O'Brien, F.: Third Policeman (The) (Abridged)

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Item number NA396412
Barcode 812864010336
Release date 6/1/2009
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Non-Classical Artist Norton, Jim
Disc: 1
1 Human existence being a hallucination… 00:05:40 Norton, Jim
2 Four years passed away happily enough… 00:05:06 Norton, Jim
3 Old Mathers lived alone. 00:04:58 Norton, Jim
4 And that is why John Divney and I… 00:04:47 Norton, Jim
5 I cannot hope to describe what it was… 00:05:15 Norton, Jim
6 My mind went back at once to John Divney… 00:06:06 Norton, Jim
7 'Every time my birthday came,' Old Mathers… 00:06:00 Norton, Jim
8 Signor Beniamino Bari, Joe said… 00:06:04 Norton, Jim
9 He then did something that took me by surprise. 00:05:52 Norton, Jim
10 I cannot say why I did not stop to think… 00:06:19 Norton, Jim
11 Police MacCruiskeen smiled… 00:05:44 Norton, Jim
12 So much for de Selby. 00:04:43 Norton, Jim
13 He walked back to the dresser… 00:07:17 Norton, Jim
Disc: 2
1 When I penetrated back to the dayroom… 00:05:12 Norton, Jim
2 We were now going through a country… 00:06:00 Norton, Jim
3 I looked carefully around me. 00:05:07 Norton, Jim
4 The Sergeant then became thoughtful… 00:05:30 Norton, Jim
5 'Well now,' the Sergeant said. 00:06:10 Norton, Jim
6 MacCruiskeen was not gone for long… 00:05:13 Norton, Jim
7 'And when I have a shout shut in that box…' 00:06:22 Norton, Jim
8 Puzzled and frightened, I tried to understand… 00:05:48 Norton, Jim
9 He drew the stick… 00:05:48 Norton, Jim
10 It is peculiar that when one expects… 00:06:28 Norton, Jim
11 The ease with which the Sergeant… 00:04:47 Norton, Jim
12 I heard the Sergeant sighing heavily… 00:05:22 Norton, Jim
13 A curious contretemps arose… 00:04:47 Norton, Jim
Disc: 3
1 When I awoke again… 00:05:09 Norton, Jim
2 I looked at him with a mild enquiry. 00:06:03 Norton, Jim
3 His words, now in the air and out of doors… 00:06:29 Norton, Jim
4 MacCruiskeen gave a smile… 00:03:05 Norton, Jim
5 Footnote 1: Le Fournier, the conservative… 00:04:00 Norton, Jim
6 Too much credit cannot be given to Hatchjaw… 00:06:47 Norton, Jim
7 I arose and stretched my legs… 00:06:30 Norton, Jim
8 A thickening of the right hand… 00:05:51 Norton, Jim
9 This is a brave night!' I swung round… 00:06:04 Norton, Jim
10 'Before I go,' I said, 'There is one thing…' 00:05:59 Norton, Jim
11 I could not help smiling at him… 00:06:04 Norton, Jim
12 There was nothing altogether unnatural… 00:04:22 Norton, Jim
13 My feet carried my nerveless body… 00:04:33 Norton, Jim
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