NESBIT, E.: Five Children and It (Abridged)

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Item number NA230512S
Barcode 9789626343050
Release date 4/1/2004
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Disc: 1
1 Our house was three miles from the station 00:02:56 Bentinck, Anna
2 Before Anthea and Cyril and the others had been a 00:03:39 Bentinck, Anna
3 The children stood round the hole 00:03:03 Bentinck, Anna
4 The sand-fairy smoothed his long rat-like whiskers 00:03:51 Bentinck, Anna
5 'Just one more, please' 00:03:32 Bentinck, Anna
6 Baby was just waking when they got to him 00:02:40 Bentinck, Anna
7 It was a horrible afternoon 00:02:40 Bentinck, Anna
8 Anthea woke in the morning 00:03:41 Bentinck, Anna
9 On the road they turned and looked back 00:04:08 Bentinck, Anna
10 And now the children began to see 00:03:10 Bentinck, Anna
11 The children stood huddled together like frightene 00:03:54 Bentinck, Anna
12 The morning after, the children awoke 00:03:31 Bentinck, Anna
13 It was settled that, as soon as they had wished fo 00:03:32 Bentinck, Anna
14 'We may as well get along home', said Robert 00:03:09 Bentinck, Anna
15 So they took courage 00:03:36 Bentinck, Anna
16 The shadows got longer and longer 00:04:05 Bentinck, Anna
17 The next day was very hot indeed 00:03:34 Bentinck, Anna
18 Anthea was late for breakdfast 00:03:28 Bentinck, Anna
19 They tried several other farms 00:03:20 Bentinck, Anna
20 Everything was carried up to the top of the tower 00:03:05 Bentinck, Anna
21 There was a pause 00:02:48 Bentinck, Anna
22 So Andrew fetched the lantern and the cook's cousi 00:03:16 Bentinck, Anna
23 The vicar had sunk into a chair 00:03:16 Bentinck, Anna
Disc: 2
1 Martha was obliged to keep the children indoors th 00:03:01 Bentinck, Anna
2 The leader was exactly like the pictures 00:03:03 Bentinck, Anna
3 He found the fairy 00:04:49 Bentinck, Anna
4 The great thing, after all, was they they had had 00:03:36 Bentinck, Anna
5 'We ought to have defended THIS!' 00:03:20 Bentinck, Anna
6 'Look here' said Cyril 00:03:48 Bentinck, Anna
7 It was not a happy party that flung itself down in 00:03:21 Bentinck, Anna
8 There were some swings 00:03:49 Bentinck, Anna
9 Then began a very strange and wonderful afternoon 00:03:10 Bentinck, Anna
10 'Look here' said Cyril 00:03:24 Bentinck, Anna
11 Cyril had once pointed out that ordinary life 00:03:10 Bentinck, Anna
12 The Lamb - the original little tiresome beloved La 00:03:03 Bentinck, Anna
13 This was really rather noble of Cyril 00:02:59 Bentinck, Anna
14 When he had mended the bicycle 00:03:12 Bentinck, Anna
15 Probably the day would have been a greater success 00:03:19 Bentinck, Anna
16 There was not very much in the missionary box 00:03:37 Bentinck, Anna
17 It is wonderful how like an Indian you can make yo 00:03:03 Bentinck, Anna
18 Golden Eagle and his followers came up with them 00:04:15 Bentinck, Anna
19 At breakfast two things happened 00:03:21 Bentinck, Anna
20 So up she went, took off her bonnet and went to th 00:03:17 Bentinck, Anna
21 When Martha had gone 00:03:24 Bentinck, Anna
22 'Before we go further, will you wish something for 00:04:01 Bentinck, Anna
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