Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0043
Barcode 9781843794820
Release date 4/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 8
Classical Artist Sims, Adam
Disc: 1
1 Madame Sosostris, famous clairvoyante… 00:05:15 Sims, Adam
2 The geek had picked up a black snake… 00:03:38 Sims, Adam
3 Against the summer night the ferris wheel lights w 00:04:11 Sims, Adam
4 Card 2 The Magician 00:05:09 Sims, Adam
5 'Now then, for my next number…' 00:04:55 Sims, Adam
6 Dad taught Molly all kinds of wonderful things… 00:06:34 Sims, Adam
7 Dad was wonderful. He looked over his shoulder… 00:05:56 Sims, Adam
8 Molly's grandfather, 'Judge' Kincaid… 00:05:42 Sims, Adam
9 Stanton Carlisle: The great Stanton stood up… 00:05:27 Sims, Adam
10 The woman was tall, dressed in flowing white… 00:06:13 Sims, Adam
11 Zeena looked up, folding her arms with decision. 00:06:00 Sims, Adam
12 Card 3 The High Priestess 00:05:26 Sims, Adam
13 'Nope,' Zeena went on, 'Pete was a real brunette…' 00:05:30 Sims, Adam
14 Zeena returned. In the watery gold light of mornin 00:06:15 Sims, Adam
Disc: 2
1 'It's getting late'. 'Sure is.' 00:06:26 Sims, Adam
2 Across the tent the talker, Clem Hoately… 00:05:45 Sims, Adam
3 Her face softened and she laid her palm… 00:05:43 Sims, Adam
4 'You know, kid – ' Pete drew himself up… 00:05:07 Sims, Adam
5 They had left the tent and the darkened midway str 00:04:37 Sims, Adam
6 Card 4 The World 00:06:06 Sims, Adam
7 The sight of the sailor rushed Stan back to normal 00:06:17 Sims, Adam
8 It was uncanny how Zeena could fish out things… 00:06:15 Sims, Adam
9 'Before you take that step,' she went on… 00:05:33 Sims, Adam
10 'You're the card worker,' Martin said aggressively 00:05:55 Sims, Adam
11 Balancing against the rock of the train, he pushed 00:06:03 Sims, Adam
12 It was Zeena's turn to keep quiet. 00:05:21 Sims, Adam
13 The figures, then, were a record… 00:04:16 Sims, Adam
14 The speech fascinated him. 00:04:44 Sims, Adam
Disc: 3
1 Now the very country shimmered with violence… 00:06:06 Sims, Adam
2 Joe Plasky said evenly, 'Sailor, you been leaving 00:05:59 Sims, Adam
3 Stan came up behind the steps behind Joe Plasky's 00:06:32 Sims, Adam
4 Stan noticed that the stubble on the deputy marsha 00:05:19 Sims, Adam
5 'As I said, it's absolutely none of my business.' 00:04:33 Sims, Adam
6 I'm very glad to have met you, Marshall… 00:04:58 Sims, Adam
7 Card 5 The Empress 00:07:05 Sims, Adam
8 They took their seats and a gangling youth with sp 00:06:43 Sims, Adam
9 Card 6 Resurrection Of The Dead 00:05:27 Sims, Adam
10 Outside the snow was falling lightly… 00:04:59 Sims, Adam
11 It was like other days of early summer… 00:06:04 Sims, Adam
12 The boy lay face down. The sounds of the house fil 00:04:15 Sims, Adam
13 Sudden anger rose up in him… 00:04:56 Sims, Adam
14 Mother's tone was brittle. 00:05:07 Sims, Adam
Disc: 4
1 Someone switched on the living room lamp. 00:03:44 Sims, Adam
2 Card 7 The Emperor 00:05:37 Sims, Adam
3 Molly closed her eyes. 00:05:44 Sims, Adam
4 He turned back to the reclining girl. 'Miss Cahill 00:05:12 Sims, Adam
5 She sat up, passing the back of her hand… 00:04:25 Sims, Adam
6 Stan took both her hands in his and shook them. 00:05:09 Sims, Adam
7 Card 8 The Sun 00:05:52 Sims, Adam
8 In the old grey stone house near Riverside Drive… 00:05:43 Sims, Adam
9 She played the 'Amen' chords softly… 00:05:38 Sims, Adam
10 Miss Cahill stirred in her chair and her head drew 00:05:19 Sims, Adam
11 She hurried over, feeling the warmth in her face… 00:04:36 Sims, Adam
12 Upstairs he entered Mrs. Peabody's room and shut t 00:04:36 Sims, Adam
13 Card 9 The Hierophant 00:05:53 Sims, Adam
14 Now the house wasn't like home any longer… 00:05:26 Sims, Adam
