00:05:00 Lewis, Walter
16 The old man went on to tell me how the dwarf had a 00:05:23 Lewis, Walter
17 I didn’t dream about the dwarf again 00:03:28 Lewis, Walter
Disc: 7
1 The Dancing Dwarf (continued) 00:02:48 Lewis, Walter
2 That night, the dwarf came into my dream again... 00:04:46 Lewis, Walter
3 The dwarf used the branch to draw a number of vert 00:04:12 Lewis, Walter
4 The dance hall stood by the main factory gate... 00:06:44 Lewis, Walter
5 We left the dance hall and walked along the river 00:04:17 Lewis, Walter
6 Now I knew what I had to do 00:03:42 Lewis, Walter
7 The Last Lawn of the Afternoon 00:04:14 Heenehan, Mark
8 At eighteen or nineteen I mowed lawns... 00:05:21 Heenehan, Mark
9 The whole week went past before it struck me 00:04:51 Heenehan, Mark
10 Clear weather three days in a row, then one day of 00:04:07 Heenehan, Mark
11 I pulled the van to a stop in front of the appoint 00:03:58 Heenehan, Mark
12 I went to the van, took out the electric mower, gr 00:04:40 Heenehan, Mark
13 At twelve-thirty I returned to the lawn 00:05:43 Heenehan, Mark
14 The interior of the house was just as deathly quie 00:04:18 Heenehan, Mark
15 The woman sat her middle-aged bulk down on the bed 00:04:01 Heenehan, Mark
16 I returned to my chair and lit up a brand-new ciga 00:04:27 Heenehan, Mark
17 We went back down the same staircase... 00:04:35 Heenehan, Mark
Disc: 8
1 The Silence 00:04:35 Chancer, John
2 After the first few months, Ozawa’s interest in bo 00:04:15 Chancer, John
3 ‘In almost every way, Aoki and I were polar opposi 00:05:25 Chancer, John
4 ‘That afternoon, Aoki didn’t show up in class.’ 00:04:40 Chancer, John
5 ‘Anyway, during summer vacation a terrible thing h 00:04:23 Chancer, John
6 ’Immediately, I knew Aoki was behind this.’ 00:05:50 Chancer, John
7 ‘My first hint of a reprieve came a month later.’ 00:03:43 Chancer, John
8 At that, Ozawa let out a big sigh 00:04:55 Chancer, John
9 The Elephant Vanishes 00:04:33 Flavin, Tim
10 I had had my own private interest in the elephant 00:04:12 Flavin, Tim
11 On its right rear leg, the elephant wore a solid.. 00:03:07 Flavin, Tim
12 And so a year went by 00:04:28 Flavin, Tim
13 The mayor had held a news conference... 00:05:47 Flavin, Tim
14 I met her near the end of September 00:04:21 Flavin, Tim
15 She was unmarried and so was I 00:04:25 Flavin, Tim
16 It was no use: I’d have to tell her the story 00:05:19 Flavin, Tim
17 In fact, I had wondered at the time whether my eye 00:05:22 Flavin, Tim
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