Nesbit, E.: Treasure Seekers (The) (Abridged)

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Item number NA232812
Barcode 9789626343289
Release date 12/1/2004
Category Young Adult
Number of units 2
Disc: 1
1 This is the story of the different ways we looked 00:03:13 Gallagher, Teresa
2 Then we left off going to school 00:02:32 Gallagher, Teresa
3 Oswald spoke first 00:03:24 Gallagher, Teresa
4 We all went down into the cellar 00:03:11 Gallagher, Teresa
5 Presently Dicky came back 00:03:03 Gallagher, Teresa
6 When we had got that money by digging for treasure 00:02:41 Gallagher, Teresa
7 We thought a long time whether we'd write a letter 00:03:26 Gallagher, Teresa
8 It was not bad - being in London entirely on our o 00:04:40 Gallagher, Teresa
9 She happened quite accidentally 00:03:03 Gallagher, Teresa
10 We went over the stones on tiptoe 00:03:02 Gallagher, Teresa
11 Then all of a sudden came one of those uncomfortab 00:03:09 Gallagher, Teresa
12 Noel was quite tiresome for ever so long 00:03:21 Gallagher, Teresa
13 Albert-next-door was very tiresome 00:04:03 Gallagher, Teresa
14 It was Albert's uncle who thought of our trying a 00:03:04 Gallagher, Teresa
15 Chapter V - by Noel 00:03:55 Gallagher, Teresa
16 Being editors is not the best way to wealth 00:03:24 Gallagher, Teresa
17 Everyone knows what it is like to go in the train 00:03:18 Gallagher, Teresa
18 "You wish to borrow money. When will you repay it? 00:03:12 Gallagher, Teresa
19 When the money was all spent 00:03:57 Gallagher, Teresa
20 It was very silly 00:03:13 Gallagher, Teresa
Disc: 2
1 One day when we suddenly found that we had half a 00:03:36 Gallagher, Teresa
2 About five Eliza slipped out 00:03:50 Gallagher, Teresa
3 The bottle got quite dusty where we had put it 00:03:06 Gallagher, Teresa
4 The clergyman seemed to be speechless 00:02:51 Gallagher, Teresa
5 Of course as soon as we had promised to consult my 00:03:37 Gallagher, Teresa
6 Of course the next thing was for one of us to catc 00:03:22 Gallagher, Teresa
7 When Alice came back she was very quiet 00:03:38 Gallagher, Teresa
8 The next day Albert's uncle took Noel away 00:02:21 Gallagher, Teresa
9 A day or two after Noel came back from Hastings 00:04:01 Gallagher, Teresa
10 So Dicky and Oswald crept down 00:03:41 Gallagher, Teresa
11 And quite suddenly 00:03:10 Gallagher, Teresa
12 The minute he'd said it the burglar 00:03:00 Gallagher, Teresa
13 You have no idea how uncomfortable the house was 00:02:52 Gallagher, Teresa
14 Alice had put on the nursery tablecloth, which is 00:03:11 Gallagher, Teresa
15 H.O. did not care about waiting 00:03:07 Gallagher, Teresa
16 It was all very well for Father to ask 00:03:34 Gallagher, Teresa
17 We elders arranged everything 00:03:04 Gallagher, Teresa
18 So we at once showed the Uncle 00:02:50 Gallagher, Teresa
19 Now it is coming near the end of our treasure-seek 00:03:26 Gallagher, Teresa
20 We took all the parcels into the nursery 00:02:57 Gallagher, Teresa
21 Then the Uncle looked at Father 00:03:13 Gallagher, Teresa
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