15 Addie Peabody got up late and called the Rev. Carl 00:05:51 Sims, Adam
Disc: 5
1 Addie had risen from her chair. 00:05:05 Sims, Adam
2 Sun beat on the striped awnings… 00:05:20 Sims, Adam
3 Card 10 The Moon 00:05:38 Sims, Adam
4 It was a cool June evening and Stan wore a blue co 00:05:11 Sims, Adam
5 The words had a hard time coming out… 00:06:13 Sims, Adam
6 If only they could all have stayed together… 00:06:05 Sims, Adam
7 The old man said 'Amen' and then grinned weakly at 00:06:10 Sims, Adam
8 Card 11 The Lovers 00:05:19 Sims, Adam
9 Loneliness came over him, like an avalanche of sno 00:06:05 Sims, Adam
10 Monday afternoon, lecture on the Esoteric Signific 00:04:12 Sims, Adam
11 With the wheels clicking past under him, Stan felt 00:03:29 Sims, Adam
12 Stan was looking at her spindly legs. 00:04:37 Sims, Adam
13 The nameplate said, 'Dr. Lilith Ritter…' 00:04:40 Sims, Adam
14 Card 12 The Star 00:04:36 Sims, Adam
15 'Let's get back to Humphries. Before he ran away…' 00:04:49 Sims, Adam
Disc: 6
1 In the spring darkness the Obelisk stood… 00:05:54 Sims, Adam
2 The rush, the rocketing plunge of the years to dea 00:06:12 Sims, Adam
3 Three doors down was a little cocktail bar with a 00:05:26 Sims, Adam
4 He finished the brandy and signalled the waiter… 00:05:38 Sims, Adam
5 Bracing his hand against the curved instep… 00:05:31 Sims, Adam
6 Card 13 The Chariot 00:05:54 Sims, Adam
7 The morgue office of Morningside Hospital… 00:05:48 Sims, Adam
8 Good Christ, was this guy never going to shut up… 00:05:53 Sims, Adam
9 Conversation flattened out to an eager rustle… 00:06:04 Sims, Adam
10 The tears had mounted to the clergyman's eyes… 00:05:03 Sims, Adam
11 'But God damn it – pardon me Reverend – but I know 00:05:05 Sims, Adam
12 Inside the concrete shack a man in a gray military 00:06:16 Sims, Adam
13 The Rev. Carlisle smiled spiritually. 00:05:25 Sims, Adam
14 Then Stan felt something touch his lips. 00:05:20 Sims, Adam
Disc: 7
1 The others had left the directors' room… 00:06:19 Sims, Adam
2 The ghostly billiard game went on… 00:06:40 Sims, Adam
3 Card 14 The Tower 00:05:32 Sims, Adam
4 The Rev. Carlisle's hand tightened on the older ma 00:05:29 Sims, Adam
5 Suddenly she stood up, throwing her hair back. 00:06:50 Sims, Adam
6 When Grindle got to the church he found the Rev. C 00:05:03 Sims, Adam
7 It was late when Stan pressed the buzzer… 00:05:35 Sims, Adam
8 In a tiny bedroom, lit only by a skylight… 00:06:52 Sims, Adam
9 Inside the cabinet the Rev. Carlisle was busy pack 00:05:22 Sims, Adam
10 He limped back into the hall. 00:06:13 Sims, Adam
11 Card 15 Justice 00:03:30 Sims, Adam
12 Mustn't use the car. Cab drivers remember people. 00:03:49 Sims, Adam
13 He stood, swaying… 00:03:10 Sims, Adam
14 She was standing up now and leaning over the desk… 00:03:02 Sims, Adam
15 Card 16 The Devil 00:05:14 Sims, Adam
Disc: 8
1 Card 17 The Hermit 00:04:52 Sims, Adam
2 The fat hobo stood up, swishing the coffee in his 00:04:42 Sims, Adam
3 The world began to spin and he opened his eyes… 00:04:20 Sims, Adam
4 Card 18 Time 00:02:58 Sims, Adam
5 Card 19 The Wheel Of Fortune 00:05:19 Sims, Adam
6 'My dear friend, how often in your life, when thin 00:05:40 Sims, Adam
7 Stan was trying to listen. 00:04:46 Sims, Adam
8 Justice. Something in it could mean folding money. 00:03:48 Sims, Adam
9 Card 20 Death 00:05:14 Sims, Adam
10 They had left the crowd and cut down a side street 00:05:17 Sims, Adam
11 Card 21 Strength 00:05:32 Sims, Adam
12 The half – man acrobat pushed aside the piles of l 00:05:22 Sims, Adam
13 'What's calluses on the ends of the fingers…' 00:05:47 Sims, Adam
14 Card 22 The Hanged Man 00:04:33 Sims, Adam
15 You could hardly see the platform for the smoke an 00:07:24 Sims, Adam
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