Nana (Unabridged)

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Nana Coupeau is a beautiful woman, able to attract men of enormous wealth with the crook of her finger. Part-time prostitute, part-time actress, she makes her debut in a mediocre operetta The Blonde Venus at the bustling Paris World’s Fair of 1867. She can’t sing, act or dance, yet she is stunning. Nana soon rockets through elite Parisian society, and, blinded by desire, men crawl to her feet, yielding to her every demand. Affections are manipulated, hearts are broken; fortunes are gutted and inheritances squandered. The poverty and violence of Nana’s upbringing have led her to a cold and profligate life – a metaphoric indictment of the excesses of France’s Second Empire, and a striking example of Zola’s Naturalism.
Item number NA0316
Barcode 9781781981481
Release date 7/13/2018
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 15
Reader Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 1
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 Nana 00:09:15 Pugh, Leighton
2 He had held up his big hands… 00:10:59 Pugh, Leighton
3 At their music stands the orchestra were tuning… 00:10:14 Pugh, Leighton
4 Then the public cooled again… 00:11:03 Pugh, Leighton
5 La Faloise declared her to be quite the thing… 00:10:01 Pugh, Leighton
6 The curtain was falling, when certain voices… 00:09:05 Pugh, Leighton
7 The four men were charmed and fell a-laughing. 00:09:08 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 2
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 The piece drew to a close. In answer to Vulcan's… 00:04:49 Pugh, Leighton
2 Chapter 2 00:09:29 Pugh, Leighton
3 Straightway the Tricon talked of the state… 00:10:50 Pugh, Leighton
4 All of a sudden Nana grew excited. 00:10:38 Pugh, Leighton
5 At a quarter past four Nana was not in yet. 00:09:33 Pugh, Leighton
6 But the electric bell made her tremble again. 00:08:16 Pugh, Leighton
7 Meanwhile Nana waited patiently for a second… 00:08:25 Pugh, Leighton
8 Chapter 3 00:10:41 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 3
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 La Faloise meanwhile had heard the few rapid… 00:11:32 Pugh, Leighton
2 Meanwhile La Faloise at last made bold… 00:11:16 Pugh, Leighton
3 Vandeuvres, who was looking at the ladies… 00:09:48 Pugh, Leighton
4 Eleven o'clock struck. Assisted by her daughter… 00:13:08 Pugh, Leighton
5 Chapter 4 00:09:48 Pugh, Leighton
6 Thereupon everybody mourned over Bordenave's… 00:08:58 Pugh, Leighton
7 Nevertheless, two people remained standing… 00:07:27 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 4
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 Elsewhere the conversation about children… 00:11:18 Pugh, Leighton
2 In the long run, perhaps, after the close… 00:10:03 Pugh, Leighton
3 For some moments past La Faloise's face… 00:10:31 Pugh, Leighton
4 In the meantime Foucarmont was diligently… 00:11:01 Pugh, Leighton
5 Five o'clock struck. The dancing had ceased… 00:13:15 Pugh, Leighton
6 Chapter 5 00:07:22 Pugh, Leighton
7 The cat arched its back… 00:07:55 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 5
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 Simonne and Clarisse had gone off… 00:11:17 Pugh, Leighton
2 The prince did not hurry in the least. 00:09:32 Pugh, Leighton
3 Through the opening in her drawers… 00:10:33 Pugh, Leighton
4 This time Nana did not turn around. 00:11:46 Pugh, Leighton
5 Behind the scenery she could hear the dull thuds… 00:12:00 Pugh, Leighton
6 The stage had disappeared, and he now saw… 00:08:13 Pugh, Leighton
7 The dresser, a very ugly and extremely familiar… 00:10:12 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 6
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 Chapter 6 00:09:10 Pugh, Leighton
2 It was the very evening that Nana… 00:11:56 Pugh, Leighton
3 Nana forgot the strawberries forthwith. 00:11:15 Pugh, Leighton
4 Another place was laid. Fauchery found himself… 00:11:16 Pugh, Leighton
5 During the days that followed… 00:10:58 Pugh, Leighton
6 Tolerant though she was, she was revolted… 00:06:47 Pugh, Leighton
7 They never moved and seemed to be watching… 00:09:41 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 7
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 Admiring exclamations burst from the line… 00:07:28 Pugh, Leighton
2 Then everybody said his say. 00:07:00 Pugh, Leighton
3 Chapter 7 00:10:31 Pugh, Leighton
