Musical Images for Piano: Reflections & Recollections, Vols. 1 & 2

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Composer Mark John McEncroe's latest album, Musical Images for Piano, presents a theater of the mind, performed with a delicacy that is both melancholic and nostalgic. Rather than attempting to shatter musical boundaries, McEncroe focuses on the introspective, letting the listener’s stories and memories give the music its own unique life. Divided into two volumes titled “Reflections” and “Recollections,” Musical Images for Piano is performed solo by pianist Yoko Hagino. McEncroe draws his inspiration from the setting of his Japanese garden, but beyond that, the composer does little to share his own stories. Instead, he encourages the listener to create an atmosphere where they can turn inward to give the compositions depth by associating them with their own memories. Like paintings, McEncroe’s compositions begin simply with a title. “Daybreak,” the opening song in the second volume, the tender slur of melody brings to life a moment of renewal, almost as if you can hear the sun rising for a new beginning. On “Natalie’s Theme,” the melody wafts along sorrowful tones. The composition characterizes someone that feels familiar, knowing everything about her through song. The pace of both “Reflections” and “Recollections” volumes provide plenty of space to take a step back from the current moment and dream about places and moments that once seemed forgotten.
Item number NV6144
Barcode 896931004442
Release date 3/9/2018
Category Classical Music
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Hagino, Yoko
Disc: 1
Introspective Moments00:03:00
1 Introspective Moments 00:03:58 Hagino, Yoko
Ripples on the Still Water00:04:00
2 Ripples on the Still Water 00:04:44 Hagino, Yoko
The Calling00:02:00
3 The Calling 00:02:58 Hagino, Yoko
The Gargoyle Fountain00:04:00
4 The Gargoyle Fountain 00:04:49 Hagino, Yoko
The Pendulum00:04:00
5 The Pendulum 00:06:49 Hagino, Yoko
Ghosts from the Past00:06:00
6 Ghosts from the Past 00:05:55 Hagino, Yoko
Dancing in the Light00:04:00
7 Dancing in the Light 00:04:37 Hagino, Yoko
Shades of Autumn00:08:00
8 Shades of Autumn 00:09:08 Hagino, Yoko
A Fish with the Blues00:05:00
9 A Fish with the Blues 00:05:48 Hagino, Yoko
A Lazy Summer's Afternoon00:05:00
10 A Lazy Summer's Afternoon 00:05:28 Hagino, Yoko
Shadows in the Water00:05:00
11 Shadows in the Water 00:06:05 Hagino, Yoko
Andante Moderato00:05:00
12 Andante moderato 00:06:43 Hagino, Yoko
Shadows of an Old Memory00:06:00
13 Shadows of an Old Memory 00:05:53 Hagino, Yoko
Disc: 2
1 Daybreak 00:04:11 Hagino, Yoko
Cindy's Song00:04:28
2 Cindy's Song 00:04:06 Hagino, Yoko
A Rainy Summer's Day00:04:49
3 A Rainy Summer's Day 00:04:21 Hagino, Yoko
A Penny For Your Thoughts00:05:52
4 A Penny for Your Thoughts 00:05:13 Hagino, Yoko
Dance of the Pagans00:04:47
5 Dance of the Pagans 00:04:02 Hagino, Yoko
Fleeting Images00:03:50
6 Fleeting Images 00:04:07 Hagino, Yoko
Natalie's Theme00:03:48
7 Natalie's Theme 00:04:29 Hagino, Yoko
Nocturnal Images00:07:27
8 Nocturnal Images 00:08:29 Hagino, Yoko
Fading Memories00:04:37
9 Fading Memories 00:04:07 Hagino, Yoko
Floating Lilies00:08:17
10 Floating Lilies 00:07:18 Hagino, Yoko
Shimmering Lights00:10:40
11 Shimmering Lights 00:11:10 Hagino, Yoko
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