4 Nana was certainly going to come down. 00:09:31 Pugh, Leighton
5 Nana smiled and laid a finger on her lips… 00:08:51 Pugh, Leighton
6 That particular evening she wanted… 00:08:02 Pugh, Leighton
7 Nevertheless, she grew calm. 00:09:33 Pugh, Leighton
8 The count, by way of answer, mumbled… 00:10:55 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 8
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 A shower was falling. Two policemen… 00:09:59 Pugh, Leighton
2 Under the porch he stood and panted a little… 00:11:52 Pugh, Leighton
3 Chapter 8 00:10:50 Pugh, Leighton
4 Occasionally he gave a kiss in return… 00:08:46 Pugh, Leighton
5 That same evening they went to the… 00:09:24 Pugh, Leighton
6 On such days the place was fouler than ever… 00:10:54 Pugh, Leighton
7 She was momentarily interested… 00:10:55 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 9
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 And with that the quarrel began. 00:11:11 Pugh, Leighton
2 Thereupon Nana burst into sobs… 00:11:07 Pugh, Leighton
3 Beneath the trees in the darkening… 00:10:43 Pugh, Leighton
4 She listened to him with an embarrassed… 00:11:27 Pugh, Leighton
5 Chapter 9 00:10:10 Pugh, Leighton
6 They were talking of Count Muffat. 00:10:26 Pugh, Leighton
7 Rose Mignon delivered the last sentences… 00:08:28 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 10
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 He was glad of this calm and the silence… 00:09:50 Pugh, Leighton
2 He slowly lifted his head… 00:10:56 Pugh, Leighton
3 And with that there ensued a fresh silence. 00:08:14 Pugh, Leighton
4 Starting from this basis… 00:08:09 Pugh, Leighton
5 Chapter 10 00:10:20 Pugh, Leighton
6 At starting Nana put the count… 00:09:08 Pugh, Leighton
7 Doubtless Mme Hugon found out… 00:13:50 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 11
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 At ten in the morning Nana would get up. 00:09:54 Pugh, Leighton
2 For some time past Count Muffat… 00:09:55 Pugh, Leighton
3 When the roast was being served… 00:13:27 Pugh, Leighton
4 The conversation continued, and some mention… 00:12:44 Pugh, Leighton
5 Chapter 11 00:09:17 Pugh, Leighton
6 Every few seconds an equestrian rode by… 00:08:53 Pugh, Leighton
7 Gaga and Clarisse had called… 00:07:53 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 12
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 The race was ending unnoticed… 00:11:53 Pugh, Leighton
2 He paused, fearing lest he should say too much… 00:09:54 Pugh, Leighton
3 Daguenet and Fauchery passed by… 00:10:45 Pugh, Leighton
4 A long shiver ran through the crowd… 00:09:03 Pugh, Leighton
5 The whole carriage-load again burst out… 00:12:01 Pugh, Leighton
6 While this was going on Mignon came… 00:09:59 Pugh, Leighton
7 Chapter 12 00:09:04 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 13
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 Till midnight a dozen gentlemen… 00:11:31 Pugh, Leighton
2 Silence reigned. She had closed her eyes… 00:10:46 Pugh, Leighton
3 For a moment or two they stood up… 00:08:27 Pugh, Leighton
4 In the slight puffs of air… 00:09:00 Pugh, Leighton
5 Ever since his inheritance had given him… 00:11:02 Pugh, Leighton
6 Chapter 13 00:08:11 Pugh, Leighton
7 Meanwhile Nana had cherished her latest caprice… 00:08:01 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 14
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 That day Georges had slipped into the house… 00:10:37 Pugh, Leighton
2 Down in the kitchen they were dying of laughter. 00:11:26 Pugh, Leighton
3 Downstairs the doors of the house stood open… 00:10:00 Pugh, Leighton
4 She had gone and opened the door… 00:09:46 Pugh, Leighton
5 She swallowed a glass of water… 00:11:08 Pugh, Leighton
6 The newspaper kept her in flowers… 00:09:33 Pugh, Leighton
7 Then when she felt how humble he was… 00:05:11 Pugh, Leighton
Disc: 15
Nana (Unabridged)17:45:00
1 Meanwhile the Goldsmiths had failed… 00:10:33 Pugh, Leighton
2 On the evening of the fi nal rupture… 00:09:17 Pugh, Leighton
3 She was obliged to pause, for tears choked her… 00:06:58 Pugh, Leighton
4 Chapter 14 00:10:37 Pugh, Leighton
5 On a bench in front of the Grand Hotel… 00:12:11 Pugh, Leighton
6 Beneath these, again, a most amusing scene… 00:08:24 Pugh, Leighton
7 At this Lucy forthwith took up the cudgels… 00:09:08 Pugh, Leighton
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